Constitutional Emergency

LT Col Ralph Peters Deals With ISIS in 51 seconds......clear, concise, and final.....Also, Megyn Kelly shows courage and gets the priority straightened out.

Ralph Peters identifies the solution but who will execute the action?  It seems every leader in the United States, to include our military have been relieved of their man-hood....we have no hope of any organized solution to anything in our nation...we are adrift, no one manning the rudder, chaos reigns, police state emerging, it's only a shadow away from violent revolution in America.

“kill them, keep on killing them until [we] kill the last one. Then, [we] kill his pet goat.”

Below, Megyn Kelly challenges her producers for cutting away from discussion on ISIS beheading of an American to show the Ferguson, MO protest. Megyn did not tolerate the political correct b.s. of her producer and called the shots and won...............hooray for Megyn.........

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Michael.......You been eating too much "fish sauce??"   :)

Lady, thought I'd take Raymond back in time!! LOL..

mmmmmm  good fish sauce!!!   :))))

Actually lady it has nothing to do with fish!! Number 10 means your very bad as opposed to number 1 which is very good. Boo coo means "very much"dinky dao is "Dien cai dau" which means "crazy". Gi's in Nam were called this a lot!! Hence," kill um all and let God sort um out "which a lot of soldiers wore on their "steel pots" (helmets). Thought Raymond would get a kick out of it!! Although on second thought I hope he dosent take offense!!! That statement came about because you couldn't tell the friendlys from the VC. They could be working in your compound in the daytime and planting Bobbie traps at night.

Hey Michael!!!!!!  Can you guess what this means?  Em u en u lum 

LadyFloridaCraker...JUST SHUT UP..!!!  You bring NOTHING to the Conversation!

WOW Mickey....Just so you know, I am an original member here.  And, I think I'll report you!!!!

Doing that now in fact!!!

Lady. I have NO idea!!! Quick, the suspense is killing me!!

ha ha  It means  I LOVE YOU in Vietnamese!!!

Well that's one statement I NEVER HEARD!!! LOL

Michael....what do you know about the Phoenix in Vietnam?? I have two older brothers that were VietNam 1968-1973.  One has PTS. 

I'm at my sons football game so I'll be quick. Operation Phoenix was a covert CIA and Special Ops operation which is best known for the gulf of Tonkin incident, although they were fully engaged throughout the war. They faked the torpedoing of one of our Navel ships as a pretext to get us involved in the Vietnam war. Tell your Brothers I said "Welcome home".



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