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Once again, since Obama’s secular socialist community organizing press won’t tell the American people the truth, someone has to!


Over the years, I have written more about our Founding Fathers and documents than most Americans have ever read in a lifetime. But just in case I missed something, I went back and read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights one more time and nowhere did I find a “right to collective bargaining” – aka criminal socialist union thuggery, intimidation and extortion.


Public Opinion

Did anyone really have to poll to come up with this answer? Most taxpayers are sick of being bankrupted or held hostage by union thuggery and oppose labor unions, especially for public servant jobs paid for by taxpayers. Ironically, most union thugs like unions… This, they call “breaking news!”


It depends on who you ask… but as a general rule, you can anticipate that socialists see nothing wrong with socialism (collectivism) and everything wrong with freedom, individual rights and capitalism. People willing to trade their individual rights for collective bargaining rights love unions, while people still stuck on individual rights tend to hate them.


Public vs. Private

The discussion also changes based on public sector jobs paid for by taxpayers, vs. private sector jobs, paid for by private employers and ultimately the consumers of goods and services. Private sector jobs feed the public trough and public sector jobs drain the public trough. Hence, there is a significant difference between the two – one being on the asset side of the ledger, the other being a liability for every American taxpayer.


Most Americans believe in and support the concept of individual rights, not the collective rights of one special group over all others. Still, most support the right to private sector unions, so long as the people have a right to reject unions, under right to work laws.


They also accept the right of union shops to bid on government contracts, but not exclusively via union bid only laws, which keep 88% of the workforce from even bidding on government contracts, though they still have to pay for them.


But in the public sector, labor unions amount to nothing more than the collective extortion of taxpayers. The right for a few to hold an entire state or nation hostage until they can milk taxpayers for ever increasing wages and benefits, in what is supposed to be public servant jobs.


The insane practice should have never been allowed to begin with, and should have ended long ago. Whether it’s Iceland, Greece, the Middle East, Wisconsin or the United States, public sector union extortion has bankrupted government after government leaving union pension funds unfunded to the tune of a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone. Once the public feeding trough has run dry, there is nothing left to negotiate, which is exactly what Wisconsin Governor Walker told state union workers. Indiana Republicans should have had as much backbone and sooner or later, they will have no choice.


The Union Revolt

Union community thug-in-chief Barack Obama is working with his civilian army, made up of well-indoctrinated college students, union members, Black Panthers, Muslims and illegal aliens still praying for amnesty, to create a national disaster out of the battle between taxpayers and the international labor movement.


Just watch how these people react in Wisconsin, when nobody lost their job, their pay or their benefits. All they lost was their ability to hold Wisconsin taxpayer’s hostage to prop up labor unions that are the financial foundation of today’s Democrat Party.


Remember the “buy American” and “look for the union label” ads of years gone by? You don’t see those ads anymore because most American union workers don’t make anything anymore. They work in government jobs now, on the taxpayer’s dole and that’s why government has grown at a pace no GDP can keep up with.


The Pursuit of Happiness

The individual right to define and pursue happiness through the sweat of one’s own brow is the fundamental right of every American citizen and it always has been.


But there is NO constitutional right to collective bargaining in the private sector or collective extortion in the public sector.


The mere notion that union workers are somehow special, deserving of special rights, wages, benefits, powers and government consideration that no other American has, is in and of itself, un-American, not to mention wholly unconstitutional.


And the idea that people making less should have to pay for those special wages and benefits in higher taxes, just so that union members can pay union dues to prop up the Democrat Party, is totally insane!


Union members should wake up and get a clue! The American taxpayer is fed up with being robbed of their earnings to prop up international secular socialist interests represented by today’s Democrat Party, which won’t even exist without labor union funding.


The unionized American press can lie about this story in support of their Democrat unions all they want. But the American taxpayers have finally figured out who has been screwing them all these years.


Democrats, labor unions, the press and the lawyers who make it all possible!


When the people look to see who has been bending them over in government for years, they see the union label. The jig is up folks! Your right to collectively out-bargain the American individual is at end. Get used to the idea…



You are not a Tea Party candidate anymore Rand. You are a U.S. Senator now. Stop with the childish Tea Party data-mining for ignorant donors with your stupid petitions and just introduce a National Right to Work Act. Stop talking about it and DO IT Senator.


We heard the speech, that’s how you got elected. Now, stop talking and start DOING! You won’t get another penny or signature from me until you actually DO SOMETHING!


Governor Walker for President! The first politician I’ve seen with real backbone since Reagan!

