Constitutional Emergency

Little history........... Notice the map of attach and look what the White house and State Department have supported, weaponized and financed over the last four years.


"Little history........... Notice the map of attach and look what the White house and State Department have supported, weaponized and financed over the last four years."

Tim Harrington


Sample Reel for 'Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air For... from Katahdin Productions on Vimeo.

Sample Reel for forthcoming documentary feature "Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air Force" currently in production by Playmount Productions.

Help us make the film! Make a tax deductible donation at







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Either the attachment is missing or ????

  The map is embedded in the video as it shows the countries converging on Israel......... All you need to do is watch, you can pause at the map and take a good look.  You might notice the aggressors and then put together who has been empowered by this administration and countries involved.

where is this map, didn't see it in the video. please give a timeline number for it.


Oh, thank you, I get it now, too.

The info in this documentary to me is one of those wonderful moments of "I didn't know that I didn't know that" until this moment. So just now I raced over to tell my Air Force best friend "Hey did you know about the beginnings of the Israel Air Force in 1948?" and he goes, "Oh, yeah, and..." He knew all about it and he starts telling me all the intricate details. Do lots of Air Force pilots have photographic memories or just this one? Geez, he puts me to shame. But he's dang interesting and so will this documentary be.

Yes, the forces are gathering.

The pilots speak of the surrounding forces, and what they were up against. I'm thinking, that would be a map, similar to the situation today. A situation of which, today this admin does more to remove us,U.S., and our abilities to protect our resources, partners in the mid-east, then they do of our TRUE commitments in protecting our interests.

This is a good clip and I'm glad to have seen it, but there is nothing that I can see about :

"........... Notice the map of attach and look what the White house and State Department have supported, weaponized and financed over the last four years."

I do not see anything about the last 4 years.

OK, but that is not clear from the title and what I was expecting.

I agree that the same thing is happening and is mainly due to BO and his cooperation with those forces.

It just does not show anything that has happened in the last 4 + years.

The map that Tim is pointing out starts at  01:50 and ends at 01:57.....The point being made is that the Jews faced these countries back when they first started and that Obama over the past 4 years have used YOUR TAX money to buy them and set them up for the same attack...... Difference in the history is that back when the first attack was started only half of all elected Federal people in Washington D.C. was bought and paid for......... Today every damn one of them elected and appointed A$$holes are bought and paid for...... WITH YOUR TAX MONEY!!!!!!!

The map is there. It takes several minutes for the video to fully load. Basically, it shows with arrows the advancing Arab armies towards Palestine. I take it that the reference to the past four years is in reference to those same forces again converging on the nation of Israel, with the help of funding, arms, and support of the obozo administration and their twisted mentality embracing the Muslim Brotherhood.

The very act of obozo aiding and abetting government takeovers is nothing less than TREASON, and his blatant hatred of Israel is proof beyond doubt that he is not American. Those that follow in his footsteps deserve nothing less than to follow him into the oblivion of the history of failed dictatorships and his attempt to takeover America!

God bless and protect Israel, and the Israeli Air Force!

  Back in 1968-69 I had the pleasure of training the Israeli AF personnel on the F-4. They were the most dedicated people to their Families and Country I've ever had the pleasure of working with. What a bunch of hard working military soldiers they were. America had sold them the F4 Fighter Jets back then. Americans could learn a thing or two about dedication. We need to wake up to the Reality of what our Government is doing to the United States of America with all their sell out to Lobby and Special Interests Groups. Now in the State of Texas they  have sold out to the Muslims for a recognition day. What a bunch of Cowards that would do this as the Muslim World wants to KILL Americans and destroy everything this Nation has ever stood for. America better wake up to the Reality that we are being flushed down the toilet by a bunch of worthless Traitors who call themselves Americans. God Help Us !

Inspiring. Left me teary eyed. The map is the same as what is happening today, only today Our POTUS is helping Egypt by giving them fighter jets. I STAND WITH ISRAEL! 

I believe so, Eric.



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