"He is saying, " I am a big d*** head,,,,,,,, I am reading from a TelePrompter as I am told. I really don't like this but I like my job so I will help destroy the Corps." Now..... Why is the SgtMaj. of the Marine Corps doing this and not the Commandant....... Well cause he is quitting so Obama can put in one of his people to finish pussifying the Corps... That is what he was saying?"



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You have it listed as 1994 if you listen to the Sgt. Major he states 1894.  No the Marines will not lower there standards never have and never will.

Semper Fi Marines

They have lowered the standards Tony. Females do not have meet the same standards that the men have to and you know it and THAT is lowering the standards no matter what you say. It is not just the Marines though it is every branch of the Military and to put women on the front lines like this is dangerous no matter how you feel. I'm not saying don't let them serve but what do you think will happen to a female when the Taliban capture them? It will NOT be something we want to even think about. And even in past wars when a female was captured when the war was with another Military they were treated brutally and more so than the men were in an effort to make them talk but this new enemy will be more than just brutal they will damn evil and will film it to show the world. I will stop now and no matter what you say or think I believe it is just the wrong thing to do to put them in that position.

Sgt. Major of the Marine corps is being a Marine. Women do serve in the Marines - though not many percentage wise. Just let the Marines do their job. If SHTF, they are on our side. 

Lowering the standards in America is clearly demonstrated by our so-called president.

We have lowered the standards until everyone passes.  If you know a public school teacher real well ask if they can fail a minority.  The govt mandates the rules and when I last saw them:  If they show up and take the test, they pass, simple as that.  Failure to not come to school is not counted, they must take the test, in fact it was NOT a requirement that they take the test on test day, you have to make reasonable accommodations for them to take the test at their connivence.

So if they take the test, they pass!  It is called AFFIRMATIVE ACTION and it works, in fact its works to well that you too can be President...

There is already a double standard in the Marines. The women are held to different physical standards. That being said, they are still tough and ready, already fighting in at least two wars without front lines. I was not a grunt when i served in the USMC,so i can't speak of what will happen to Marine units who are forced to include women but overall I dont think it will effect the Marines in a negitive way. This is just another distraction, turning our eyes away while the federal government steals more of our rights and freedoms.

The Marine Corps will not lower its standards.  They have already proven that.  The first two women Marine Officers that applied to train as infantry Officers, both failed to meet the standards and were washed out of the program. No word yet on whether any more have applied.  However, look too at the Air Wing. They have women flying helicopters and Jet fighters as well as cargo carriers some in combat, rescue and other support roles.  The Army has even awarded one woman soldier a Silver Star for her combat role in saving her other women and male troops in a supply convoy ambushed in IRAQ. While I am not and never will be supportive of dropping all non-combat roles for women, I do believe that there are many support roles they can and do fill as Marines and in all the services.  In the Marine Corps, while the standards are lower they still have to qualify with the rifle and when push comes to shove every Marine is a Rifleman whether male or female.  Semper Fidelis

Apply a little common sense.  It's about pushes and shoves!  When it's your rear on the line in a crummy alley fight and you call a Cop (if you can) do you want a 110 pound blonde pony tail to show up or a 200 pound muscle head with an attitude?  Combat is this in spades!  Nobody says women don't belong in the Corps hell, BAMS have been around for years, but the fact is down and dirty combat is nasty business.  It's not riding around in a Humvee and it's no place for women.  The Corps should be making the calls here, not Panetta and the Joint Chiefs.   As an aside, I understand the Navy is going to finally allow women aboard the nuclear subs.  With months long tours in close quarters with men you just know that's going to work out fine.  It's all about common sense! 



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