Constitutional Emergency

Life with Barry
by Dr. M. Sidney Wallace

The date is Thanksgiving 2016. The 2012 national election, and individual freedom, have been history  for several years now.  Just like the changes that took place after the 2008 election, the nation’s first socialist president is rapidly making permanent changes to the United States.   The centuries old Constitution is still the basis for law in the land, but now the executive branch of government and a committee of mullahs are in charge of deciding what will be enforced  and what is to be ignored.  A new constitution based on sharia law has been promised by the end of the year.  Private property rights are rapidly disappearing as wealth redistribution proceeds. 

Let us take a look at how quickly life is changing in America.  Workforce productivity has dropped to its lowest level in the nation’s history.  Re-education camps, like the Japanese internment camps during the second world war, have been set up for individuals that do not conform to all government rules and regulations.  The Democrat Party has officially removed any reference to God from their political platform and all government documents. They have officially changed the  party name to the Socialist Democrat Party to be more reflective of their true identity.  The elite in Washington now makes all decisions as to what individuals throughout the land need.  Individual wants must be justified to a national board of government arbitrators.

Government Motors is the official vehicle manufacture of  America.  They only make electric cars with a range of 40 miles.  Unfortunately,  due to the conversion to green energy and a government decision to eliminate all fossil fuels for electricity generation, there are daily power outages that sometimes go on for several days.   If an individual wishes to go a greater distance they must apply for a mass transit pass from the federal government and wait their turn for a mass conveyance assignment.  The highways are substantially less crowded because interstate travel is determined by a government planner.  Highways are restricted to mass transit vehicles or government vehicles on government business.  Gasoline is selling around $10 a gallon. Because of the highway use permit restriction and price of gasoline all of the older vehicles now litter the countryside with some of the larger ones becoming new homes for those on the official government housing waiting list.  

Meal planning is much simpler because each head of household must submit a report to the Department of Health and Human Services with each day's meal content.  This is being done to reduce skyrocketing health care cost due to obesity.  Traditional turkey and dressing has been changed to tofu turkey and gluten free breads.  High protein and calorie foods are being given to less fortunate nations to feed their population and to try to bring world wide equality for all.

National American holidays with Judeo Christian roots like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, and Easter  have been completely prohibited because they have been found to be offensive to the growing number of Muslims in the world.  This fourth Thursday in November is just another day where the workers of the nation have the opportunity to go forth and continue to build a better world for all.

Barry has truly earned his Nobel Peace Prize. In just eight short years, the nation’s savior has managed to bring peace to the world and economic equality to all of mankind.  No longer are some nations allowed to rape the land and sea of its resources.   No longer are ordinary individuals allowed to profit from others because they simply had visions of what could be and not what was. Now government trained committees make all the decisions for the people.  Gone are all the lucky and unlucky.  Everyone in the world now suffers equally. There are no Americans in combat anywhere in the world, after all Americans no longer have anything to fight for, and when you are a slave one master is the same as another.

Americans now rest on a multitude of government waiting list.   On this Thanksgiving those truly thankful are grateful for not being at the very bottom of the list.  While the time frame may be just a little off, the events described above will surely  happen under a progressive socialist government.  Please make sure you remember this essay when you vote for your progressive Democrat the sixth of November. 

Get the facts.  Watch the latest video clips about the latest issues on 

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I think this is a very mild description of what will be in 2016. The majority of us will be tenents of the grave liners they call "coffins". What other explanation is there for purchasing (with taxpayer money) millions of these grave liners and millions of rounds of ammunition?  The few true Americans we have in office in D.C. are so few they cannot help us out of this situation. Obama will not leave the White House regardless of the outcome of the election. He is backed by the wealthiest of the entire world,do we stand any chance?

Not MIGHT, but WILL DEFINITELY happen.  The  Socialist-in-charge has laid the foundations for this future, and if you are asleep at the wheel, it WILL surely happen in the next four years.  Right now, there are two kinds of people in America: the kind that just continue on with the lives they have made for themselves without realizing what is actually happening, AND/OR the kind that see what is happening and will do whatever is necessary to stop the steamroller in its tracks because they value the freedoms we currently enjoy and do not want their children and grandchildren to have to suffer through what COULD come if the Socialist is reelected.  As a former military intelligence officer, I am one of the latter and I WILL do whatever it takes to stop this joker from continuing his madness.  Enough is enough!

I am horrified at the thought of this becoming reality.  No matter how much support the Romney ticket gets, ultimately the cheating and lying will continue.  I have NO trust in the election process and I can see Obama manipulating numbers and the votes.  The GOP has become toothless,  no matter what the Obama crowd does, there is no punishment.  Trample on the Constitution?  Oh thats OK according to them.  Congress is basically out of the picture as Obama keeps writing presidential orders and his circle of advisors should have all been in jail by now. Holder will never face any kind of punishment for Fast and Furious and every investigation on problem politicians is quietly swept under the rug.  Having endured over 14 years of living under communist rule in eastern Europe,  I can not imagine going along with this.  Lawrence, I am behind you with everything I can muster.  God bless the USA.

It is just hard to believe that people would entrust their lives and the lives of their loved ones to be thrown into the ditch that these people are trying to create.Can't they see by his actions and the actions of his wife that they are only concerned about their way of life. Do you see their children suffering for anything. They require that we be willing to surrender everything that we have and that our children have so that their children can take trips around the world and enjoy the finer things in life. Even their dog lives a life style that most of us can not afford. They have a dog sitter that makes over a hundred thousand dollars a year.(Of course we pay for it) They spend our money on their personal needs and wants and could care less about our family's.Obama has an aunt living in Boston who is here illegally. She is collecting welfare and section 8 housing at our expense. He preaches spreading the wealth. He "WILL NOT EVEN HELP" a member of his own family. He has us do it. We have a vice president that also preaches spreading the wealth. The "big talking hot shot" gave $300.00 to charity last year. Check it through Google. I don't know where he stands on the list of wealthy politicians but I am certain that he make a minimum of 5 times more than many of us do.This country had better wake up because we are approaching the point of no return and then it will be too late. Thank you Dr. Wallace. Now it is time for the people to decide where they want to go. Keep in mind where the wrong decision will leave you and your loved ones. Once the horse is out there is no need to close the barn door. 

we the people,who are the real government.and we the people have our foundation for the future,is called america as we once knew it,ovomit/devil will be out,by vote or by we the people,be not afraid,we have the right and the might,yea thou i walk thru the shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit,my journey is clear,my faith is in god,my choice thats easy,we will be in charge,the devil/ovomit may face us,the devil will try,but be not distracted for gods at my side.,we walk with the angels,we walk side by side,the devil/ovomit might protest,but we will cast him aside.god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,frank serpcio,chuck norris,and all american veternas/ nation under god

Keep wringing your hands, folks, and you will get this scenario. Grow some balls, say "Hell, no," and determine to fight for your life and freedom, and we'll succeed. Where is the outrage against what these whores are trying to do to us? Some of them will die also if they push this too far!



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