Constitutional Emergency

June 30, 2013


General Martin Dempsey

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

9999 Joint Staff, Pentagon

Washington, DC 20318-9999


General Dempsey,


I am a combat veteran, a decade ahead of you. I am a Christian, a Constitutionalist and a Patriot. According to the DHS, I am a potential homegrown terrorist. You have had several letters from me already, here is yet another one.


When you and I were sworn in as commissioned officers, we took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. I do not recall an expiration date in that oath and although I have been out of the service since 1976, I still honor it. Somehow, you have risen to the highest level of authority and responsibility in the Armed Forces and that oath certainly still applies to you.


Your actions over the past few years shows little respect for that oath of office, for the men you "lead," for military readiness, or for the honor your position calls for. You have become a political puppet for one of the worst Commanders In Chief America has ever seen. You have become one of America's "domestic enemies." I am confident you don't follow email traffic and Internet blogs but if you did, you'd realize just how little respect veterans and active duty personnel have for you and those who carry your water bucket. Were it me, I'd be humiliated and embarrassed to the point of resignation.


I'll grant you that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is appointed by the President and serves at his discretion. I also know that any General worth his salt would stand up for the military he is supposed to represent and lead, or resign if he cannot do so honorably. To support Barack Obama's deliberate attempts to destroy our military by rolling over, playing dead, and claiming you were just following orders, is reprehensible. By doing so you dishonor the uniform, your position, all those who honorably serve this country, and the millions who have served before you, many of whom gave their all in defense of liberty. We deserve better. Barack Obama has become the laughing-stock of leaders of other nations around the world. They see his weakness in national defense, the weakness of those who surround and advise him, including you, and proceed to take advantage of that weakness to our detriment. The future does not look bright for our Republic. Thanks for your complicity.


General, having four stars does not authenticate respect. Respect must be earned, it's not automatic with promotions. If you think it is, you're a fool. You have lost respect. "Diversity" does not equate to readiness or esprit de corps and good morale of the unit. Taking away Chaplains' rights to honor their own faith in their duty to the troops destroys their mission, nullifies their role, weakens the force. Allowing women in combat roles, especially in the Rangers and SEALS, and I note that you are neither, is about as wise a decision as would be the elimination of the Infantry. No nation on earth, since the beginning of time, including the US, has sought to do that until the wisdom of Obama, Dempsey and Odierno arrived on the scene. "Professing to be wise, proven to be fools." And since the day of General George Washington, homosexuals were not allowed to openly serve side-by-side with straights, for good reason. But the Obama, Dempsey, Odierno wisdom trumps General Washington, 200 years of experience, and God's warnings to allow it in today's military. Pray tell, how does any of this improve readiness?  How does political correctness improve readiness?  For the politicians is all about getting votes. What does it do for Generals?


I note that in Secretary Hagel's recent remarks at the Pentagon Pride ceremony for gays and lesbians, he stated that openly acknowledging the gay community in the military "...makes our military and our nation stronger, much stronger." Care to offer any justification or proof of the Secretary's statement? Stronger in what way? He went on to tout how this now makes us "all created equal," and is "social justice in advancing equality and opportunity for all people." All tripe. But Hagel is a politician, in a suit. You're supposed to be a soldier, in a uniform. Using the military for social engineering is disruptive, expensive - in money and lives - and goes against all common sense, not to mention 200+ years of experience. The consequences of this stupidity will be your legacy, not any good you may have done prior to your Chairmanship.


You have just been reappointed as Chairman. My recommendation is that you decline. Retire from the military, go into hiding somewhere, and allow a more able person, one who will honor his oath of office, to assume the role. If Obama refuses to appoint someone like that, looking for another political puppet instead, America, specifically veterans, will deal with Obama. Should you accept Obama's offer to continue the destructive puppet role of the last few years, you will add insult to injury and further weaken our military. Veterans will petition their Senators to NOT confirm your reappointment. We have ample evidence that better options are available.



