Constitutional Emergency

I posted this on my personal blog and shared it every where else I am socially connected.

Makes me sick to my stomach.

I just can’t get over this and it upsets me to no end and from Texas too.

Texas House declares “Muslim Day” but no signatures required on res...


"Why not? Why wouldn’t politicians in Texas follow the normal procedures and sign this important resolution declaring it Muslim Day across Texas? Why wouldn’t these politicians want their constituents to know they supported a day for Muslims – a day to advocate for sharia law in Texas? More importantly, why were the rules changed for Muslim Day? via The Dallas Morning News.

Muslim Day resolution procedure is altered

House members deviated from their usual practice Thursday for a resolution declaring it Muslim Day at the Capitol.

The sponsor of the legislation routinely asks that all names of House members be added to resolutions.

But Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, said that as a courtesy to some members, he would not ask for the names to be added.

Instead, he asked those who wished to honor Texas Muslims to sign the resolution in the House clerk’s office.

Islamic organizations and mosques from across the state came to Austin to meet with elected officials and advocate civic participation by Muslims and interfaith partners."


Watch the guy in the beanie when he starts to talk.

House Invocation - Imam Islam Mossaad - January 31, 2013

On a government platform he gives glory to his supposed god and puts him above JESUS.

The government officials didn’t even have the balls to put there names on the bill.

Talk about taking over from with in.

Why isn’t there an uproar or something about this?

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Representative Anchia Cosponsor
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Representative Rodriguez, Justin
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Representative Turner, Chris

Thanks 17

And shared.It seams this is the onley site that got a reaction from the post.

No wonder we find our country in the mess it's in now.

Thanks 17 Oaks and Thanks to you too Clair!!!

More from the gutless wonder politicians.  Christians and Jews are out, Muslims are in.  Get ready for sharia in Texas!

PC is ruining this country.

Where is the OUTRAGE????

I DEMAND THAT TEXAS  ALSO DECLARE A ROMAN CATHOLIC DAY SINCE THERE ARE MILLIONS OF ROMAN CATHOLIC HISPANICS IN TEXAS: But, Roman Catholics are now considered a hate group because they oppose the false Messiah , Obama's homosexual agenda, state sponsored infanticide and refusal to comply with violations of their own religious beliefs at the unauthorized command of the False Messiah. I am in Massachusetts, arguably the most liberal of states WHERE there is neither common sense nor value and where the MAJORITY Christian denomination is currently having its Churches vandalized. We will not tolerate it much longer. ALL Christian faiths are in jeopardy and we need to organize against the Islamic-government shadow war against us ALL! Our religious freedoms are GUARANTEED in our constitution; a document the Muslims swear to under Sharia and Taqiyya in ABSOLUTION of the lies of religious freedom under which Christians and indeed, all Infidels, by definition, ALL who are not Muslim, are entitled only to enslavement, death or conversion. Prepare for a struggle. It is coming whether we wish it or not and it will be approved by those cretins in Washington WE PUT THERE; those who disdain the Constitution, the rule of law, the constituional republic and ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS!


...Is the bounty increased on "Muslim Day"?

No tags required, open season, no limit.

Eric me ignorant!!!!  My grandpa tought me how to fish & I know what night crawlers look like.  So, I just went to "" to see what in the WORLD hustler mags bait looks like!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Scared me!!!  HAHAHAHA!!!!  You are funny!! could work.  My guns are cleaned and I'm ready.  Lets go boys.   Good ole Texas justices!!!

Hello Norman Reid.  Media protects ALL states and politicians that are allowiung this to go on!!!  The only way we at PFA know these types of activities are going on is because we pass this info around.  It is sad that this is happening in Texas.  There are similiar things happening in other states too.  We can't allow that to slow the TRUE Patriots For America down!!  Lets keep passing on this info!!! Lets keep dogging our city and state officials. AND....LOTS of prayer will go a long way too!!

Could it be that the "mexicans" invading our borders  are part, or all mideastern?  After all the president is 50%white, 38% arab, and 12% african.

Muslim men are cowards, simply put.



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