Constitutional Emergency

Since Levin and Stabenow won't listen to us, I thought i would try the following letter, which I just emailed to the DNC and cc'd to our unesteemed Senators:

Dear Governor Kaine
Chairman, Democratic National Committee

Your form asks for my question, which is "Are you nuts?"

The majority of Americans are NOT in favor of ANY of the current health care bills currently under consideration by both the house and the senate.

1. We do not want ANY bill that will increase the deficit.

2. We do not want ANY bill that does not specifically exclude illegal immigrants.

3. We do not want any form of public option or co-op program or trigger event. The government has NO business running health care.

4. We DO want a bill that deals with tort reform.

5. We DO want a bill that promotes real competition via the free market.

6. We DO want a bill that regulates pre-existing conditions and unfair coverage terminations for catastrophic conditions.

I have written multiple times to Senators Levin and Stabenow on this subject. Senator Levin has never deigned to reply and Senator Stabenow has sent me the exact same form letter no less than four times. The form letter thanks me for my concern and promptly suggests that she knows more about what I want than I do and that she will vote for it regardless of her constituents’ opinions. To say that I am inflamed about the responsiveness of my elected officials is an understatement. Since they will not listen to me, I thought perhaps you would.

Please note that failure to listen the American people will result in millions of us rising up to defeat EVERY Democrat up for re-election in 2010 (no matter what their vote on this topic). We know you work for US and we WILL fire you.


Jennifer Hensley

Cc: Senator Carl Levin
Senator Debbie Stabenow

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