Constitutional Emergency


Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman is making it clear that no law that violates the Constitution will be upheld in his county.

This especially applies to new gun control edicts Obama & Co. are trying to push onto the American people.

Said Peyman: "My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore uphold."

And far from worrying about repercussions for doing this, Peyman sees the gun control push as a sign of weakness that will crumble in the face of real opposition: "Just a few of us have to be willing to stand up to political opposition putting our people at risk. The other side will back down."

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found a patriot. And his name is Sheriff Denny Peyman.

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Good for him.

Thank you, Sheriff Peyman; I, along with millions of other Americans, stand behind you!

Great!  Nowe we need more Sheriffs and Patriots like him!

Great, Thank you Sir, now what about your colleagues?, there is a fraud in the Oval Office, someone has to deal with this Marxist crowd of theives or we shall not be free much longer.

Here you go, "contact tab" at the bottom of the page.

I have sent him my support. We all should do the same and also contact our local sheriff and encourage him to do the same.

  this is why we need to encourage and support our sheriff's to ck out / join/ attend

Constitutional Sheriffs & Police Officers Association 
for more info see below sites. Please share everyone!! 


This man is a true Patriot. I wish he was in my county. We need more like him.

This is what I call a man who has what every man has to have: a very good pair of balls!

Not one Sheriff in Maine has said that yet.  Not one.

Even after this has started appearing in Maine papers.

Folks, I know that I am no smarter than our members of Congress, I know I am no smarter than Barak Hussien Obama, I know that Gov. Paul LePage is every bit as smart, if not smarter than me, as are the majority of Maine's Legislature, Sheriffs, Police, Courts and Media. So, it only stands to reason that if I am smart enough to know that by making schools gun free zones, by making it illegal for anyone who works for the schools to be armed, it is only inviting criminals and evil doers, so are they.

Yet, the politicians, the police, the media, the courts, all have done their part to make sure that when a crazed killer wants to attack a school there will be no one there to interfere with his, her, or their evil deed. These sheriffs, those police, courts, politicians and media are just as guilty, just as responsible for the deaths of those twenty 5 and 6 year olds as are the killers. And I for one will no longer hold them harmless.

A little note for teaches in Maine to ponder:

Do you think, even for one moment, that if you pull out a gun and stop a crazed killer in a school here in Maine, that any cop, outside of Portland, would dare to arrest you? Do you think for even a minute that the people in that community would allow the superintendent, the principal or anyone else to fire you, demote you, or do anything other than applaud you?

Oh sure, the Portland police would arrest you if you were in a Portland school, you would, if you teach in Portland and broke a rule to save a kids or kids, be fired, harassed, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to life under the jail, but in the rest of the state you would be a hero.

Teachers who love the kids should do two things, one get out of the union and two get and carry a concealed weapon at all times when you are in school.

Now we are getting somewhere.    Please everybody Google up "Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack"  also January 2013 First Friday "Sheriff Richard Mack on State Sovereignty.   Jan Neff

I agree with you.  In fact, this should go to all STATES, COUNTIES AND LOCAL AREAS.  In the 1980's our Government closed not only Va Hospital facilities for the Mentally problemed veterans, but also closed and reduced all the mental hospitals in the USA.  The mentally challenged and problemed people where put back into society without any management.  In actuality, these individuals were put on the streets homeless and expected to care for themselves.  These individuals were and are incapable of caring for themselves, but the government DID NOT CARE.  MONEY WAS MORE IMPORTANT TO THE GOVERNMENT, to give to others, THEMSELVES AND THEIR FRIENDS OR LOBBIEST, or to illegal aliens...not the damaged USA CITIZENS THAT NEEDED HELP.  Yes, I agree that there are some of those individuals that can be helped by managed care facilities.   BUT WHERE ARE THOSE MANAGED CARE FACILITIES?   There are none or very few that are being kept open and/or managed propertly. Aside from managed facilities, there should be more help in our school systems to care for our children who are finding it hard to survive.  Mental illness starts in our children, then carries through as they become adults. What our children are watching and gaming on the internet and tv incur so much with violence and sex.  Since the sensor board was removed there are no limits to what our children can see or hear when it comes to violence and sex.  They opened the door to proversions, violence, abuse towards each other and sexual acts of all kinds.  This was and is bad for not only our children, but for all of us.  We know longer have any morals and what they are learning in schools is what ever feels good is ok.  Now we all know what feels good does not mean that it is morallly and good for everyone.  They have given the students rights that should not belong to them until they become adults and know what is right and wrong.  Killing, maiming or hurting others is wrong.  But in todays society there is NO WRONG, everthing is OK.  Just like the criminals, they get a slap on the wrist and the victim is crucified by the public.  There is something diffinately wrong in our thinking.  Everything that is wrong is now right to do, and everything that is right is wrong.  It's ok to be're allowed to display your disagreement by kicking, fighting, destroying people,  things, or other people's property.  But to be a caring individual, or have FAITH IN  GOD.... OUR GOVERNMENT says this is wrong.   But we know this is our right, but WE are harassed and cannot practice our religion in front of others, in school and/ or at public affairs.  Evil has taken over the USA.  Our government is corrupt and WE, the citizens, CANNOT CHANGE THE SITUATION IN CONGRESS.  There are more SCAMS, LIKE OUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT CONTINUES TO DO TO US, AND THE CITIZENS ARE DOING TO EACH OTHER TO GAIN MONEY AND POWER.  WE, THE MORAL CITIZENS, MUST TAKE CONTROL AND STOP THE VIOLENCE.

WE HAVE TO NIP IT IN THE BUD.  It starts with the schools having proper care for the children who desparately need help, the mentally challenged, the mentally provoked and the mentally problematic child that can't find help anywhere.  Our government must maintain proper facilities for the people with mental problems.

The elected officials, court systems, police departments, school systems and the media will have to start doing what is right for all of the citizens, instead of just centering on certain groups of people that are purposely changing our rights as individuals.  The majority rules, not the minority.   We have become like Rome in their last days.  And as Rome, we too can be eliminated for our evil ways. 




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