LT Col Ralph Peters Deals With ISIS in 51 seconds......clear, concise, and final.....Also, Megyn Kelly shows courage and gets the priority straightened out.

Ralph Peters identifies the solution but who will execute the action?  It seems every leader in the United States, to include our military have been relieved of their man-hood....we have no hope of any organized solution to anything in our nation...we are adrift, no one manning the rudder, chaos reigns, police state emerging, it's only a shadow away from violent revolution in America.

“kill them, keep on killing them until [we] kill the last one. Then, [we] kill his pet goat.”

Below, Megyn Kelly challenges her producers for cutting away from discussion on ISIS beheading of an American to show the Ferguson, MO protest. Megyn did not tolerate the political correct b.s. of her producer and called the shots and won...............hooray for Megyn.........

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This is my last post on Armed revolution. Yes there are a lot of us vets who if it comes to that would take up arms. Just remember a majority of us are on live saving medications, on crutches, in wheel chairs, carrying oxygen bottles and many of us have psychological issues. So count me in Clois, just tell me where and when and I'll be sure to take an extra supply of my psyche meds for my PTSD.

COL. Riley we have a problem that I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined

There is a book :Smoke and Mirrors. A chapter is Clear Horizon which the author has posted so the general public can read.Pages 1 - 8 tell of the bank bailouts. Pages 9 -19 tell of America being used for collateral for a loan without the consent of Congress. Unlawful !!! It list terrorist being supported with our money. There has to be something we can do !!!! The payment is due in 2020.

WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT AND TRY TO DO SOMETHING. I have been posting it on blogs for all of the good it will do,but that isn't enough.

 This is the website:    

On the lower right click on Clear Horizon


Hey Y'all, lighten up ! I know what I meant when I said kill em all and let God sort em out. He knows our motives and our hearts.He knows why we fight and who we are fighting and what we are fighting for.

The majority of Americans are fighting for America and American ideals, I think we are fighting for God also because deep down we have a basic belief that the Constuitution is based on the 10 Commandments. We may make jokes about..kill em all.......etc as a means of dealing with crap that happens and violence that we end up being part of that is against our nature or becomes part of our nature due to circumstances but it doesn't define who we are or who we become but at the beginning I believe we have good intentions. I do remember some of the Vietnamese language and speak a very little bit of it occasionally to a few of the people who attend Church with me. I spent enough time in Nam to suit me July 66 - Mar 68 and Dec 70 - Nov 71. I'll go back if they give me a quad 50 with unlimited ammo and a nuke battery for my motorized wheel chair. God Bless America



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