We've all been listening to the news lately about the 9th Circuit Court blocking the Trump immigration ban.
Well this is not the end of it. The Democrats and Communists will continue this practice of blocking and obstructionism for the next 4 years or for what ever time the Republicans are in office.
Over the eight years they were in office the Obama administration appointed 139 judges to the courts.
Back a few years ago I remember Ronald Reagan dismissed several judges once he was elected. It was said the these judges serve the President, they serves at the the will and wish of the current President.
That means Trump can remove these 139 judges if he wants too.
All but the two Supreme Court judges can be removed.
Here's a list. Lets get going and clean out these court rooms.


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You have confused US Attorneys and Judges.
It has become routine for the incoming administration to fire/ask for resignation of, US Attorneys.
Federal Judges don't get fired - they get impeached because they are confirmed by the Senate - very different process, very different job.

Trump supporters warned it's time for self-defense

'The left now feels violence against the right is both effective and morally justified'

Remember these are the same left-wing nuts that blew up the pentagon in the 1960's. Anyone that remembers the riots and killings in 1966-1970 should know these people will stop at nothing. This is classic Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Saul Allinski.

“Conservative kids should be doing their own self-defense training,” Greer told WND. “The Berkeley riot showed that they absolutely need to know how to defend themselves if they want to uphold their beliefs. Leftist political violence is only going to get worse, so right-wingers must get with the times and learn to fight back.”

“The mainstream media is cheering on the violence and encouraging it at every opportunity by lying and saying that the Trump administration is a threat to Americans,” he said. “Conservatives should prepare to protect themselves. They should also pressure police to start shutting down riots before they start. Setting cars on fire and smashing windows is not free speech, but left-wingers who run local governments seem to think it is.”




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