Constitutional Emergency

LT Col Ralph Peters Deals With ISIS in 51 seconds......clear, concise, and final.....Also, Megyn Kelly shows courage and gets the priority straightened out.

Ralph Peters identifies the solution but who will execute the action?  It seems every leader in the United States, to include our military have been relieved of their man-hood....we have no hope of any organized solution to anything in our nation...we are adrift, no one manning the rudder, chaos reigns, police state emerging, it's only a shadow away from violent revolution in America.

“kill them, keep on killing them until [we] kill the last one. Then, [we] kill his pet goat.”

Below, Megyn Kelly challenges her producers for cutting away from discussion on ISIS beheading of an American to show the Ferguson, MO protest. Megyn did not tolerate the political correct b.s. of her producer and called the shots and won...............hooray for Megyn.........

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Thanks Michael.  Did the Phoenix ever do so-called massacres on villages??

I'm not familiar with the full scope of their operations but I would guess yes as it was reported that whole villages were destroyed under the watchful eyes if the CIA, and I believe the operation is credited with the killing of over 50,000, soldgers and civilians. If you research it there's a lot of info out there that has been made public, not all but enough for you to see the covert methods our government used to get us involved in the war. If you want to really get upset (and who wants that!!) research the methods the CIA used to put drugs on our streets to help finance the war. I am so sick of this sinful world, I pray daily for The Lord to return.

Thanks Michael....Yes, I seriously can't wait to be outa here. Daily when I wake up, I look around and say come quickly Lord Jesus!!!!   The reason I asked is because my brother has tried to tell us about the Phoenix.  He has PTS and claims he got it from being forced into Phoenix even though we know that he did intelligence operations from his own office in nam and wasn't on the front lines.  Although, I know he did have to fight coming and going, etc. He also had his own private interpreter.  I feel it is a false memory tormenting him!!!!  But, then, I wasn't there!

YES.....  I remember!!  

Lady, I don't see a reply icon on your post so I'm using Johnny's sorry Johnny. I've been in like 6 different VA hospital inpatient programs with others for PTSD. North Chicago was the best. This is my take on the illness: I don't believe God made use to hurt one another, when we do it goes against our DNA sorta Speak, it's the same if you are abused or witnessed a horrifying event. Your mind keeps taking you back to those times so your kinda stuck in yesterday. Sights and sounds can trigger your memory to recall those past times. Tell your brother there are new medical procedures out that are alot better in dealing with the illness now. Tell your brother not to be afraid to reach out for help. Tell him healing happens when your in a room with 30 or so guys going through the same thing!! I'll pray for him.

Yeah, Michael, what's up with some posts not having reply buttons?  :)  Thank you for praying for him, he needs it.  Yeah, he's been in a lot of treatment and church groups, etc.  He just can't forgive himself.  I was mostly asking you to see what you would have to say about the Phoenix to see if I could decipher whether he really went through that.  Since he has PTS (they say not to use the D now because it's not a disorder) and have been in different groups, I was wondering if he didn't just pick up a lot of non-related guilt, if that's possible. Thank you so much for your input!  :)

Thank You Megyn!

Obama does not want advise.

Permit me to speak to the seriousness of this from another perspective.

Col Peters alluded to this when he said to kill their pet goats.

Michelle Obama is a man.

This is NOT a joke.

The scientific evidence is profound. I can address this later.

Queerdom is RAMPANT in the mooslim world. It is rare any boy makes it to adult and is not molested.

So, all of them have fried brains.

I have a high level military friend who witnessed their behaviors first hand. It is too disgusting to post here.

My point is Obama is EXACTLY one of them and is fighting for them and against us.

Homosexuality is a barometer for the timing of God's judgment to fall upon a people.



Here is what Moses wrote in Leviticus, which is the Jewish Law given to Moses by God Face To Face, regarding this...



Leviticus 20 New Living Translation (NLT)


Punishments for Disobedience


13 “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.


--->a capital offense


In the Law of Moses this stuff is a CAPITAL OFFENSE.


That is as bad as it gets.

Yeah, they said that they cannot pinpoint why "he" came back.  They can only pinpoint the fact that "his" chef had a celebratory dinner for his soon wedding to another man.  "He" made sure to come back for that, if nothing else.   How Special!!!!

"We the People" are going to have to take up Arms and Win this fight ourselves, at this point there is NO other answer!  I can't believe in my life time I would have even had to make that statement, but it's TRUE, and you would have to be either brain dead or one of the un-useful idiots to believe differently!  I am Warrior at heart and I fear what is happening, and a Warrior without fear is dead man!  The American People are so dumbed down and keep believing that, OH Well we can handle this down the road, HAY PEOPLE, we are already down the ROAD...These SOB's have pre-positioning Arms in their Mosques all around our Nation, along with OB the traitor and fraud, pre-positioning Military asset all around our Nation!  People need to wake-up, OB and his Commie/Muslim/NWO Cronies are in it up to their necks with Islam and unless "We the People" take a real stand ALL OF US WILL BE DEAD, I BELIEVE, IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE..!!!  I was told be someone that they had found 2 M1A2 Abrams main Battle Tanks hidden under Camo Netting off a dead end Country road last fall in Ohio.  He noticed it because it had summer camo netting on it and the fall colors made it stand-out like a sore thumb.  Just and example of the pre-positioned Military assets going on all over Nation!  And we all know that OB is going to Arm these Muslim Monsters with these weapons!  When these Muslim Monsters move they are going to hit "We the People" and hit us Hard...American Citizens Blood will Run RED in our Streets..!!!  We need someone to standup, and we have enough OB forced-out experienced Generals, to lead "We the People" to save OUR (not their) NATION..!!!  God help us, PLEASE!




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