Larry W. Reams



Secretary Chuck Hagel

General Ray Odierno

Senator John Cornyn

Senator Ted Cruz

Various veteran groups

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Telling it like it is may be hazardous to your health in this climate these days. However, rest assured that any veteran worthy of the name with an honorable discharge whether in active combat or not during their service, WILL HAVE YOUR BACK!.
Though many of us are aging and even disabled as a result of that honorable service, We WILL do as we were sworn to do and defend the country and constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and, may God save the right!

Thank you Larry Rearms. My hat is off to you.

Larry W Reams i would hope that someday we will have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and shake your hand. You have in a most profound way expressed what many of us are thinking or have perhaps wanted to tell all those whom you have mentioned to take heed and learn from as you said,200 hundred years of experience.Barry soetoroe is by far the lowest of the low to ever think that what he and the gang of 8 are doing would be acceptable to the fighting men and women who have chosen to protect our country and constitution,unlike those who have never done a thing to protect and defend.

I strongly feel that this is the begening of the longest war ever fought on our soil, not to fight against each other but to restore what a treasonous fraud who is neither an American nor has ever done anything worthy to have been appointed as leader of the greatest country in the world,you (barry) have never served in the armed forces,you have never held a job and paid taxes,but you lied and conned your way into the  highest position in the land. Perhaps being the first  black elected is an honor for you and those who voted for you,but honestly your just a punk. Larry the things i just said about hussein are perhaps the things we can say to him when he is behind bars,but again it would be my pleasure to shake your hand and have you on our team when it comes time to do battle. 63 year old Vietnam vet.

Spot on. Truth shall prevail. Well presented with the truth and facts of the present state in DC and the seat of the chairman of the joint chiefs.

I have a theory that Obama and Liberals have allowed gays and women into the military to fight side by side with our soldiers, airmen, seals, etc. is because Obama and other political traitors fear the military....and now, with good reason, they should!  Calling our heroes potential terrorists is so outrageous, so vile, so typical of these dictatorial elitists - well I hope they're "very afraid".   As Yamamoto feared, Obama and his minions have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve!  God Bless America!

Spot on letter. As a combat trained vet my oath is my bond, it is forever. There are millions like me who will have your back and will never stand down! Our military is being willfully weakened and demoralized lacking a CNC and devoid real leadership and our enemies laugh in our leader's faces!  

Excellent letter. I pray that I can be as honest and open in my beliefs as you have been with this general (small "g"). We have a lot of that in the military nowadays. Way to go Mr Reams

Might as well write a letter to a telephone pole for all the good this will do Dempsey is just a low life Obama D/L.

Thank you Mr.Larry W.Reams--and T'anks Mr.Harry Riley for posting this encouraging example of what we all ought be doing.One such letter by itself may be ignored  but a volley? I was unaware of the chairborn dung Hagel had spewed at the "GayPride"Pentagon Gala.but I tend to ignore Both Hagel and the Queer Nation. What moranic thought.If we are now all equal then why are we fighting the Taliban or al Qaeda over in the sandbox.? If we are all equal then there is No need for law enforcement--nor for Militarys--Even Government leadership is an outdated institute for we are now all equal? Like Obama I am now President of these United States-- We are equal --right? Or as that Hollywood guy spoke in the Movie Titanic "I'm the king of the World." The enemy misunderstands the terms they use when they attempt employ the Disneyland people movement model.Their words do not ring true for they ought know what they say does not reflect Reason--nor equality.

Mr. Reams, agree and we ALL stand together

Larry:  "FIRST AND FOREMOST THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY"  I believe strongly that the oath of enlistment that I swore to on 29Jun1973 has no expiration date as well as the security clearances I earned. Your letter above is outstanding thank you for taking the time to address a letter to Gen. Dempsey. Our civilian and military leadership is very poor and most times not at all. We need intestinal fortitude at all levels to uphold the oath they all swore to uphold. What a mess they all have gotten Our Country into. Please continue to hold their feet to the fire. With you 110%


,I totally stand with with Larry Reams, something is wrong in America when we can no longer share the Gospel. One of these days we may be called upon to make a decision to choose between the U.S. Gov't and Jesus Christ ,I choose Christ ,I guess that makes me a terrorist ,according to the DHS  definition.



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