LYONS: The agenda an enemy would devise,,,,,It's no surprise Obama is the enemy

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LYONS: The agenda an enemy would devise

Obama makes America weaker

In the current overload of Obama administration scandals and strategic disasters distracting our attention, it is easy to ignore a more central truth: The Obama administration is hastening the destruction of America from within.

The latest disaster is allowing Iraq to slide into a full sectarian civil war, which when added to the other scandals that include Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Affairs, illegal immigration and Ukraine, the American public’s attention is clearly on overload. As a result, not much attention has been paid to the recent meeting in Switzerland between high-level U.S. and Iranian delegates that made absolutely no progress in resolving core issues on Iran’s nuclear program. Reaching a final agreement with Iran by July 20 would now seem to be out of the question. However, with President Obama desperate to sign an agreement with Iran, nothing should be ruled out.

Mr. Obama has already made significant concessions and may make more without regard to either our or our allies’ security. With President Obama now considering how Iran can help stem the ISIS advance on Baghdad, further disastrous concessions could be made regarding Iran’s nuclear program that would have far-ranging impact throughout the region and beyond.

Key unresolved issues involve Iran continuing to enrich uranium to the 20 percent level rather than the reactor-grade level of 5 percent, already conceded by the Obama administration (instead of zero). As Fred Fleitz of the intelligence and forecasting service LIGNET has pointed out, Iran’s 5 percent enriched uranium stockpile would only take about “3 weeks longer” to reach the 20 percent enriched uranium level needed to produce weapons-grade nuclear fuel. LIGNET has also reported that Iran now has enough 5 percent enriched uranium, if further enriched, to produce up to eight nuclear weapons.

In addition to Iran’s refusal to cease development of advanced centrifuges, another key problem area is Iran’s refusal to cease work on its heavy water Arak reactor. Iran has rejected a proposal to convert the facility to a light-water reactor, though it agreed to never build a reprocessing plant to extract plutonium from the reactor’s spent fuel rods. How comforting.

Another core issue is the number of operational Iranian centrifuges. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France want Iran to reduce the number of operational centrifuges from 19,000 to 6,000. Iran has rejected this plan and stated it needed more centrifuges — possibly up to 30,000 — to produce fuel for its Bushehr light water reactor. This is nonsense. In August 1995, Russia offered to provide Iran with a 10-year supply of fuel for their nuclear plant at Bushehr for only $30 million. Iran adamantly rejected this offer because Russia insisted that Iran return the spent fuel rods to Russia for reprocessing. Instead, Iran has proceeded to spend billions of dollars in constructing underground hardened facilities for a “peaceful nuclear program.”

However, this fits an emerging pattern of arming our enemies. The Obama administration’s Middle East policy is in shambles. The embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood was always puzzling since their creed is to destroy the United States from within by our own “miserable hands.” The administration’s influence on our switching sides on the war on terror cannot be overestimated. In Libya, we armed al Qaeda-affiliated militias under the political control of the Muslim Brotherhood. We are now doing the same thing in Syria with no end in sight to that humanitarian tragedy.

Libya and Iraq, both previously declared success stories by the Obama administration, are now sliding into states of civil war, primarily due to Mr. Obama’s policies. The impact on our allies — Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — cannot be overestimated, particularly with a nuclear-armed Iran.

Our emasculated response to the Ukraine crisis has only served to enhance Vladimir Putin’s global influence. NATO, led by the United States, appears to be irrelevant. Furthermore, our feeble response to China’s imperialistic actions in both the South and East China Seas has only served to encourage our enemies to take bolder action.

Compounding this unstable global situation is the crushing debt brought about by the feckless policies of the Obama administration. It has contributed to the unilateral disarmament of our military forces, jeopardizing our national security. As a result, it has weakened our influence throughout the world. Furthermore, the illegal immigration on our southern borders, with tens of thousands of children and adults infiltrating the country encouraged by the administration’s disastrous Dream Act policy, is unconscionable.

What’s happening to America’s standing in the world is not due to incompetence, as some have claimed. This is planned. We are witnessing the Obama administration’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood creed, which is to destroy America from within. Congress must be responsible to take back America. Nothing less is acceptable.

James A. Lyons, U.S. Navy retired Admiral, was Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations.


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Paul B.,,i don't know the latest count of our idiots , the latest was 150 million, add the don't bother me , the everythings

fine with the deceived and we could be up to 250 million, illegals excluded...

 I am sick of government and wont take anymore.

What  the heck. Everybody's got an opinion and this rather long piece started as a letter directed to the guest opinion column in the local paper that for some reason hasn't been published.

I was serious about the county commissioners developing a civil defense network. Still am. But judging by the chorus of crickets, they weren't impressed.


Obviously, it has been advantageous for the US to be in the position of having its money considered the "worlds reserve currency". It has been allowed the US to print prodigious amounts of dollars without substantive bases for justifying it, while attracting huge amounts of money from all over the world to fund our trade & budget deficits without having to balance our account; Simply because of the favor the "dollar" has enjoyed since this side of WWII as a safe haven and secure investment (60 % of all world banking reserves are constituted by the US dollar)......Unfortunately though, This has led to running up huge amounts of deficit spending and associated unfunded liabilities that some say, NOW *EXCEEDS AN ACCRUED DEBT OF OVER 90 TRILLION *US* DOLLARS TODAY*!!!!!!!..........wake up america.........

Add to this Obama's recent request to send $500-Million more American dollars to aid Syrian Opposition forces.
After the disastrous results he obtained in doing the exact same thing in Libya one has to question his motives and ask which side of the Muslim Brotherhood isle does Mr. Obama think he is arming. Syrian rebels are the ones who are currently running wild and killing everyone in sight in Iraq. Are these the same opposition rebels that Obama now wants to fund and help train?
My only remaining question is what in hell or on GOD's green Earth are those in Washington and around America waiting for?
Do they expect Mr. Obama to make some kind of formal announcement that he and his administration are traitors and that America has been overthrown from within? Are people actually waiting for him to declare that America either no longer exists or that The United States has finally been taken over and is now owned and controlled and is part of the United Nations, the North American continent and Islamic territory of North America?
Can it be that Americans are really that stupid and blind?

Hurry! Get the book PSALM 83 WAR by Bill Salas. All the countries are lining up in the M.E. exactly in the areas as prophesied.  

James A. Lyons is 100% right. He DOES LIVE IN REALITY. All these "clever" ideas are pure b.s. Someone come up with something real, adult, and much better considering this situation is all planned by a committee and carried out by Obama. Now folks, please get real. Obama is NOT going to be "talked" out of a grand plan to change and destroy America. Damn, damn, damn.....pitiful !

AMEN to that!!!!

The "Holy Spirits view"?????.....I don't think so...

Everyone has to turn out to vote November 4th and take back the senate to republicans to limit Obamas power as a current dictator till he is replaced and we must get someone in who is for U.S.A. and the people then!

Can't wait to see what happens after THAT date! 



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