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He doesn't count, in fact ,he never counted for anything!!!  I remember once, in the hospital, having been seriously ill, and as i was getting better, one of my Doctors coming in, and asking me to list the Presidents in order,   I only missed one, and he said I'd missed Carter, on my list, and I laughed and told him "Oh, he didn't count," and I thought the Doctor was going to crack-up.  He agreed with me.  You are intimating Jimmy Carter was a man, have doubts on that, too.


Seems I remember one of the liberals not awfully long ago answered that question. In their quest to push higher education they said something about if you do not pursue a good education you will end up in the military or flipping burgers. Most if not all liberals think that way about our military. They have no comprehension of what it takes to serve and despise those who do. DHS stated that returning veterans were designated as high risk of becoming domestic terrorists, what does that tell you??

As a retired Marine, one of the greatest pleasures I ever had was watching the many patriotic men and women who have arrived at adulthood with all they could desire, fame, fortune, future, yet set this aside and deliberately enlist or accept a commission as an officer because they feel they have "duty" to attend to.

     There is no doubt most liberals consider the military beneath them, and teach their children the same lessons.  I've known many good patriots with liberal parents, but they were almost exclusively rebellious, angry at their parents, and simply couldn't respect their points of view in any way, and went out of their way to join something their parents detested.

     I have lived the life of a "Liberal" in its original meaning.  I was born a navy brat, grew up mostly overseas, and most of my education was from physically walking through Western, Judeo-Christian History, with my mom and older sister educating me on the words inscribed, translating them from their original languages, to all the languages that had been used in the intervening time.  I have a "liberal" education in the fact I have vast experience in the real history of our world.

      Liberal no longer means "substantial, broad, deep, inclusive", but specifically puts a person as socialist, leftist and antithetical to constitutional principle.

     To be "liberal" today, one must believe in socialism, believe you didn't earn that, but have only a "collective" claim to it because "you" only added on what was done by someone, hundreds of someones, and you are charged with demanding the whole, while doing only the least part.

     I can't speak for others, but I do what I do.  I build, design, modify, make, weld, cast machine and I produce.  I do it, and I don't accept the charge otherwise.  If someone else did their part they collected their earnings, and I'm collecting my own.

    There was a time we realized most people have no need for college, and it is a fools effort to waste the money.  When schools had to actually provide an education with value, there was cause for them to do so because they would lose their support.

     Now that they are "diploma mills", there's always another idiot somewhere who needs a diploma and doesn't mind spending parental money getting that piece of paper.  They'd better come out mimicking their parents beliefs or they don't get paid.  We send our kids to get diplomas because we are told they can't compete without diplomas.

    If a person can do something worth being paid for, they can find a job and get paid.  Paper gets you in doors, but that's it.  I've started most jobs at minimum wage, and never failed to get a raise before the week was out.  I've worked a dozen jobs other than the Corps, and I always got paid what I earned.

     I was raised with the full and certain knowledge I would work for a living.  Never had any question about that, yet I found myself at odds with most of my peers in school, even high school.  I graduated in 75, and I've raised two kids of my own.  I know school today has far less consideration for educating than at any time in our nation's history.

     We have to return to the certain knowledge we can't earn anything except by providing service or product others want and are willing to pay for.  We have to see this way if we are ever to restore education to its real purpose.  We have to want to see a better country ahead, as our founders did, if we are to have the attitude we need to overcome those who would have us become part of the subjects of world government, done under the auspices of the U.N., the direct off-shoot of the "League of Nations", and the construct of communist intent.

    Remember, islam has no problems with socialism, that is its own form and how it meets its goals and  purposes.  Once world government is established peaceably, via the U.N., the never ending intrusion of islam will assume a more invasive attitude, and become ever more aggressive in putting sharia law in place.  We have it being catered to presently in most states to some degree in complete violation of constitutional law.

    We only have one self-declared enemy, we had best remember that.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

I think when this government is updated with Conservatives, that the next amendment to the constitution should be, ALL CITIZENS, SHALL SERVE IN THE MILITARY FOR A MINIMUM OF 4 YEARS BEFORE ANY secondary college level work can be taken. That is exactly what the Israelies do, but I think they use 2 years. Then maybe people in this country will finally get an understanding of the meaning of the Constitution and use of the terms, OATH, GOD and COUNTRY.....




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