Constitutional Emergency

Kyle DEAD!!! Kyle has been out spoken and on many missions..... They are sending message to the opps community to stop the adds and shut up or die


Message from Ranger Up Military


URGENT Request from law enforcement: Double Homicide just occurred at Rough Creek lodge by Glen Rose TX (Hwy 67). Shooter has fled in a big black F350 Truck with Rhino lining down the side. Big tires and rims. One victim was a Navy Seal sniper. Suspect fled in said vehicle and could be heading to Hamilton county area. Suspect is believed to be highly trained with militray experience. Please use extreme caution if this vehicle is found. If this vehicle is located please contact TX Ranger Briley of Erath county SO 2549653338, or Justin Caraway 3252803963.

_____________________________________________  Erath County Sheriff's Office, Stephenville Police Department and Texas Rangers investigators are on the scene. Updates will be given as they are available.


Just wonder: " government taking out there own folks with contractors......... be interesting to see where the seal was assigned......... Hope he is not the one who took out the muzzies on the boat when capt. was rescued.....Obama did not like that........ or one left from a mission like benghazi who they did not want to talk because of what he new as a reactionary force........ Member the admiral was relieved with Ham because they were going to help"


Michael DeltaEcho Five-Eleven: " just read that one victim was the well known chris kyle... ex navy seal ... thats a strange case thou..."
A man called the deadliest sniper in United States history was found dead Saturday.

"He has been out spoken and on many missions..... They are sending message to the opps community to stop the adds and shut up or die"

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Shot them in the back

I didnt realize Kyle is the man that reportedly slapped jessy ventura awhile back.
OMG... I really am speechless. I honestly don't have words here. I respected Chris so much... Not only his military experience, but his overall character. He truly was and will always remain A GREAT AMERICAN HERO.... I feel horrible for his wife and kids... They had gone through so much while he was deployed and now, basically in his backyard, he's taken down visously and ruthlessly. It does seen strange that he's taken down by an individual that possibly has similar training... The fact that the gov is trying to disarm us Vets, saying we re dangerous... Now here's a case they can use against us... I don't know if any part of the secret squad is being used, but in order to do this to a SEAL..... One has to wonder...

Chris Kyle & I believe his neighbor was helping/volunteered  a Marine with PTSD.  Eddie Ray Routh snapped. Chris Kyle was the most honorable man & I only WISH God would have given us more time with men of his caliber! GOD BLESS YOU CHRIS! 

Eric where did you get that information? I believe someone is at the resort daily BUT we will NEVER hear what happened.

obama sold his info to the highest bidder.

When something smells like shit, I can guarantee you it is shit. This smells like shit. Supposedly some soldier suffering from PTSD took out a SEAL? Not very likely.

Maybe it was a magic AR-15 that killed Chris - maybe even the same one used in the Sandy Hook school shooting. The invisible one. The one that fired dozens of .223 cartridges all over the school, fired out of one window and had bullets making 180 degree turns to come in another window yet never left the trunk of a car - ooops there now never was an AR-15 IN the car either - just a shotgun. . Yep, I need one of those magic AR-15's. 

Another to add to Obama's list.

Rest in Peace my Brothers....Your Job is Done

Very strange ; a set up , what else ?? If we only knew the thrut . 

Something is not right here..Sounds fishy  to me..why all the  Seals  being killed? This has  washington  written all over it......

Gob Bless his Family        I  sure hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee texas  gets to the bottom of this  murder....

I always try to avoid some of the "conspiracy" stuff, but this one does ring of something "not right".  No experienced person, especially a Navy Seal (God bless them all) would intentionally turn his or her back on anyone with a loaded gun...especially at a gun range where protocol/rules don't usually permit a loaded firearm, until on the firing line, an following command of an instructor or range officer....this situation just stinks...

We all pray for Chris's family and may he RIP, he is with God.



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