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Leslie Marshall says Tea Parties are "not worth covering"

On FOX today, Leslie Marshall declares half of America is irrelavent and not worth covering Tea Patries agains the wasteful spending, bail-outs, corruption, ect...

Let this clueless person know how far out of line she is.

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LOL....yeah I saw her too. I sent Neil the list of tea parties nationwide and asked him to publish them on his show ....same with Glenn Beck. Probably won't happen, but it doesn't hurt to try.

That leftie is truly as clueless as they come.
She doesn't need to cover the tea parties, I saw the site, says she works for CNN. No one watches them anyways.
Sent to Leslie Marshall:

The fact that you think that the Tea Party should not be covered on April 15th is very anti American.
First let me state fact.
1) Even though this is a grassroots effort and started with conservative people, I know many who are going that are democratic, liberal, independent, and other political leanings.
2) This has nothing to do with one political side or the other.

This is about Americans getting fleeced by our government. The very people sent to represent US.
We are being sold down the river by our government represented. Not just one person.

Obama could not do half the things he has done without the support of Congress. So, madam, for you to disregard what is happening ACROSS the US is out right UN-AMERICAN.

If you are for higher taxes then why don't you lead the way and voluntarily give up HALF your PAY for a year on national TV. State for the record exactly how much you are willing to give to the government.

Personally I am sure you are going to either read this and have a good laugh, or maybe it is going to go to one of your staff people,.

Either way madam you are completely out of touch with reality.

Sincerely yours,
A True Patriot.
Damon Hermann
Excellent Damon!!!
Leslie Marshall does not care about anyone, except herself; anything, except for her self-interests. I also saw her on Cavuto and she would not shut her mouth. Finally, Neil said "We have a Fox alert," just to shut her up, but even that was not effective. How can one person use so much oxygen to communicate nothing?



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