Well, the circus is in town and the players are showing their cards.

If you think for a minute that anything conservatives can do will ensure a win in the 2012 presidential race, you'd better climb out from under your soft space and take another look!

The GOP is split. Boehner is facing angry resentment from many for giving in to Reid. Gingrich and Perry both failed to get on a state ballot for primaries. Trump has changed parties, may still jump into the race as an Independent. New Hampshire Mayor will give illegals voting rights. Courts are still shielding Obama, because 'he was inaugurated and no one has standing to question it'. Holder playing the race card but doesn't really have to, the media will cover for him. More federal pressure dumped on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and libs want to recall him. GOP establishment places Romney high on a pedestal. Polls showing obama regaining support.

Ain't it fun folks? The game goes on, nothing to worry about, it'll all work out in the end, won't it?

What we're seeing is the game of politics, one side against the other, but both with the same goals, to win at any cost, regardless of what the audience wants, for that's just what they think of us. We're the audience. We shout and rave, jump up and down, throw things around like little children, and sometimes even come out of the stands to get wild. But everything we do has no effect on the players, they just keep playing on, maybe changing the rules a little to make things easier. And of course, the media will tell us everything we need to know, in their opinion.

If this wasn't so serious, I could sit back and watch the game. Unfortunately, it ain't no game, it's for real, it will affect our lives, our children's lives, and their children's lives. So what do we do about it? What can we do about it?

For one thing, GET INVOLVED WITH THE PROCESS! Get on your local election board, become a precinct committee member, and get honesty and integrity restored at every voting place. Talk to your friends, co-workers, family, and get their attention! Make them aware of the seriousness of where America stands and what the results could be if we all let it happen. We don't have time to sit back and watch. Conservatives are split into several factions now, and if we can't pull them all back together in time, there's no hope of winning the 2012 elections. PFA, USPU, and VDA are just a few of the sites getting serious. But there are many others that might be, that we don't know about. Let's get them identified and get us all on the same page. We might have a chance if we can do that.

I'm getting very frustrated here, trying to come up with something, anything, that will turn on the lights and get everyone involved. Anybody have a good idea?????

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The people will keep dreaming and BO will get elected thru APATHY and thru FRAUD at the ballot box, and then when the We the People have discovered the election has been stolen again, then maybe the People in the countryside, will have had enough to ARM up and take the fight to WASHINGTON,  so on a positive note, "Merry Christmas" and hopefully we will have a positive year, because I think this will be the last one for a very long while.

This will never be a legal election, just like the last one was not.  The marxists criminals have taken control of the federal government, the court systems and the education systems.

And THAT is NOT a flag of surrender you see out here......Lock and load!


Yes, Lock and Load is the ONLY answer....We have struggled for years to bring integrity into politics and it has not worked....Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the same results.  Criminal Marxist have indeed taken over Washington....The only thing they will understand is a box of full metal jackets!

Stingray, I think there are more of us involved than you realize. Most of us (and that's hundreds of thousands) participate in the letter writing, phoning, faxing, petition signing, & blogging (educating others), and many, many of us have also gotten involved in our local precincts as well.. We march, rally and assemble. But no matter how loud we yell & scream or how many phone calls or letters we write - THEY DON'T LISTEN! If they did, GOP would put forth a candidate that we could actually vote for and stop this "middle of the road" nonsense. Michell Bachmann would not have voted YEA on NDAA. none of the Republicans would have... oh! that's right, it was a Republican bill!. THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE PEOPLE! NONE OF THEM DO. They only care about controlling us.

So, what more would you have us do?

The covert is good. But we need to be in their face! I envision two people booths to hand out fliers. To get people ready for huge 4th of July rallies! To get them excited! Which will carry us into the elections! We need to re-commit our minds and hearts to our God in heaven. So he can call out a man to unite our country. Like he did King David in Israel! Fighting man to man, here will cause terrible loss! Where doing it God's way. Will save our Great Nation, our people and damage. We need to get on our knees before we place our hands around a rifle! For our God is still a miracle working God! Our savior Jesus defeated the devil over 2000 years ago! The NWO, our marxis government and all the rest of the crud in DC are all cut out of the same fabric! We need a leader that will fight for us! Dr. Paul has guts, etc. But doesn't fit into the public's mold of what a watered down do nothing politician talks and thinks like. But we need to find someone fast! Only God has created us and this nation. Only he can save it! Let's rally round God and get this Nation Under God back under God!  Regards, Larry

