Well, the circus is in town and the players are showing their cards.

If you think for a minute that anything conservatives can do will ensure a win in the 2012 presidential race, you'd better climb out from under your soft space and take another look!

The GOP is split. Boehner is facing angry resentment from many for giving in to Reid. Gingrich and Perry both failed to get on a state ballot for primaries. Trump has changed parties, may still jump into the race as an Independent. New Hampshire Mayor will give illegals voting rights. Courts are still shielding Obama, because 'he was inaugurated and no one has standing to question it'. Holder playing the race card but doesn't really have to, the media will cover for him. More federal pressure dumped on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and libs want to recall him. GOP establishment places Romney high on a pedestal. Polls showing obama regaining support.

Ain't it fun folks? The game goes on, nothing to worry about, it'll all work out in the end, won't it?

What we're seeing is the game of politics, one side against the other, but both with the same goals, to win at any cost, regardless of what the audience wants, for that's just what they think of us. We're the audience. We shout and rave, jump up and down, throw things around like little children, and sometimes even come out of the stands to get wild. But everything we do has no effect on the players, they just keep playing on, maybe changing the rules a little to make things easier. And of course, the media will tell us everything we need to know, in their opinion.

If this wasn't so serious, I could sit back and watch the game. Unfortunately, it ain't no game, it's for real, it will affect our lives, our children's lives, and their children's lives. So what do we do about it? What can we do about it?

For one thing, GET INVOLVED WITH THE PROCESS! Get on your local election board, become a precinct committee member, and get honesty and integrity restored at every voting place. Talk to your friends, co-workers, family, and get their attention! Make them aware of the seriousness of where America stands and what the results could be if we all let it happen. We don't have time to sit back and watch. Conservatives are split into several factions now, and if we can't pull them all back together in time, there's no hope of winning the 2012 elections. PFA, USPU, and VDA are just a few of the sites getting serious. But there are many others that might be, that we don't know about. Let's get them identified and get us all on the same page. We might have a chance if we can do that.

I'm getting very frustrated here, trying to come up with something, anything, that will turn on the lights and get everyone involved. Anybody have a good idea?????

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Twana, You have stated the problem we face perfectly. The same issues we had with the Obama supporters during the last Presidential election cycle, we face now with the Paul supporters. I have a disdain for the Paulers anymore due to the hypocrisy that spews from them. They want to dig into the past of all the other candidates, but want to dismiss everything in the past of Paul. Thank you for what you and Col. Riley do here, it is appreciated by many.

Then who do You suggest,Shane?I hear a lot of negatives,BUT NO POSITIVES!!!!!!!

Dan, I suggest none of them! There is no one perfect candidate in my opinion. If there was a way to take parts of each of them, then there might be a really good candidate made of them. I like many will have to keep watching and pushing for the candidates we believe we can get behind. I know you are one of those espousing to Ron Paul, but there are many more here that see him as a kook. His Foreign Policy is Isolationist in nature, even though many claim it is not. He claims he knew nothing of racists rants wrote in a letter that was released under his name. Yet somehow, he recited those stances in an earlier video and in an interview with a Dallas paper. Not to mention his comments about Israel and Hitler. I do not care for his stance on drugs either. He is a Libertarian, not a Republican and he needs to go back to his party. As far as a I positive, i am positive that Paul could be the next Perot and give Obama the election if he goes third party. I am positive that he will not get the Republican nomination, and the false claims, yet again, about Paul had a +50% backing in the Iowa Polls shows to be a fallacy. I am positive that Obama can be defeated by any good Conservative (but understand that a third party candidate, any candidate, could screw that up). I am positive that this election will be the will be the most manipulated in our history. I am positive that Americans are fed up with all this and are ready to hit the reset button. Plenty of positives from me, you just have to look for them.

But as for my personal pick, does it really matter? I want all the candidates vetted fully and the best possible one put to the forefront. That candidate should be an actual Republican, and a Constitutional Conservative. One that matches with the party and the base that built it, not some fringe candidate that jumped in to attempt to the party. Not one that is being backed by those that oppose the ideas i believe in and have come to the Republican Party to shove Paul down our throats.

Copy that.I speak up for Paul because there is a lot of Paul-bashing,but

no real backing for anyone else.I think that Harry is right in His post below,

Santorum is the best choice We have left.

I will not vote 3rd party (Ross Perot)

Dan, i speak up because many of the PAULBOTS, will just spread the propaganda that they are given and do not check for themselves and vet the information for themselves. I have stated on occasions that there are some of the stances Paul takes that i agree with, i can say that with almost anyone. Heck i can even agree with Obama on one thing that comes to mind, giving Bin Laden the ultimate change of mind. I do like Santorum, but even he has some issues. I think we have to just keep working to make sure we get the best candidate possible and then hold his feet to the fire when he strays form the path we elected him to.

