LYONS: The agenda an enemy would devise,,,,,It's no surprise Obama is the enemy

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LYONS: The agenda an enemy would devise

Obama makes America weaker

In the current overload of Obama administration scandals and strategic disasters distracting our attention, it is easy to ignore a more central truth: The Obama administration is hastening the destruction of America from within.

The latest disaster is allowing Iraq to slide into a full sectarian civil war, which when added to the other scandals that include Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Affairs, illegal immigration and Ukraine, the American public’s attention is clearly on overload. As a result, not much attention has been paid to the recent meeting in Switzerland between high-level U.S. and Iranian delegates that made absolutely no progress in resolving core issues on Iran’s nuclear program. Reaching a final agreement with Iran by July 20 would now seem to be out of the question. However, with President Obama desperate to sign an agreement with Iran, nothing should be ruled out.

Mr. Obama has already made significant concessions and may make more without regard to either our or our allies’ security. With President Obama now considering how Iran can help stem the ISIS advance on Baghdad, further disastrous concessions could be made regarding Iran’s nuclear program that would have far-ranging impact throughout the region and beyond.

Key unresolved issues involve Iran continuing to enrich uranium to the 20 percent level rather than the reactor-grade level of 5 percent, already conceded by the Obama administration (instead of zero). As Fred Fleitz of the intelligence and forecasting service LIGNET has pointed out, Iran’s 5 percent enriched uranium stockpile would only take about “3 weeks longer” to reach the 20 percent enriched uranium level needed to produce weapons-grade nuclear fuel. LIGNET has also reported that Iran now has enough 5 percent enriched uranium, if further enriched, to produce up to eight nuclear weapons.

In addition to Iran’s refusal to cease development of advanced centrifuges, another key problem area is Iran’s refusal to cease work on its heavy water Arak reactor. Iran has rejected a proposal to convert the facility to a light-water reactor, though it agreed to never build a reprocessing plant to extract plutonium from the reactor’s spent fuel rods. How comforting.

Another core issue is the number of operational Iranian centrifuges. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France want Iran to reduce the number of operational centrifuges from 19,000 to 6,000. Iran has rejected this plan and stated it needed more centrifuges — possibly up to 30,000 — to produce fuel for its Bushehr light water reactor. This is nonsense. In August 1995, Russia offered to provide Iran with a 10-year supply of fuel for their nuclear plant at Bushehr for only $30 million. Iran adamantly rejected this offer because Russia insisted that Iran return the spent fuel rods to Russia for reprocessing. Instead, Iran has proceeded to spend billions of dollars in constructing underground hardened facilities for a “peaceful nuclear program.”

However, this fits an emerging pattern of arming our enemies. The Obama administration’s Middle East policy is in shambles. The embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood was always puzzling since their creed is to destroy the United States from within by our own “miserable hands.” The administration’s influence on our switching sides on the war on terror cannot be overestimated. In Libya, we armed al Qaeda-affiliated militias under the political control of the Muslim Brotherhood. We are now doing the same thing in Syria with no end in sight to that humanitarian tragedy.

Libya and Iraq, both previously declared success stories by the Obama administration, are now sliding into states of civil war, primarily due to Mr. Obama’s policies. The impact on our allies — Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — cannot be overestimated, particularly with a nuclear-armed Iran.

Our emasculated response to the Ukraine crisis has only served to enhance Vladimir Putin’s global influence. NATO, led by the United States, appears to be irrelevant. Furthermore, our feeble response to China’s imperialistic actions in both the South and East China Seas has only served to encourage our enemies to take bolder action.

Compounding this unstable global situation is the crushing debt brought about by the feckless policies of the Obama administration. It has contributed to the unilateral disarmament of our military forces, jeopardizing our national security. As a result, it has weakened our influence throughout the world. Furthermore, the illegal immigration on our southern borders, with tens of thousands of children and adults infiltrating the country encouraged by the administration’s disastrous Dream Act policy, is unconscionable.

What’s happening to America’s standing in the world is not due to incompetence, as some have claimed. This is planned. We are witnessing the Obama administration’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood creed, which is to destroy America from within. Congress must be responsible to take back America. Nothing less is acceptable.

James A. Lyons, U.S. Navy retired Admiral, was Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations.


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Its nnot incompetence...He and Jabba the Jarrett are on a Muslim Brotherhood MISSION.......

Yep!  Additionally, Kerry's daughter is married to an Itanian doctor and "Jabba Jarrett" was born in Iran

With congress' approval, of course.

How do we make the congress act?

Tell them how you feel and do not vote for their re-election. We don't need the traitors we now have in those offices.

Really ? tell me something new, as in Israel wanted Syrias al- Asaad take out by force, Putin intervened and alas,

the chemical weapons are removed from Syria..Of course, Putins assistance in avoiding the bombing of Syria

totally peed Netanyahu.. Israel wants to take our Syria and Iran.

In retaliation, N backed a coup in Ukraine,,,well that's a power keg for certain and many innocents no longer breathe.

Now, Iraq is in chaos...because Bush / Cheney lied and ordered an illegal invasion Mar 2003. Monetary cost , four

trillion ( a figure included in Americas national debt bracket ), our bank account is overdrawn, then theres 50,000

vets trying to get VA healthcare, 5000 KIAs, one million civilian deaths and two million refugees....Remember, Bush

refused to serve in VN and Cheney deferred five times.....

Does 500 metric tons of yellow cake uranium count?

Because Congress is not upholding their oath of office all of them must be removed for they are all traitors.  There must be a way that we as a group could file charge of Treason against them, if they choose to continue to be accomplices regarding Obama Administration plan to destroy our America....We must demand their resignations or somehow arrest them all for Treason, if they do not REsign.  Possibly, if anyone is in contact with an Honest Constitutional lawyer, they could advise us.

God bless.   

Currently, a handful of major world institutions have been instrumental in exploring alternative methods of considering a better way of managing this "progressive" interdependent "Global Village" the world is "maturing" or "evolving" into. They are:  the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), Arab League, World Court, and World Trade Organization (WTO), in combination with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)... These are just a few of the more prominent ones that have already had an effect on this "World Order" we now are beginning to see emerge....It's difficult to believe world conditions have come to this, but you cannot ignore or dispute the "facts of reality"...To help illustrate how some of these shifts have already occurred, consider what has happened to the United States. Today, it is virtually impossible to find something as simple as a toy that is made here domestically. Automobiles, electronic goods, appliances, and so much more are currently made and assembled in many different countries! If you look on the manufacturing sticker of an Automobile for example, you may find it was assembled in one country, while many of the parts were made in a few others. Name brand or not, clothes and/or shoes in most cases are made outside of what was once the greatest "Product Manufacturing" Nation in the world, The United States!..Whether it's in the categories of steel, mining, computers, autos, motorcycles, aerospace, shipbuilding, oil production, or chemical manufacturing, much of the production capacity has been greatly reduced and moved off shore outside of the US!!!....The End of Part 1.....

Yes this is what is so unfortunate people like u who really understand the big pic and are willing to stand up and do something to save America if we fall i fear the worst.   We must do what ever it takes and God only knows why people keep re-electing the same politiicans to office over and over beats me.  

Suzanne Short..yes, purge everyone but how...?...can you contact Judge Napolitano for direction ? thanks.

Gary, I do not know Judge Napolitano.  I believe you have a good idea and I think we could possibly just see if this Judge is truly an American Patriot, or just whistling Dixie so to speak.  I believe we should all contact the Judge and initiate the questions as to just what is the process for charging our Elected Officials as group with Treason. 



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