JB Williams

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Union workers make something, they make trouble, start fights, whine when they are told No!" .
Jack and Tye, so let me get this straight, a union auto worker with over 30 years who retires at 65 and gets a combined pension and SS of about $3150.00 a month and that's a gold plated retirement. I remember in the late 70s when the steel mills closed down and all the steel workers lost almost all of the pensions they earned. The steel companies just closed down and moved overseas leaving their workers high and dry. I have lived in Akron all my life and have seen many strikes at the tire plants, auto factories and steel mills. I do not remember any women being raped, people being taken to the hospital with the hell beat out of them or houses being burnt to the ground. Tye that BS is pure fiction. Jack you are right, some of the bailout went to pay for the pension costs of the union members but not all as you suggest. Like I said the auto makers didn't fund their pensions as they were suppose to do causing this problem. Isn't this the same problem we are having with the public sector unions, unfunded pension mandates and not in the billions of dollars but in the trillions of dollars. Before there were 401Ks, IRAs and Mutual Funds, pension contributions were included in the union contracts only the auto companies didn't set aside those funds. Matching pension funds are something that came about in the last 20 years. The key word here is funds, something the auto makers didn't put aside to meet their future libilities, like they do today. When I worked at Fords Cleveland Stamping Plant in 1965 we had 2 shifts with over 6000 production workers plus skilled trades. Today that same plant employees 600 total and produces 3 times the product. Filming 8 or 10 bad apples and painting the whole auto industry with that brush is exactly the same tactics that the left uses against the Tea Party. If I remember right those guys were fired as they should have been. If you read my first post you would notice that I said, the private sector unions would rue the day they ever hooked up with the public sector unions. I am no more thrilled about the bailouts of GM and Chrysler then you are, but their pensions are not gold plated. Our government gave AIG a 210 billion dollar bailout three times what it gave GM. Look to the public sector for those pensions that are bloated and gold plated. Government retirees get 85% of their wages as pension benefits plus free health care for life costing the tax payers trillions. Stomping on the American worker is something I will never do. I have been watching Americans do this since the 70s. All that is, is an excuse to buy foreign made goods.  So you all drive your Honda's and Toyota's and I will buy American made. Always have always will, See you all in DC March 19th
Just a side note, the real bailout of GM and Chrysler was not money. The real bailout allowed both GM and Chrysler to declare bankruptcy. They were able to do that under George W. Bush's and the Republicans, screw the people, new bankruptcy law passed under their watch. This allowed GM and Chrysler to stiff all their creditors all their suppliers and all their stockholders out of everything. Those 2 are now debt free.  No it wasn't right but neither was bailing out the Banks or Fanny, Freddy and Wall Street. The Tea Party is making a huge mistake here trashing the American worker, of which many are TP members. I worked on the production line at Ford, 65-68,  as a Elevator Constructor I worked for 38 years in the Auto Factories, Libby Glass, the Steel Mills, in Sun and BP Oil Refineries, Power Plants and the Rubber Shops. If any of you all think that those workers didn't earn every penny they were paid, it's because you never had a real job, making something. I wish I had the pictures of the rubber workers covered head to toe in lamp black, steel workers with burns all over their bodies, Glass workers exposed to caustic chemicals and the auto workers worn out, cut and nicked by parts and scrap. I don't know where you all get your info, factory workers don't sit in easy chairs watching the cars, tires, glass oil, energy and steel build themselves. The real tragedy here is Americans fighting each other when we should be uniting against our real enemies. Radical Islam, Code Pink, Answer, NWO proponents, Global Corp. and our own Government the ruling elite. All the American worker has ever done is busted their a**es, paid their taxes, supported their families, educated their children so they didn't have to work in those factories, obeyed our laws and OUT PRODUCED every other worker in the world. When our men were fighting WWII our women were building the Tanks, Planes and Ships needed to win the War. Untold millions of them and their children still living are pissed off at what's going on today and I am one of them. We are the baby boomers and our numbers are enormous. You all had better quit trashing them or we will lose their support. If that happens we will lose our fight to stay free. FOX keeps reporting that the Dems and Unions will lose this one big time, they are dead wrong. It's the United States of America that will be the biggest loser and Obama is laughing his A** off. Splitting this Country apart at the seams is exactly what Obama wants and it is exactly what he is getting. Teachers and students disrespecting War Memorials in the Wi. Capital Building, 15,000 protesting in Columbus Ohio yesterday with only 200 TP members showing to counter. That's right only 200 in a State that the Tea Party swept in the Nov. elections. Is everyone blind to what is happening in our Country. We are destroying ourselves from the inside out. I am afraid we have lost the momentum and unity we worked so hard to build these last 4 years and it scares the hell out of me. Walker and Kasich, ( the big bank wizard with multi million dollar bonus' ) had better make the necessary cuts to balance their States budgets and flush the rest of their agenda to break the unions. All that will do is break the United States of America. So if breaking the unions is worth that risk, and you all are prepared to take that risk, good luck. You are playing right into the hands of the NWO, the World Corps, the Banks, Wall Street and Big Business who would like nothing more then to destroy the American middle class. I don't know about you but I refuse to live in a third world country. See you all in DC March 19th



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