We can no longer sit on the side lines and hope someone else will shoulder what needs to be done. I know we're old and crippled but we must do it...charge the battery on the wheel-chair and prepare to move.

Hillary Clinton is the principle causing LIAR, raising America to the brink of destruction of our judicial system as a nation under law.

This is not about politics and no party should ever be mentioned, it's about the rule of law and the complete destruction of the United States of America.

The evidence is quite compelling that Hillary Clinton violated her oath in carrying out her duties as Secretary of State; that she violated her own rules established for all members of the State Department against communicating official business outside official State Department channels; that she purposefully established a non-secure communications server in her private residence in which she knowingly used to communicate Top Secret and higher intelligence information; that she purposefully and willfully lied to cover-up the cause of the fatal murder of four United States government employees in Benghazi; that she purposefully and willingly lied in the face of grieving mothers, in the shadow of the coffins of those killed in Benghazi, citing a video as the reason their sons were killed.

The short paragraph above, which only skims the criminal surface, cites Hillary Clinton's reflection as one of the most despicable, heartless, self-serving, law breaking government officials in American history. She must never again be eligible to represent or serve the American people.

Hillary Clinton is the reason LIAR and must be held accountable. Make no mistake Hillary is not in this alone but is the principle that must put before a Judge.

There is every reason to believe the Department of Justice is moving toward "white wash" of the Clinton debacle which cannot be allowed by "we the people".

It is mandatory that everyone of us contact every person we communicate with and prepare to descend on Washington, D.C. at a moments notice. If there is any indication that Hillary Clinton will not be brought before a Federal Grand Jury for high treason, and multiple crimes against the American people, LIAR must be activated.

PFA has all 50 State Groups still active and should get more active alerting every American that understands the threat of LIAR and be prepared to round up millions of unarmed citizens to send the message in D.C. Use Face Book and Twitter. We can't allow our 240th Independence Day be our last.  

Clinton must be prosecuted or all hell breaks loose.

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Well said Michael..................Unity doesn't mean we are all clones........but are unified in a set of values, principles, and goals.......there is always room for varying approaches as to how we get there.  But once there is a path, we must all travel together and fight the details once the dust has settled.  My opinion.

Col. Riley.... Hope your wife is doing better... Glad you made that distinction. Our unity should revolve around our Founders founding principles of what America should and was ment to be. We may differ on how we get there, but our goals should be the same. What has made America great is that our founders realized that we have certian rights that come from God and God alone and are non-negotiable. The early philosophers said that the ultimate goal of man is happiness...
If this is true, and I believe it to be partly true, there is no better form of government that has been created to achieve that end that our founders invisioned than the American Dream.


1)  HRC has more or less told the AG, a member of the Muslim sisterhood that she will be her AG is elected!  This would be devastating;

2)  Two new justices will be installed in the next four years...Muslims or erratic liberals as herself, this must not happen;

3)  We have political prisoners but those are not political miscreants; those running loose are and should be brought to justice and shipped to Quat.  We must get these out of the prisons as some are being beaten and starved.

4)  Most dangerous to use FB and all should get off for their own safety; more work, but develop a one on one email list and put into groups such as those a certain age, faith, ability to help and respond and how, etc.

5)  How are we going to insure a decent election?  Polling machines will be rigged, said to be operated/changed from the skies also, illegals and non-registered will vote ten times or more when they should not be allowed to vote, voting from and by emailing, etc.,

When Obama was running against Romney for re-election, I had trouble with my voting machine...TWICE it switched over to Obama when I hit the vote button, when I complained loudly both times,  it worked the third time. I asked them what happened to the two recorded votes and they said they were voided....YEAH RIGHT !!! " If voting really mattered, they wouldn't let us do it ."   Mark Twain   I believe that firmly !

There were several voting precincts in northern ohio where Obama had more than 100 % of registered voters voting for him. Plenty of other precincts across the country where Obama walked away with 100% of registered voters. Elections are a game they play. They are the power pieces. We are the disposable pawns.

FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation Exposed! Involves Entire US Government!



It only takes three (3) lines of code to rig an election computer, and those three lines of code can be embedded into any machine in less than 30 seconds.

"1, V=D"
"If V=else then go to 1"
"submit V"

It's also quite possible that the polls are purposely being squed to give credibility if Hillery wins by tampering with the voting machines. The few truly independent polls show Trump in the lead.. Not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket as the saying goes I've been racking my brain on a plan "B". And so far my only answer is the ammo box. Not one I want to take as that will disrupt our nation to its core. But I cant see any other alternative. To make matter worse I don't feel that I can count on any Militia group as in my investigation of at least the groups I'm my area they are all a joke. I would follow them into ANY conflict. The more deeply I look the more can see that I'll will be on my own with my immediate family.

Polls are historically inaccurate because none of them uses a sample large enough to have any semblance of accuracy.  The only purpose of polls is to program the voters into believing that a certain candidate is so far ahead that their 'other' candidate has no hope of winning.  That way, more people get on the band wagon for the winner, and the loser's supporters stay home because "what's the point of voting?"  And elections are historically rigged - the Democrats have perfected voter fraud as an art.  The best way to detect voter fraud is via exit polls.  If there is a significant discrepancy between the results of the exit polls as compared to the 'official' vote count, than you can assume voter fraud has occurred.

That worked well when Obama got 100% in a number of counties, huh??
The fact of the matter is if they can cheat, they will, and because they can, they will. We were doomed when they went from handwritten ballots to electronic voting machines. The group conscienceness of the Nation has been slowly changed from Truth, Honor, Integrity and Righeousness to Lies, Dishonor, Dishonesty and Unrighteousness and this consciousness has manifested itself in all manor of corruption we see going on. It all starts with a thought and manifests itself in an action and those actions effect everyone either for good or for bad.
If our voting is of no effect I don't know what the answer is at this point. The Truth is it is easier to do wrong than to do right, and people are more prone to sin than not we have seen this throughout human history. Truth and Honesty has always been the road less traveled. It dosen't take a great number to change things however, it just takes persistence. I'm reminded of a quote by the Dali Lama:
"If you think your too small to make a differance, try sleeping with a mosquito "............

I am sorry  but even exit polls tend to be incorrect for the same reason you gave for pre voting polls. If you wish to know if voter fraud occurs the best way to know is to; hell there is no way to know for sure or to prove.  Now the thing you need to do is keep encouraging those who agree with your candidate choice to stay focused and to make sure they vote. Next thing you need to do is trying to talk to those who are anti Hillary and discuss points that you believe your candidate has made that you believe the person you are talking to can agree to.  Do not attack. Do not tell them if they don't vote for your candidate they are voting for Hillary. You need to find out what they are looking for and fit it with your candidate.



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