Constitutional Emergency

Letter to Gen Kelly, White House Chief of Staff, Terry Trussell

NOTICE; 2/09/2018; At the request of Marie Trussell and Col. Harry Riley this letter to General Kelly has been removed pending updates and further information and corrections.

I will attempt to post any new information as I receive any updates.

Please continue to pray for Terry Trussell and his wife and family.

Thank you.

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This letter to General Kelly can easily be edited and altered to be addressed and sent to President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, or to any one of a number of other people within the White House.  I believe this letter accurately depicts and describes the course of events which lead up to the incarceration and imprisonment of Terry Trussell.
I may be wasting my time and efforts in writing these letters but as Americans we have to fight back somehow. Obama and his regime turned the American justice system into a weapon to be used against the American people. If we do not stand up and fight back against this tyranny then we deserve the type of government we get.
Writing letters such as this is the only hope we can get short of reaching for our guns. Pray that it does not come to that.

Old Rooster... you’ve done an outstanding job in laying out this case...Well done Brother. I’ll copy this and send it. I hope you pass this to Terry’s wife so she can get it to Terry.. they’ve refused so much of the things I’ve sent.... I’m sure she can get it to him faster. I hope others here will copy and send also. “No man left behind”.

Just received this from Col Riley.

Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2018 2:03 PM
Subject: Re: Terry's Appeal Case Oral Argument Date Set
Thanks Wendell.............I’ll forward to Marie Trussell...........
Harry Riley
Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2018 9:30 AM
Subject: Terry's Appeal Case Oral Argument Date Set
I hope this finds you and yours well.
According to the 1st DCA website Terry's appeal has an oral argument scheduled for March 6th. It can be viewed live at the following link. Online Video - Florida's First District Court of Appeal
NOTICE OF ORAL ARGUMENT The Court has set the above cause for oral argument at: 9:00 AM, TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 2018
             2000 DRAYTON DRIVE
             TALLAHASSEE, FL
God bless,

 Do you have a fax number for General Kelly in DC might get there a lot faster ..  < phone numbers & other contact info..   < Email  white house contact the president 


Florida Court of Appeals, Records.,
This is about all I can find right now, NOT the latest information. Last date of entry was Oct 2017.
But this page should provide information when anything is updated.

UPDATE Feb 23rd, from Col. Harry Riley:

Please continue to pray for Terry Trussell and family as his court case before the Florida district Court of Appeals draws closer. The case is expected to be heard on March 06, 2018 in Tallahassee, FL
The court room is small so only 3-4 members of Terry's family will be allowed entrance.
Terry is standing on faith and trusting God for a righteous judgment from the court.
Unfortunately, Terry is a political prisoner as his action that resulted in his incarceration was presenting criminal evidence that may have implicated much of the establishment in Dixie County, FL
Terry believes God's Holy Spirit will invade the minds and hearts of the court and cause a rendering of decision favorable to Terry and his challenge.
Please lift up Terry, members of the court, attorney's, family members, friends, and others for truth to bring light in judgment.



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