Constitutional Emergency

There are rumors from sources that believe someone would like to kill Donald J Trump because he is frustrating the Globalists. Some people want the New World Order to be fulfilled that they can taste it and Trump is a BAD taste in their mouth.

If you believe that Donal J Trump is a good man that loves America and that He wasn't the best for America, PRAY for his safety in all circumstances.

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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in total panic.They've been forced to admit that Trump is right about systemic election fraud.
Within weeks of Donald Trump announcing the Army of Observers campaign to make sure the election wasn't fraudulent, Obama responded by hiring the UN and the security agency for the European Union, the OSCE, to come into the U.S. with Justice Department Power to take over the elections.
The question we have to answer today is simple...
Will we choose to defend Donald Trump or will we watch Hillary steal the election?
Our good friend Roger Stone has warned us that Obama would bring in the Democrat-run feds to oversee the election then steal it for Hillary. 
The truth is the Democrat Party is pushing illegal aliens to vote in the 2016 election. Being aware of this fact, Donald Trump has called on local government to be involved in the election process.
 But what did the Feds do? They announced that foreign observers would come over and restrict domestic independent groups from poll watching. Obama has made it clear that he will allow foreigners to come and watch from the Socialist EU and won't let American’s oversee the election internally.
Our Tea Party ground ops are making phones calls, knocking on doors, and recruiting an Army of Observers to monitor polls on Election Day to ensure that Hillary’s Election Fraud is prevented and exposed.
Old Rooster. What do you mean "exactly" that independent groups will not be allowed to observe at voting locations. This would be a violation of the voting laws as there are procedures in place to allow people and groups to observe that the voting process is done in a fair and legal manner.

You would have to read what it says Mr. Regan. I just posted what I received. From what I've read from other sources the justice department and the DHS have invited the U.N. monitors to come in and "Over-see" the elections.
Department of Homeland Security will monitor election stations and the U.N. will assist to make sure we don't interfere.
This will be the first election of the US leader of the New World Order under United Nations Control.

3 boxes, but only one left.

From the New Ametican, August, 26, 2016.
The election laws and regulations are the responsibility of State and Local governments under the U.S. Constitution. Governor Rick Perry and US Senator Ted Cruz told the then Attirney General Greg Abbott "The consensus in Texas was clear" "STAY OUT". Texas law prohibits unauthorized persons from entering a polling place or loitering within 100 ft of a polling place entrance. Finally Abbott noted Texas elections are overseen by elected state officials, and if unelected self-styled "Monitors" violate state law or interfere with elections they will be prosecuted.
Let's hope other states will exercise their State rights and not bow to this unconstitutional violation of our voting laws. Or else the last box WILL be used...



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