Constitutional Emergency

LT Col Ralph Peters Deals With ISIS in 51 seconds......clear, concise, and final.....Also, Megyn Kelly shows courage and gets the priority straightened out.

Ralph Peters identifies the solution but who will execute the action?  It seems every leader in the United States, to include our military have been relieved of their man-hood....we have no hope of any organized solution to anything in our nation...we are adrift, no one manning the rudder, chaos reigns, police state emerging, it's only a shadow away from violent revolution in America.

“kill them, keep on killing them until [we] kill the last one. Then, [we] kill his pet goat.”

Below, Megyn Kelly challenges her producers for cutting away from discussion on ISIS beheading of an American to show the Ferguson, MO protest. Megyn did not tolerate the political correct b.s. of her producer and called the shots and won...............hooray for Megyn.........

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According to them, probably NY!!!

I hate to see the destruction occurring here in America as it is happening over in "Iraq".

What happened to the Operation American Spring?  I only saw what happened via the internet.  NEVER any information on the NEWS  channels.  Is the 'media' under that much control by the 'socialists' in America?!

It is time to deliver a heavy package to EVERY leader of this "peace loving" CULT where ever they happen to be.  Remove the leaders and their planning offices.  After the craters have cleared then it is time to SWEEP UP all of the deranged "animals" that are left standing.

Harold:  Money.  Where is the 600 MILLION dollars which the 'obama' administration has allowed to "disapear"?  What about the MILLIONS which 'obama' has given to the country of Iran?  What about the MILLIONS which were given to the 'muslim brotherhood' when they were in control of Egypt?  The last questionis, "Why is the House of Representatives signing off on the funding of these transfers to ENEMY States or Groups?  It is time to hold CONGRESS Responsible as well as the man(?) who is occuping the President's Office.

Americans ALL:  Get out and vote for the person of your choise who has a record of voting to support the Constitution and the American People.

A brave Man & Woman and solder dies only once, who honor God(Father, Savior, H.S) and his country, and give their life for others,  I do believe God honor that person.

A cowards dies many times, and their end is in Hell where they belong.  Mt 10:28---And fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul, but rather fear God which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell.

Hell------ Gehenna, Hades, Sheol, Tartarus  


Dr. Mike, I've read your posts and your saying our only response is armed conflict. Get the Generals to lead and Americans will follow. Do you really think citizens can win an armed conflict against the full weight of law enforcement and the military? If you think that you better think again!!! If it comes to that, I'm all in but I'm also fully aware I will loose. Even though I was a Reconnissence Marine I'm no match for their tactics equipment and overwhelming force. If it comes to that I'm fully aware I will die, no ifs ands or buts. So will you. I think our best chance is the common law grand jury and to continue working on impeachment and kicking the others out of office. Your home is no match for armour pearcing rounds concussion granades, tear gas, night vision equipment, sniper rifles, automatic weapons and Hum Vees, helicopters, along with all the communication equipment they possess. So before you advocate arm resistance by the people many who have never been in a fire fight, you better think long and hard about the consequences of your ideas. SEMPER FI.

I believe 30 million, armed Patriots and veterans, can do the job, but if I were a betting man, it would be closer to 100 million. There are enough people in this country that see the danger and want a return to the bounds of the Constitution. We need Leadership, whether Military or Civilian to step forward and Lead with the plan. The rest of us will take our place to defend against all enemies, foreign or domestic.....

Ok Clois, now you have your gun in your hand and 100 rounds, now WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? You gonna get everyone one to show up in D.C. At a certain time. Man you people are so ignorant, I'm sorry but you've never shot anyone or been involved in combat. It sounds good typing on you computer. War is different. Until the citizens are fully equipped as the military and organized as they are you don't stand a chance in HELL. You who would rush to take up arms against trained fighters even though there are a lot if us vets your foolish. Hey VETS, tell these dumb ass civilians how much of a chance they have of winning and armed revolution against the government. I feel like I'm talking to teenagers with too much testesterone.
Oh and Mike. How is going to war with law enforcement and the military going to achieve getting those out of office you want out? Or, are you planning on going after those in Washington D.C. And taking them out? Because if that's your plan, good luck getting past the front gate!

Michael, I don't expect you to understand, since you obviously have lost the desire to execute your oath. I have not, and I am 60 years old, but you can bet one thing, I will help restore the People's rightful role as rulers over Washington, D.C. and If I must pay the dues of Death, then so be it, but it will never be said, I am a coward for not trying.

If you read my post I never said I would not fufull the oath I took. Just want people to go in with their eyes wide open. So don't read shit into what I didn't say. And quit tring to be a tuff guy and talk about dying, because I'm not impressed. I've got the wounds to show for my commitment to my country. Nuf said. SEMPER FI.

I'm proud of you Michael!!!!

I'm proud of you too Clois!!!  If "they" be NOT against us....."they" are for us!!!!



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