As it is written Cursed is the man who puts his trust in man,and makes flesh his strength ,whose heart is turned from the Lord (Jeremiah 17:5  )  IMO  the  problem we face in America  today is we have neglected --or rejected the  wisdom taught by Noah Webster included in the History of the United States he published in 1832 --see America's God and Country pp678-79 note143  and compare  what Webster included in his translation of the "Holy Bible"  -see pp679-680 note 145 to that speech given by Mr.Winthrop c.p. note 145 p 680 to pp701-702  note 217 Bible or the Bayonet. to our situation in America today when we have (to borrow from something Lincoln proclaimed March 30 ,1863 ) "forgotten God." or allowed a divisive "wall of separation" be erected to destroy the nation.(Everson v. Board of Education ,1947) My point being  if we think any of the candidates will "fix" what is wrong --we need to be praying for and working to affect a miracle.what needs fixin'--wasn't broke in two years -or four-or two or three times those numbers of years.And can't be fixed in one election.

Distractions...that's all this is all about. The establishment GOP

wants Romney. They wanted him from the start and they have

just let all this debate stuff to happen to buy time. They knew

from the start that one by one any opponent to Romney will slowly

be eliminated by one means or another.

How stupid do these people think we are? Come on folks, The

Perry and Gingrich people forgot to get their candidate registered

on time? I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing that.

Now Trump is being allowed back into the picture...again.

Well, is he registered on time? More distractions. That's okay

though, the democrats have to love this. Let Trump run anyway,

it doesn't matter if he's legally allowed to be on the ballot, let

him split up the republican vote. After all, a vote for an Independent

is as good as a vote for the democrats...in the democrats eyes.

And Mr. Paul, with all due respect, he'll disqualify himself one

way or another, if he hasn't already done so. Distractions.

That's all that's going on here. Now we just need to vote the

way the establishment GOP told us to from the start.

Remember, they know what's good for us, right?

Positive thinking is one thing and then there is reality. Lock and load I here said and I am one you has said it for that matter but all that is, is suicide and nothing accomplished. For several years I have heard all of the "let’s take back our country"! There is a bigger problem than just marching into Washington and taking it back even if that would even work. It takes a majority of the people in America to stand together and there is none. The country is to divided with self-interests and agendas. When we fought the Revolution we fought with a minority of the population but for the most part the majority just set back and watched but did not get in the way, with few acceptations. Today the demographics are different and any movement to topple the Marxist government in Washington would be met by all kinds of people that have no desire to change Washington. Minority groups would band together. 49% live off of the government and they don't want change. Minority groups such as illegal Hispanics and Blacks as a majority, not all, carry guns around like we carry a wallet. There is a much larger list the latter is simply an example to illustrate the fact we “conservative constitutional American patriots are outnumbered by millions. Just look who is elected to offices.  The people put them there.  Conservatives in control of government is a threat to homosexuals, Muslims, illegals, abortionist, ACLU, anti-Christian groups, Gun control advocates, Hollywood, the military and most law enforcement etc. Then who would lead this revolt and with the technology what it is in communication, how could we communicate.  If one million armed people went to Washington and removed all the people in office, who would be put in their places?  Look I am as mad and frustrated as anyone so somebody come up with a workable game plan and I am in.

I disagree.  When someone is elected with only 51% of 20% of the voting population it is not a majority no matter how you count them.  The people that just sit on the sidelines are the problem, letting their future be taken without a say (vote).  What if the other 49% were to vote?  That is the group that needs to be focused on.  Stop the apathy if you can and we would see an immediate reverse in course to the original Constitution intent.  That is reality.

Phrowl, you are correct, and Jerry is wrong! Jerry, don't give up, because that is exactly what they want you to believe! Jerry, God will bring the right people to the movement to restore this country to a Constitutional footing!

It is happening as we speak, and with you in...THAT IS ANOTHER AMERICAN WHO HAS SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Stand with your backbone straight, and others will join' or you can just continue to live on your knees to your new masters! Your choice...Your Call!

In the Spirit of American Liberty,



Well said



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