Constitutional Emergency


We can no longer sit on the side lines and hope someone else will shoulder what needs to be done. I know we're old and crippled but we must do it...charge the battery on the wheel-chair and prepare to move.

Hillary Clinton is the principle causing LIAR, raising America to the brink of destruction of our judicial system as a nation under law.

This is not about politics and no party should ever be mentioned, it's about the rule of law and the complete destruction of the United States of America.

The evidence is quite compelling that Hillary Clinton violated her oath in carrying out her duties as Secretary of State; that she violated her own rules established for all members of the State Department against communicating official business outside official State Department channels; that she purposefully established a non-secure communications server in her private residence in which she knowingly used to communicate Top Secret and higher intelligence information; that she purposefully and willfully lied to cover-up the cause of the fatal murder of four United States government employees in Benghazi; that she purposefully and willingly lied in the face of grieving mothers, in the shadow of the coffins of those killed in Benghazi, citing a video as the reason their sons were killed.

The short paragraph above, which only skims the criminal surface, cites Hillary Clinton's reflection as one of the most despicable, heartless, self-serving, law breaking government officials in American history. She must never again be eligible to represent or serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton is the reason LIAR and must be held accountable. Make no mistake Hillary is not in this alone but is the principle that must put before a Judge.

There is every reason to believe the Department of Justice is moving toward "white wash" of the Clinton debacle which cannot be allowed by "we the people".

It is mandatory that everyone of us contact every person we communicate with and prepare to descend on Washington, D.C. at a moments notice. If there is any indication that Hillary Clinton will not be brought before a Federal Grand Jury for high treason, and multiple crimes against the American people, LIAR must be activated.

PFA has all 50 State Groups still active and should get more active alerting every American that understands the threat of LIAR and be prepared to round up millions of unarmed citizens to send the message in D.C. Use Face Book and Twitter. We can't allow our 240th Independence Day be our last.  

Clinton must be prosecuted or all hell breaks loose.

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It all just makes one sick and angry.  Maybe that is their  intention to cause the riots or protests that they call riots. This is more than an injustice.  It is a clear sign that our once noble government is gone and tyranny rules and there is no not one that is not unclean and corrupt.  God have mercy on our souls!

""Obedience to God , is disobedience to TYRANNY !"

No matter how you look at it blood is going to flow soon. Why are the American Patriots waiting? REVOLUTION to overthrow tyranny is the only option remaining.

I refuse to be a slave to tyranny when it has become so damn obvious.

I agree with you 100%.

She violated 18 USC Sec 793...Does not require intent just extreme which , and it's on tape he said.. ..NO, Charges but they were extremely negligent  That alone is a crime and she should be charged !!! Called the FBI and talked to an agent  about this to which she do know this is being taped and I said yes, and went off on the FBI and the DOJ and the Pres. for being corrupt and delivering a nasty blow to Lady Liberty and the American People. Our civil rights and the Constitution were violated , yet she skates , to which I added ...Who is going to listen to us, not our gov't , not the FBI , not the DOJ , and NOT our Congress. At that point I apologized for yelling at the agent and told her not to take it personally, I was yelling at my corrupt Pres, DOJ, FBI, and Congress. I am so disgusted and ashamed of my gov't  today.

Eileen that is exactly how I feel. Thank you.

I did the same with my reps, Adrian Smith and Deb Fischer - told them to get off their ass and DO THEIR JOBS!!!

The Gowdy report, as superficial as it was, points out one critical, devastating opportunity that occurred during the Benghazi attacks.  Someone, at some level, countermanded the order of Barack Obama and Secretary Panetta and stopped military movement to Benghazi.  Who was it?  My gut feeling is it was Barack's lackey, Chairman of the Joint was a despicable act but the same can be done by an honorable Chairman of the Joint Chiefs if Obama desires to declare martial law or Hillary is exonerated; the Chairman can also activate the patriotic Infantry Division commanders, Air Force Wings, and Navy Ships at sea to disregard any order from Obama or the Secretary of Defense.

What do we need to stop the destruction of America?   "A few Good Men and Women"

It is quite clear to me we will NOT have an election this year; indeed, I seriously doubt the conventions will even take place!!!   I have already spoken to my neighbor about taking care of my cat and watching my house while I am gone  - include me as one of those "few," please!

More likely Valarie Jarret backed up by Obama.  Panetta resigned likely due to the evil he witnessed daily in their White House.  Isn't the transgender, the mockery of our Armed Services enough to demonstrate what they have done and are doing to destroy the USA!

And Panetta is a traitor for not speaking out!  Failed to uphold his oath!!!

CALL , and I will be there....It tears my soul apart to see this happening to America....God gave America to us as a gift...only he can take America from us not men in Washington...WE need to take his gift back from ignore America 's  fall and do nothing is an insult to God and his gift. Just say when ......Be our Geo. Washington.



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