I think the Iowa showing by Paul spells the end of Paul in any serious contention........I think Paul's done, Perry's done, and Bachmann is done........

I just read where McCain is going to endorse Romney.....that makes me gag that McCain thinks he matters.......

Santorum is the best choice now........whether the Iowa showing will give him a surge in NH, SC or not will be the determining factors between he, Newt, and Romney....

Newt will start the blood bath against Romney today in NH..........


Col. Riley,
I do believe that the Iowa Caucus has removed several contenders, but I do not think Paul was one of them. Santorum has finally been put in the spotlight, which i see as a positive thing. He is not perfect, like i have said none of them are, but he does have more of the Conservative Values i agree with. Romney has taken another shot to the nose with this and I hope the Establishment takes heed this time. He can only grab about 25% of the vote, so 75% of the Party does not want him. Newt has so much baggage he will never be electable. Paul is not even a Republican, no need to hash that out again. 

That being said I think we are about to see two punching matches start up. Newt is about to start in on Romney and return so of what he has been given. They will end up dismantling the other with mudslinging ads. Paul needs to get rid of Santorum in order to try and take as much of that support as he can. This will end up causing them to duke it out in their own match. Depending on how those to match-ups end up will leave us with the winners of the next couple votes.

Seems there are always surprises in the political arena Shane......Paul was wounded a bit in Iowa...he didn't do as well as he nor other expected so NH will be important for him to do good..  Based on Perry's comments election night, I thought he was gone...still think he is just easing out through NH and SC....Newt's anger could back-fire, not only on him but others.  Next couple weeks should give a bit more clarity....

Since McShame endorsed Romney......I would like to see Palin endorse Santorum and dampen further McShame's effort......

I am waiting to see what Perry does, if he makes a good showing in NH and SC, he might get pushed back up in the polls. He does not debate well and i am still on the fence on him with several of the things he has done. but my sister loves him and she says most of the Texas Conservatives think rather highly of him. If newt goes after Romney it could start the real mudslinging between them all, i think you are correct there. If he goes after Paul along with Romney, then it could leave a big opening for Santorum to walk quietly by while unnoticed. The endorsement of Romney, by McCain just goes to show why he lost, we lost and why the republican establishment needs to return to the roots of the party and the will of the conservative base.

Jack......don't be too sure McShame's endorsement would not have been rejected....Endorsements are not made without a candidates agreement.  I'm not sure Paul, Bachmann, Santorum would want McShame's endorsement. They can refuse in a quiet off-the record process.....anyway, McShame would never endorse Paul, Bachmann, Palin or Santorum.....unless...unless....one of them already had the nomination, it wouldn't matter but it would somehow give McShame some advantage......after all, he is a politician.  I appreciate his military service to our nation, other than that, he's chameleon....not be trusted and not a good model..

We sure agree that the target is to defeat is Barack Obama, the illegal usurper in the White House.....

Instead of slinging mud,why don't We talk like intelligent Soldiers here.Dr.Paul harbors the

same sentiment as a lot of Us in that We are friggin' sick of being the world's police.We have

no idea whether Iran has a nuke yet or not,IAEA has been speculating for years on this.


The idea of going to YET ANOTHER war in the Mideast based on pure speculation is sheer madness,

especially since the Country is broke and the Chinese and Russians are itching for a fight if We try.

I do not agree With RP on His stance on illegal drugs,and I read recently that He does not believe in

implementing a nationwide E-Verify system to protect Our jobs from illegals.I have to check that one

for Myself,as the source of that info was not clear to Me.I DO,however,agree that Our Military belongs

HERE,protecting Our borders,and not trying to impose American beliefs on the rest of the world.I also

believe that the Fed Reserve must be abolished,as well as numerous other agencies of bloated Gov.t

that are strangling Our businesses.


I do NOT trust Gingrich,who is a bought-and paid-for NWO stooge,and Romney falls pretty much under

the same category.RP is the only one so far who is likely to bring change from the same CRAP We are

forced to contend with everyday.I would love nothing more than to see someone like John Bolton or

Oliver North to jump in here,(any day now will do)but until then Paul is the only agent of real change

that I see.If there are any INTELLIGENT rebuttals to My thoughts on this so far,please,I may be a tad

younger than some of those here,but as Ross Perot said:"I'm all ears".It is quite obvious to all that

America existing in a perpetual state of war is not only unsustainable,but flat-out wrong.



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