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This is LaRaza's call to action:






We must respond immediately to the failure of the Senate and the Congress to act.  We must let the President know that we will not accept the continuation of injustice under what all agree is a broken law. Familia Latina Unida calls for coordinated actions of civil disobedience at Homeland Security offices across the nation beginning on December 20. “We want a Christmas without fear, a Christmas in which children celebrating the Holy Family are not in fear that armed men will come to their homes to take away their own family.”

The failure of President Obama and the Democratically controlled House and Senate to pass legislation to fix our broken immigration system has left us all with one objective: a moratorium on deportations and separation of families until legislation still pending in the house and senate is finally acted on. We salute Congressman Gutierrez for his leadership in passing the Dream Act through the House, but we recognize that for nearly ten years the Democratic Leadership has been playing with us – saying they were committed to comprehensive immigration reform, which included the dream act, but doing absolutely noting to move it forward. On the eve of a desperate election, they agreed to put forward the dream act alone. We do not believe they did this in good faith.  History will show that Congressman Gutierrez finally forced their hand in the House of Representatives.

Every day, 1100 people are deported.  Every day, six million children and young people, 80% of whom are U.S. citizens, 20% of whom are dream act eligible, live in fear of having their families and their lives destroyed. Instead of working to provide these young people with education and health care and decent housing and a way to live productive lives, our government gets up every morning with new plans to destroy their families.

All of this is happening in spite of the fact that we elected a President who committed in no uncertain terms to stop the separation of families. The recent elections have solidified the deadlock in Congress on a way to fix our broken immigration laws. Yet the President still has the power to stop the deportations until the Congress finally addresses this national tragedy.

In response to the demands of the families and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Department of Homeland Security has given President Obama a seven point memorandum outlining his powers to stop the deportations until the Congress can act. The President must be compelled to keep his promise.

Congressman Gutierrez has called for a nationwide movement for the moratorium. He has said that now “The Movement is the Moratorium, the Moratorium is the Movement.” He explains that we must act to get the President to act and we must also struggle in every city and town to stop cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement through the 287g and Secure Communities Act programs. We must fight for every family that is struggling to keep their lives and their families together.

Congressman Gutierrez has said that we can no longer allow our movement to be determined by the legislative priorities of politicians and parties more concerned with their reelection than with the lives of our families. The Congressman has said that U.S. citizens must be prepared to “step out of their comfort zone” and be willing to fill the jails until the President keeps his promise and stops the deportations.

`The Movement for the Moratorium has begun! Every Monday in Chicago pastors, elected officials, family members of those facing deportations and youth leaders have blocked the doors of the Homeland Security Headquarters in Chicago and organized mass arrests. Let the nation hear us on December 20th. We will not be silent.




Who is LaRaza? Here are a few images I quickly found.













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This la raza is just a bunch of thugs and ms 13 types so as far as I am concerned the whole lot of you raza types can just go back to mexicow. And don't have any more of your cow babes on our door steps

If they did it in there own country they would be killed, that's why they do it here, we pay them to do it (WELFARE ).

With an open threat, that gives the police full reign on arrest now doesn't it?  Just shows how much education they lack to think this is their land, their country....I agree.... lock and load to protect our sovereign states and OUR COUNTRY.

They have declared WAR on this country so lets go get em. I mean if they are screaming for civil unrest that means that they plan on doing something more than they plan. So this is going to be an undeclared war on this country. They are going to try to take the whole thing lock stock and barrel by force We will have to defend ourselves.

At least the dream act is DEAD for now I have a feeling that the whore and prostitute harry reid will never give up. this is one of the snakes that needs it's head cut off. And as for this quisno I am not sure if he or she is for this country or for the mex-e-cows just don't know and can't tell. Maybe some else will be able to. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Twana.  Maybe you can figure this one out.

 I will defend my country and my home state of Texas with my last dying breath if they every even tried it.  IF mexico is so awesome, why after what, 400 years? are they still a corrupt dirt poor nation begging and stealing from the U.S.? why don't they have their own jobs, their own industry? why don't they stay in their own country? After all, they like to brag on how AWESOME their country is, so why come here? 

(because the corrupt bleeding heart liberals will fall for any sob story on how they just want a better life, but they really just want to get their heels dug in so they can quietly steal our country) NOW, the logic of groups like La Raza is if you try to protect your border or enforce immigration laws your a racist. BUT, if Americans or anybody else did the same thing to Mexico they would profile, catch you  and throw your a** in a dirt prison forever, or take you out and kill you after they extort your family for all the money they had. but that is different, I mean, based on their logic if a fox was killing all of our chickens they would expect us to kill a cow, why look for a fox? that makes too much since. because of groups like La Raza Remington made the best rifle action in history used in the .308 tactical rifle, so good in fact that the best military in the world still uses it, the U.S. Military (Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy) and it can hit a golf ball at 1,500 yds, trust me! SO, Put 5000 good snipers on the border and that should stop the illegal crossings.   give me a break. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Another good rifle is the Remington 700Lever action nice and smooth. good for a fair distance too.

The only part of the USA that ever had "indigenous" latino cultures prior to 1492 was the southern part of  Texas. The rest of them came after the Catholic Chirch arrived in this hemisphere.


Mexicans are NOT 'indigenous' to what is now the United States. End of story. Sorry, stupidos. You believed your own propaganda and now you will pay the price.

We need a national deportation day of illegal aliens (and corrupt politicians who supported the "dream act").

as far as I am concerned if they start fighting then there will be trouble and the politicians that have started this nightmare problem can all get the big boot right where they need it. or we can use the bat method either one works well for me.

    .They are not spanish.They ate not native to America.They are a mix between native

Amrican and early spanish invaders.

They are the result of the "Spanish" Screwing the buffalo. Not Mexicans in general, just the illemmigrunts.

The "Spanish" elites in Mexico are STILL treating the more native mixed peoples that way!  That's why they're sending them up here for us to support!



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