Constitutional Emergency

Kyle DEAD!!! Kyle has been out spoken and on many missions..... They are sending message to the opps community to stop the adds and shut up or die


Message from Ranger Up Military


URGENT Request from law enforcement: Double Homicide just occurred at Rough Creek lodge by Glen Rose TX (Hwy 67). Shooter has fled in a big black F350 Truck with Rhino lining down the side. Big tires and rims. One victim was a Navy Seal sniper. Suspect fled in said vehicle and could be heading to Hamilton county area. Suspect is believed to be highly trained with militray experience. Please use extreme caution if this vehicle is found. If this vehicle is located please contact TX Ranger Briley of Erath county SO 2549653338, or Justin Caraway 3252803963.

_____________________________________________  Erath County Sheriff's Office, Stephenville Police Department and Texas Rangers investigators are on the scene. Updates will be given as they are available.


Just wonder: " government taking out there own folks with contractors......... be interesting to see where the seal was assigned......... Hope he is not the one who took out the muzzies on the boat when capt. was rescued.....Obama did not like that........ or one left from a mission like benghazi who they did not want to talk because of what he new as a reactionary force........ Member the admiral was relieved with Ham because they were going to help"


Michael DeltaEcho Five-Eleven: " just read that one victim was the well known chris kyle... ex navy seal ... thats a strange case thou..."
A man called the deadliest sniper in United States history was found dead Saturday.

"He has been out spoken and on many missions..... They are sending message to the opps community to stop the adds and shut up or die"

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It is time for our people to start the guerilla warfare that has been started against us. How many more seals and special ops will be taken out like this? Before we take action? I am beginning to think their plan is working. They pick off the most likely leaders against them and then come after us untrained military gun owners. It is truly time for us to pick target and isolate and destroy them. Start with Harry traitor Red, then nanny pelousy and the top gutless rinos. Remember when Marco Rubio's daughter was in a car accident a few months ago? Well, Marco got the message "do as we want or it is your kid". That is how obozo and his band of thieves and thugs are operating. They pick a target, give a warning and bingo the opposition changes directions - surrender. Action must be taken by the patriots now. There is no reason to wait.

That is the reaction wanted by the would play into their plans for more control & martial I do not recommend it....what is needed is a tireless, well armed, very well funded, independent, investigative team(s) to completely research/investigate, by whatever means necessary, most of these "suspected events"....sooner or later they would like likely find someone who can "squeal" (I would use water-boarding, personally)....before the system eliminates them too....This and other events affecting just too suspect!

The problem is who could fund & organize that type of effort??  

Rest in Peace, Great Warrior Patriot.  You have served your nation well.


William: the spirits of these warriors have already served their time in Hell; they are in Heaven; I have no doubts about that, my Friend!

RIP Brother Kyle. You have my eternal respect.

waterboard the  Sucker  and get the  truth out of him..............who hired  much  money was involved and by whom.this  was not just a random shooting.Americans are  not  as dumb as washington would have  us   be............

Sadly, Betty, too many of them are just that stupid. The average person on the street doesn't have a clue who Ben Gazzi is, or will tell you that the shooter in Sandy Hook used an automatic weapon... Yes, they are that stupid. And, Obama knows it.

10 of the best quotes from his incredible memoir, “American Sniper,”

10. “To top things off, the Iraqis had sent some Scuds over just before the war started. Most had been taken care of by Patriot missiles, but one got through. Wouldn’t you know it took out the Starbucks where we’d hung out during our prewar training? That’s low, hitting a coffee place. It could have been worse, I guess. It could have been a Dunkin’ Donuts.”

9. “Isn’t religion supposed to teach tolerance?”


8. “At another location, we found barrels of chemical material that was intended for use as biochemical weapons. Everyone talks about there being no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they seem to be referring to completed nuclear bombs, not the many deadly chemical weapons or precursors that Saddam had stockpiled.”

7 " I began teaching my son how to shoot when he was two, starting with the basics of a BB rifle. My theory is that kids get into trouble because of curiosity—if you don’t satisfy it, you’re asking for big problems. If you inform them and carefully instruct them on safety when they’re young, you avoid a lot of the trouble. My son has learned to respect weapons. I’ve always told him, if you want to use a gun, come get me. There’s nothing I like better than shooting.”

6. “The rules are drawn up by lawyers who are trying to protect the admirals and generals from the politicians; they’re not written by people who are worried about the guys on the ground getting shot.”

5. “I never really believed the Iraqis would turn the country into a truly functioning democracy, but I thought at one point that there was a chance. I don’t know that I believe that now. It’s a pretty corrupt place. But I didn’t risk my life to bring democracy to Iraq. I risked my life for my buddies, to protect my friends and fellow countrymen. I went to war for my country, not Iraq. My country sent me out there so that bullshit wouldn’t make its way back to our shores. I never once fought for the Iraqis. I could give a flying [fu**] about them.”

4. “People tell me I saved hundreds and hundreds of people. But I have to tell you: it’s not the people you saved that you remember. It’s the ones you couldn’t save. Those are the ones you talk about. Those are the faces and situations that stay with you forever.”

3. “Another question people ask a lot: Did it bother you killing so many people in Iraq? I tell them, “No.” And I mean it. The first time you shoot someone, you get a little nervous. You think, can I really shoot this guy? Is it really okay? But after you kill your enemy, you see it’s okay. You say, Great. You do it again. And again. You do it so the enemy won’t kill you or your countrymen. You do it until there’s no one left for you to kill. That’s what war is.”

2. “Just because war is hell doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.”

1. “I’ve lived the literal meaning of the ‘land of the free’ and ‘home of the brave.’ It’s not corny for me. I feel it in my heart. I feel it in my chest. Even at a ball game, when someone talks during the anthem or doesn’t take off his hat, it pisses me off. I’m not one to be quiet about it, either.

That my friends are the words of a true American hero. Kyle believed in the America we older folks grew up in, I just pray that those thoughts stayed with him all the way to sniper heaven. 

If only people on the left understood what made Kyle tick, then they would understand our side.

Rest in Peace Kyle.

So are we to believe that all the men and woman (military) that have died over the years so assholes like RP can spout off at the mouth, should also die by a bullet to the back?

Twana, we shouldn't be surprised by this comment coming from Paul, he is after all a Pacifist. Jerk.

Ok, who believes this BS motive? Routh reportedly told his sister, rite after killing Kyle and Littlefield that "he sold his soul for a new truck". Just heard that on fox. That makes NO sense!



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