Constitutional Emergency

When I heard hussein obama did this, I thought about this section of scripture....and now john kerry is doing it too and of course, I note, they make it publicly known so they can get pats on the back....Ugh!


Mark 12:41–44

21 And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, and He saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites. So He said, Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.”


The Hill

Secretary of State John Kerry is the latest administration official to give up a part of his government salary in solidarity with federal employees who are seeing a pay cut because of the sequester.

Kerry will donate 5 percent of his $183,500 a year salary – about $9,175 – to State Department charities, spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Thursday. Kerry joins President Obama, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Attorney General Eric Holder in taking a cut in take-home pay.

“We have a number of employee charities … that benefit folks who have been injured or killed in the line of duty,” Nuland said. “We have a number of charities that benefit children of our employees. We're still looking at the best choice and whether all of the money will go to one, or whether it'll be spread.”

“I think he wanted to ensure that his contribution made a direct impact on our larger State Department family.”

The president and members of his Cabinet and Congress are exempt from the automatic across-the-board cuts that took effect March 1, although many have voluntarily taken a pay cut. Kerry is the richest member of Obama's Cabinet, worth about $200 million.

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They make me nauseated. it is not like he is actually forgoing the 5 percent pay...saving the taxpayers money..Oh No...he is just publicly taking 5 percent of his pay, which still costs us taxpayers and he is publicly redistributing it to a State Department "charity". Bet there is no transparent accounting to this "charity". Oh yeah...and how much you want to bet that he gets to take a tax write-off???

So "let's be clear"...there in NO MONETARY SAVINGS IN THIS, FOR THE SEQUESTER. These people are as BOGUS (insincere) as they come.

If they were honest and did their jobs like The Founders intended, there would be no need for Sequester.



The noted scripture says it best!

Obama donates part of his salary. Fine. From a guy who does not need to buy groceries, or gasoline, or even pay insurance, or own a car, and has the Secret Service driving him and his family everywhere, Michelle doesn't even need to cook. Don't even need to go to the liquor store for fine wine or even beer. Their living expenses are zero. The Bible is right. He should be embarrassed he didn't donate his entire salary, like Romney.


I hate to say this but I am going to, those"goodie two shoes" who would not vote for a Mormon are going to get what they voted for.

But Quick John Kerry the "other JFK from Mass. donated back when he was still a Navy Officer (Naval Reserve) and tossed sombody's combat ribbons over a chain link fence in Washington claiming for the National media he didn't want them any more." Well he lied then and I can't recall him telling the truth often enough to say I trust him since then.

There is not a bit of sincerity in any of these unconscionable scum who will posture for political expediency when it is literally costing them nothing but an advertising fee so they can delude the public into thinking they actually care. If they did, they would throw out Obamacare, secure our Borders, Deport every illegal after confiscating all their illegitimately accrued wealth while here illegally and using the proceeds to bolster SOCIAL SECURITY  that others have PAID for all their lives, end forever every cent of foreign aid and stop being the world's policeman. Then, they can reorganize the giant banks and break them up into small independent banks so they did not have the resources to be OTHER than fiscally responsible as are all small banks. This would go a long way toward alleviating our fiscal problems; especially after we cut federal budgets and agencies by at least 1/3rd as totally unnecessary. Golf, anyone? OH! EXCUUUUSE ME!  That is only reserved for all those oh so charitable frauds in Washington, D.C.: Which one? TAKE YOUR PICK! Bogus is, as Bogus DOES.

Debrajoe:  ditto!!!

Why don't they donate it to the treasury to pay off the debt?



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