We can no longer sit on the side lines and hope someone else will shoulder what needs to be done. I know we're old and crippled but we must do it...charge the battery on the wheel-chair and prepare to move.

Hillary Clinton is the principle causing LIAR, raising America to the brink of destruction of our judicial system as a nation under law.

This is not about politics and no party should ever be mentioned, it's about the rule of law and the complete destruction of the United States of America.

The evidence is quite compelling that Hillary Clinton violated her oath in carrying out her duties as Secretary of State; that she violated her own rules established for all members of the State Department against communicating official business outside official State Department channels; that she purposefully established a non-secure communications server in her private residence in which she knowingly used to communicate Top Secret and higher intelligence information; that she purposefully and willfully lied to cover-up the cause of the fatal murder of four United States government employees in Benghazi; that she purposefully and willingly lied in the face of grieving mothers, in the shadow of the coffins of those killed in Benghazi, citing a video as the reason their sons were killed.

The short paragraph above, which only skims the criminal surface, cites Hillary Clinton's reflection as one of the most despicable, heartless, self-serving, law breaking government officials in American history. She must never again be eligible to represent or serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton is the reason LIAR and must be held accountable. Make no mistake Hillary is not in this alone but is the principle that must put before a Judge.

There is every reason to believe the Department of Justice is moving toward "white wash" of the Clinton debacle which cannot be allowed by "we the people".

It is mandatory that everyone of us contact every person we communicate with and prepare to descend on Washington, D.C. at a moments notice. If there is any indication that Hillary Clinton will not be brought before a Federal Grand Jury for high treason, and multiple crimes against the American people, LIAR must be activated.

PFA has all 50 State Groups still active and should get more active alerting every American that understands the threat of LIAR and be prepared to round up millions of unarmed citizens to send the message in D.C. Use Face Book and Twitter. We can't allow our 240th Independence Day be our last.  

Clinton must be prosecuted or all hell breaks loose.

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I'm old enough (damn near 58) and cynical enough (30 years of "old enough") to say you have many valid points.  Almost naïve enough to wish it weren't so (Joe).  Damn, stuck between the lesser of two evils (again?).  Only thing I can add in closing, "God is in control"!  Blessings to all.

When you go into the booth , let God be your guide !

Robert thats like saying , throw in the rag... give up.. ? We do have patriots in D.C. TREY GOWDY FOR ONE. LOUIE GOUMET FOR ANOTHER... MIKE LEE, AND SO MANY.. I have often wondered.. their frustrations... and how they just let it happen ! Its like they are all being black mailed.. or are fearful of the clinton punishment , we all know about.
Its so confusing.. We vote to put people there in D.C. TO SPEAK FOR US,,, TO WORK FOR US. AND THEN THEY GET IN AND DO NOTHING. ????????????????????????????

Some of these people may have been patriots when they were elected, but they've all lost that label - It would have only taken one of these people to file a bill to impeach Obama.  None of them did that.  Mike Lee and his wife were strong advocates to unbind the delegates at the GOP Convention so that they could nominate somebody besides Trump.  Trey Gowdy was blamed for taking too long to find not too much in the Benghazi hearings.  Louis Gohmert refused to endorse Trump until he apologized for something.  I could argue that there are no true patriots in the House - they've all been co-opted by the puppeteers - and I agree with Nancy - we need to throw all the bums out and set term limits.  That's the only way Congress will put the country first instead of the desires of the puppeteers that funnel money into their pockets when they 'behave.' 

Sorry, Nancy, but you are wrong about Gowdy, Gohmert, and Lee.  Pretty much ALL of the politicians have been corrupted at some level.  Not to mention, all three endorsed someone who is NOT Constitutionally eligible for the office of President.  Tells you all you need to know about their respect for our Constitution, doesn't it?

The entire GOP is part of the NWO, just like the Democrats. I wouldn't be surprised if the anti-Trump sentiment within the GOP is a smokescreen.  The closer we get to November 8th the more suspicious I am of the entire fiasco.  Sumptin just ain't adding up in my view. 

Google, Hacked emails of Black Lives matter and see what the Pres. and Loretta Lynch are up to with the Repub. convention.

Do you have the link to post, please.  Been a hot and humid day here on the Mid-East Coast, been working in 95 deg., 105 heat factor and a link would be greatly appreciated.  Blessings to you.

Eileen, do you really think they would have allowed information like you are trying to discuss to just be hacked like that. They released it themselves. I

You do remember the hacked emails of Hillary and if they can hack her , they can hack anybody.

It is online for all to see along with the screenshots, just like the 28 pages the show that Saudi Arabia is largely responsible for 911 along with The United States Federal Government which appears to this point to be a glorified rectal cock receptacle for Islam.

And still no one does anything to these people.

Tolerance and apathy are the final virtues of a dying society, and The United States of America is just about dead on the operating table.

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