Brother and Sister Patriots,


We just learned that PFA will close down March 21. That is the end of the billing cycle. I will be posting all updates about PFA closing here.







I see some of you don't read all the emails Harry and I send out and have missed the ones where we shared with you why PFA is closing.


Harry is rightly devoting much needed time to/with his lovely bride. His bride - the love of his life has been dealing with some medical issues for some time now and Harry is the primary care-taker.


I am working more in my precinct, and now that has moved out into other precincts and now my county. I pray everyone of you will be doing the very same in your communities.


I'm unable to be here that much and do what needs to be done in my community too. We have put out a call for volunteers several times over the last 1 1/2 yrs. We got some help but it's the same, everyone is busy and can't devote enough time that is needed.So with this in mind, Harry and I made a decision to close PFA. We have let everyone know that we will be continuing our works here and here, plus we've invited you all to come with us.


PFA has become almost a 24/7 work. There are things we've guarded this site from which requires alot of time....I won't share what all that entails, but many of you know about the broken english love spammer that we've had to deal with. That is just one thing... there are several other types of scavengers we've guarded against as well. 


We have had groups want to take over PFA. However, if a group took over PFA, it would no longer be PFA except in name only. Plus, those groups already have a group and site online....why would they want to take over this group? They want to take over PFA for our membership/database. PFA is special and unique....that is why many of you, like Harry and I, are saddened by it being closed. But the decision is made. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions and this was one but we both stand by it.


I ask you all a question. What is it you like about PFA? What makes PFA special and stand out for you to want to be a member here? I know some of you are members on all the sites, but I ask the ones who only join PFA and maybe a few other sites. Why is it special to you? Your answers probably confirm why we will not be passing PFA membership on to another group or individuals.


I'm sure everyone that has spent any length of time in/on PFA and not used it as a hit and run/post and run site, knows how we feel about our members. You're not just are our brothers and sisters that stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this fight of our lives for our country, constitution. We stand for integrity, honor, and courage. We strive to preserve our beloved country for our children and grandchildren. We strive to teach our children and grandchildren about the greatness of our country and it's true foundation! We work for restoring our liberties, my most cherished is freedom of conscious. We are having to fight daily to keep that.


So again, what makes PFA special to/for you? That will probably answer your question to why we won't pass it on to someone or another group.




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Just so you and Harry know.....I count on the integrity of the information I've gotten from this site.  There are a lot of other sites that leap to conclusions, or have agendas that taint the delivery of "selected" information.


I have marveled at the data coming from you.  Although I watch every session of the House, Senate, and Committees,  the info from PFA really completed my data.  As an FYI - I have spoken all over the southwest and blogged using the material.  We have reached a lot of people!  From me to you - a very heartfelt patriot thank you. 


Please don't lose touch everyone.  We are in this together, and things are beginning to snowball in our country.  My contact details: ,   Facebook: Sharon Roberts  Twitter:  Sharon Roberts  Blog:    God bless all of the patriots as we continue the fight! 


Harry:  You and your bride will be in my prayers.  Twana:  You have been an absolute treasure, spending untold amounts of time to ensure we get key information - THANK YOU!

Twana and Harry,


You have made a wise decision.  The integrity of the site could easily been exploited for it's membership and the truth factor.  There are many opportunist that would most certainly wring every advantage from the site and then drop it.  Within the circle of sites that are connected there are enough to continue the work of the two of you.  Perhaps more help will be diverted to the remaining patriotic sites.  


I know how time consuming keeping computer information up to date can be.  I commend both Twana and Harry for what they have accomplished through their sacrifice.  You have awaken many people to the  dangers that are lurking in every phase of our despot leaders and bureaucraps.  May you see the blessings of GOD that can restore our nation to a GOD loving people.   


THANKS so much. 

This like The Patriots Union is a stand alone true RED WHITE AND BLUE TO THE CORE. No sugar coating just the facts.

It is time for more dedication from each of us Join the Patriots Union.

Thank you Twana and Harry God bless you and yours.

I love this site!  You get the latest outrage and post it here so we are alerted early and have time to try and do something about it!  Your accurate in your reporting and that is important.  I don't have to worry when I read about an issue and pass it on, that it is misreported!  I will miss this site and quite frankly, I will be lost!  I read the reasons and I accept them and wish both Harry and yourself the best!   You will be missed!!!!!!!  May God bless you both!!!!
I second Christine's sentiments.  I pray that You and Harry and Your Loved Ones will be Alright. Don't either you or Harry hesitate to call me if you need someone to take up slack or do something for you.  I admit, I took too much for granted here as to how this P.F.A. has been run.  Thank You for being the "GOOD SHEPPARDS" You both have been.  You've Got Us Rolling Now......Patriots Union, ehh?... Gotta check it out.
? ? TWANA...BILLING CYCLE ? ? ? ...I can send along $20.00 after the 16th.  You got my e-Mail; Let me know.

What a shame that PFA cannot continue, but without you it would not be the same anyway.   It is a real loss in our battle to preserve America from it's many enemies.  God Bless all of you for your hard work and patriotism

Dave Connell, Legionnaire and USN veteran.

God speed and thank you for all you have done, we will still stand guard on the wall.



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