Constitutional Emergency

Well, the circus is in town and the players are showing their cards.

If you think for a minute that anything conservatives can do will ensure a win in the 2012 presidential race, you'd better climb out from under your soft space and take another look!

The GOP is split. Boehner is facing angry resentment from many for giving in to Reid. Gingrich and Perry both failed to get on a state ballot for primaries. Trump has changed parties, may still jump into the race as an Independent. New Hampshire Mayor will give illegals voting rights. Courts are still shielding Obama, because 'he was inaugurated and no one has standing to question it'. Holder playing the race card but doesn't really have to, the media will cover for him. More federal pressure dumped on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and libs want to recall him. GOP establishment places Romney high on a pedestal. Polls showing obama regaining support.

Ain't it fun folks? The game goes on, nothing to worry about, it'll all work out in the end, won't it?

What we're seeing is the game of politics, one side against the other, but both with the same goals, to win at any cost, regardless of what the audience wants, for that's just what they think of us. We're the audience. We shout and rave, jump up and down, throw things around like little children, and sometimes even come out of the stands to get wild. But everything we do has no effect on the players, they just keep playing on, maybe changing the rules a little to make things easier. And of course, the media will tell us everything we need to know, in their opinion.

If this wasn't so serious, I could sit back and watch the game. Unfortunately, it ain't no game, it's for real, it will affect our lives, our children's lives, and their children's lives. So what do we do about it? What can we do about it?

For one thing, GET INVOLVED WITH THE PROCESS! Get on your local election board, become a precinct committee member, and get honesty and integrity restored at every voting place. Talk to your friends, co-workers, family, and get their attention! Make them aware of the seriousness of where America stands and what the results could be if we all let it happen. We don't have time to sit back and watch. Conservatives are split into several factions now, and if we can't pull them all back together in time, there's no hope of winning the 2012 elections. PFA, USPU, and VDA are just a few of the sites getting serious. But there are many others that might be, that we don't know about. Let's get them identified and get us all on the same page. We might have a chance if we can do that.

I'm getting very frustrated here, trying to come up with something, anything, that will turn on the lights and get everyone involved. Anybody have a good idea?????

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I agree with one of the others who posted here on your site ... that many of us are doing as much as we can to "educate" and inform as many as possible.

One thing that might get attention is for large groups of us showing up at our Congressman/woman's local offices on a regular basis.  That would be harder for them to ignore than our emails and phone calls.  It is so infuriating that they are able to isolate themselves from all contact.

I also believe we have to be aware that there isn't going to be a perfect candidate.  Ronald Reagan couldn't have passed the scrutiny we are exercising on today's candidates.

I'm sure there are some excellent Commanders around this Country,and I'll bet some of them already have

their heads together on some workable plan.Obviously the legal actions filed by PFA/VDA last month went ignored, there's no word of it anyway.

I'm sure when those papers were filed some folks knew they would be ignored,and have been thinking about just such a contingency for quite some time.

I see two schools out there........One grew up in the 30s,40s and 50s and have a hard time reconciling themselves to the fact that a once proud America with a government that had some honor, common sense, "we the people" focus is dead.  Those that fit this category are ready to die for their country or die from old age...maybe both.

The other school born later see America as a free teat to suck, owe nothing to America, bath in "relativism", are morally dead, and see the 30s, 40s, 50s crowd as irrevelant, a threat, the enemy, or all of the preceding.

The situation is not encouraging for freedom and liberty.

Sting......My generalization of the "later" generations was just that, "generalization".  Unfortunately, I don't see the motivation needed from 70s, al that are sick of the direction of America.....exceptions noted.

I have to admit after fighting this thing for 20 years as a retired military man, I'm tired.  If I were 50 again I'd have the strength for the long haul......

For those out there that think the situation can be reversed without action on many fronts will see things much, much worse...I can stand shoulder to shoulder, lock arms if I'm told where to go and when.....

Harry, I completely understand your perspective about being tired!

I just had a similar conversation with my wife this morning... It seems we're ALL tired!

But, if we don't continue this fight we'll surely suffer a worse fate than being tired!  We must continue the struggle!  We MUST continue!

I'll be damned if I let it be said that America Went To Hell while I was still alive!


It's been said that I'm older than dirt... but I'm just coming up on 70... Hell that ain't old...

Is it?

Yes, we have the proverbial generation gap.... How do we bridge that gap?  The Department of Education certainly hasn't contributed to teaching our kids anything constitutional.....No, the situation is not encouraging...

Harry, many of the younger people are on the side of truth. Many of us are Constitutionalists, and willing to fight for our Republic.

Al of you people who are saying there is no way to recover our country, STOP IT! If you want to quit, then get the hell out of the way of the rest of us! if you can't take action, then put your money where your mouth is! There is not one citizen militia grooup in this country which could not use additional funding! If you have no money, then go cook the guys some breakfast before they go train!

If you cannot constructively contribute, then pray, or just quit whining! None of us who are committed to fighting for our freedoms, need any other impediments. We have quite enough already!

In the Spirit of Liberty,


If you think, that all could be resolved in election, you must be dreaming. They will be fixed long before you get to balot box.

Yes, we've all been brainwashed to believe that an election is the answer to our problems...When the people finally realize that it is the politicians who are Creating the problems maybe we'll get somewhere eh?

You are exactly right, Twana!  And I say, once again, the very least we can do is to set up a program encouraging members of our groups, The Patriots for America and the VDA to sign up as poll protectors for the next election.  If possible we should pass out identifying badges to those who join and are on call to show up at a given polling station in the event of a Black Panther or other group trying to intimidate voters.  It is basic.  Voters must not be intimidated and we should make it our business to see that no negative influence prevails at the polling place.  If it does we should be there, across the Country, to confront the threat.  As I say, It's the very least we can do.

Semper Fi.


Clarence, that sounds like a wonderful idea! Could i call on you, to help me get a group together? I'm tired of the hand wringing and pitty potty attitude of America! We need to act, call on God and get going! Blood shed should be our last resort! How can we get groups in EVERY voting precint? By getting in the commie, marxis faces we can do more harm than bullets! Let's all get together!  Larry



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