Constitutional Emergency

LT Col Ralph Peters Deals With ISIS in 51 seconds......clear, concise, and final.....Also, Megyn Kelly shows courage and gets the priority straightened out.

Ralph Peters identifies the solution but who will execute the action?  It seems every leader in the United States, to include our military have been relieved of their man-hood....we have no hope of any organized solution to anything in our nation...we are adrift, no one manning the rudder, chaos reigns, police state emerging, it's only a shadow away from violent revolution in America.

“kill them, keep on killing them until [we] kill the last one. Then, [we] kill his pet goat.”

Below, Megyn Kelly challenges her producers for cutting away from discussion on ISIS beheading of an American to show the Ferguson, MO protest. Megyn did not tolerate the political correct b.s. of her producer and called the shots and won...............hooray for Megyn.........

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U R right  we R not Adrift. Obummer is doing exactly what he said he would do when ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a do nothing house and senate. What bothers me is TT the  house controls the money and a lot if not all of this crap could be controlled. It takes money for Obummerm , the muslim in chief 2 do all of this crap that is unconstitutional. He says he is a constitutional lawyer ,Bull S__T. He is a communist and he is doing the best he can 2 RUIN this Country that I spent 30 yrs in the Military  living up to the OATH TT all members of congress take when sworn in. My ? is this , How many of our citizens stay in touch with their elected officials???? I just voted absentee ballot and no incumbent did I vote 4.....Harold L. Allen Ret, UUSN

You are one sick f*%K. Go climb under the rock you came from and get off this blog. You are the problem and not the solution in our society. I have been telling my wife for several decades that we will eventually have to nuke the Middle East. With 300 million radical Muslims in this world, we will not have a choice - and it is the only thing that will silence them. When Mecca and Medina disappear in the dirtiest bombs that we have, that will make them uninhabitable for well over 1000 years, we might stop them. If not, then they all have to go. If you think we are alone, Putin will be delivering his share of nukes also. We will make very strange bedfellows who realize they have a common worldwide enemy that must be eliminated at all costs. The Europeans will not join in (Maybe the Dutch who will completely overrun with Muslims by then) and we will have to save their sorry asses once again. The one true casualty will be Israel as I don't know what the nuclear fallout situation will be for them.

Duende nonVision, you had better be glad that I am not POTUS because I would have already pulled the trigger and taken out Iran. You see, I KNOW the future because I have studied the past. I believe you have not studied anything except south of your belly button.

And as for your "one world society" the movement is there, Obama is on video backing it up recently in a speech given in Europe. I know the enemy and it is not Zionists. It is the extreme wealthy who want themselves to be the ruling class and then there is all others. What are you, a white supremist? A putrid Muslim? Or just an asshole turned inside out.

September 11TH anyone?

does anyone remember the crusades ? TT is when all of the muslims were run out of Europe!!!!!!!!!! How abt the muslims he has in his administration!!!!!!!///????????????

Hey Obama, Get out of  the way and let the MEN take over,!!! This is no place for fancy panties! Cowards,, and idiots!!!!

Just get out of the way!!! We have a great military they know what to do...You are only a TOY Commander... You are NO Commander in Chief!!!!! 

How dare you talk that way to someone who had three of his gay lovers assassinated just after his nomination in 2008. 

You know I am pulling your leg. This guy is a liar, thief, killer, fraud, radical Muslim, One-World-Government backer , about to get divorced from the one who really wears the pants in the family just after he exists office. (Both of them want to get back to that LGBT lifestyle as quickly as they can,) Not one thing about his "known" life is factual, there is no back-up documentation - ANYWHERE!! (Including all the very specific government hard drives that keep performing suicide by accidental erasure or damage). 

The perfect background for the AC!

I LOVE Lt Col Peters!!!!! 

We have an Actor for president.  The Actor gets his briefings, apparently, from the ghost of Joseph Stalin, i.e. a female version of Stalin.  Neither the president nor his Ghost side kick have any military training that I am aware of.  AND, I believe his objective is to put the finishing touches, i.e. deliver the death knell to America while the Nazi propaganda machine covers his behind.  The Executive Branch of our government teems with communist and both houses of congress are complicit.   With not an ounce of Military experience, how, pray tell, can a community organizer suddenly spring into the position of Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces.  Only a dunce could've voted for him since his intentions were known from the beginning!

Your rant against "Zionists" sounds a lot like NAZI propaganda. Israel is the only free democratic state in the middle east.

Many of us remember the notes written on helmets in Nam that said "... Kill 'em all, let God sort them out.." sounds crass and unfeeling//////////// but when you are trying to keep your butt alive as well as your buddy alive you do what you have to do.

Raymond ..Charlie says: "you number 10, you boo coo dinky dahu GI!! "Lol. Lol.



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