Constitutional Emergency

Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein,
RE: DOJ budget hearings. Sept 23rd, 2017.

Youtube video; Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein says only HE has power to fire special Prosecutor Mueller;

This was part of a hearing conducted on the fiscal budget of the Department of Justice. The troubling aspect to all of these hearings was the fact that once again Attorney General Jeff Sessions refused to appear before the committee. The second interesting aspect to these budget hearings was of course the discussions pertaining to the budgets of the DOJ and various departments.

It seems a great deal of the American Tax payers money is being spent on law enforcement. Not very many Americans would complain about that under normal circumstances. Given the current state of illegal immigrations and drug abuses, it seems pretty reasonable to assume that the budgets of our law enforcement communities would be pretty high. Some time was allocated to the discussion towards increasing the number of Judges and the required support staff for these judges were the issue was illegal immigration and specifically along the US Southern Border.

We all know that this is a problem and enforcing our immigration laws will require man power and also budget resources. At one point in this video one of the Senator questioned President Trumps decisions to build a wall along the border. This Senator was concerned about the Federal Government taking of private lands from the local ranchers in order to build that wall.

So my question is this; I will pose that question in the form of a hypothetical situation;
Lets suppose that a heavily armed gang of thugs invaded a Ranchers land and forced him to sign over his land to them at gun point. Lets then suppose that that gang of thugs then sold that mans Ranch to someone else and kept that money for themselves. Would any of that constitute a crime?
Now let us suppose that instead of agreeing to sign over his land to this armed gang the Rancher instead resisted and refused to sign over his deeds. Now this armed gang of thugs is not about to simply walk away and give up so easily. Instead they call in more reinforcements, this time to either force the rancher to sign over his land or to kill the rancher and his entire family. So the rancher knowing what is happening now calls for help and reinforcement himself.

The rancher's help and reinforcements show up and the armed gang of thugs is forced to retreat.

The question here for the Department of Justice is: Who are the criminals in this type of situation?
Secondly, Is it appropriate for the Department of Justice to prosecute the Ranchers in this case and NOT the gang of armed thugs who were attempting to force the rancher to sign over his property.
Who are the criminals in this case?
Is it an appropriate use of Department of Justice funds and resources to continue to spend tax payers money to prosecute the RANCHER and his helpers and defenders while the armed gang of thugs has been set free? Once again – WHO are the criminals here? Why is the rancher being prosecuted?
And how many times should the Federal prosecutors continue to place these ranchers and defendants on trial over this incident?
Is it appropriate to hold the ranchers in prison for more than eighteen months, repeatedly place them on trial even though they have been acquitted of more than 40 federal charges? Is the prosecution of these ranchers appropriate and correct? Is this an appropriate use of Tax payer funds and DOJ resources? Is it appropriate to place these men on trial three, four, five times? Or perhaps Indefinitely??
The land will never be returned to the Rancher or his family. The gang of armed thugs has instead been granted deed, title and ownership of the land, while the ranchers and his defenders are being held in prison by the Department of Justice. And the land has been sold to foreign investors. The Gang of thugs having pocketed all of the proceeds.

A.G. Sessions has stated that he agrees with the “Job” being done by the federal prosecutor in this case and has stated that he “Will not get involved”.

In case you're wondering by this time, this is NOT a hypothetical case. This IS the case of Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy and the men who stood up to that heavily armed gang of thugs known specifically as the Bureau of Land Management, and sent to confiscate that Ranchers land by Senator Harry Reid. Either confiscate that ranch and the land or kill that Rancher and his entire family, including any others who may stand up to defend him. The order to “Shoot to Kill” WAS given by the BLM agent in charge.

This is NOT an isolated case. The same type of incident occurred in Oregon to a family by the names of Hammond. (Burns Oregon and the Hillary Clinton case of the sale of Oregon land and Uranium to Russia Uranium One mining conglomerate. ) The Clinton foundation pocketed over $145 Million dollars in the transaction, while it is reported that Senator Harry Reid managed to pocket over $38 Million dollars for his part in the Bundy Nevada land grab.
The Hammonds and the Bundy's are all still in prison. But the Clinton's and Harry Reid walk free with their pockets filled by the proceeds of their illegal and Unconstitutional forced take over of the Ranchers land by an armed gang of thugs sent by our own federal Government.

Arizona Rancher Lavoy Finnicum was shot and killed by the Oregon State police and members of the FBI. But to this day no one has been held accountable for that murder, no one is being held to stand trial for the shooting death of one of the men who decided to take a stand to defend the Hammonds in Oregon. Mr. Lavoy Finnicum never pulled a gun on anyone. He never threatened anyone.

And since Attorney General Jeff Session has decided to “recuse” himself, apparently from his entire job and position, Then I ask You Mister Rod Rosenstein, Is THIS an appropriate application of Justice? Is this an appropriate use of DOJ and American tax payers money?
Who are the real criminals in these cases?

We The People want to know.

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