Constitutional Emergency

I posted this on my personal blog and shared it every where else I am socially connected.

Makes me sick to my stomach.

I just can’t get over this and it upsets me to no end and from Texas too.

Texas House declares “Muslim Day” but no signatures required on res...


"Why not? Why wouldn’t politicians in Texas follow the normal procedures and sign this important resolution declaring it Muslim Day across Texas? Why wouldn’t these politicians want their constituents to know they supported a day for Muslims – a day to advocate for sharia law in Texas? More importantly, why were the rules changed for Muslim Day? via The Dallas Morning News.

Muslim Day resolution procedure is altered

House members deviated from their usual practice Thursday for a resolution declaring it Muslim Day at the Capitol.

The sponsor of the legislation routinely asks that all names of House members be added to resolutions.

But Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, said that as a courtesy to some members, he would not ask for the names to be added.

Instead, he asked those who wished to honor Texas Muslims to sign the resolution in the House clerk’s office.

Islamic organizations and mosques from across the state came to Austin to meet with elected officials and advocate civic participation by Muslims and interfaith partners."


Watch the guy in the beanie when he starts to talk.

House Invocation - Imam Islam Mossaad - January 31, 2013

On a government platform he gives glory to his supposed god and puts him above JESUS.

The government officials didn’t even have the balls to put there names on the bill.

Talk about taking over from with in.

Why isn’t there an uproar or something about this?

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Most Hispanics voted for Obamination, even Catholic Hispanics ditched their faith for political gain (immigration, entitlements). So I would be guessing what percentage of Hispanics voted in Democratic representatives in their counties in Texas, but I bet their numbers increasingly undermine this great state.

The nation wouldn't be in this situation if we hadn't allowed political correctness to take over.  We fell away from God's laws, Word,  become soft.  We followed the Constitution, which has been twisted, misinterpreted  by the enemy within, instead of following God's Word.

We've allowed immorality, in the name of freedom.  Many of our Biblical laws were repealed, in the name of freedom... adultry, sodomy, interracial marriage, divorce, common decency, the list goes on.  We opened our gates to pagan third world nations.  

We allowed the enemy within to steal our blessings via affirmative action, the "civil" rights act, immigration laws...the list goes on and on.  

Our diets, food and drink have been corrupted, making us unemotional, apathetic, sick.  If anyone knows anything about chinese, auyervedic medicine, traitors can tamper with the food supply, change peoples emotions.  Our medicine has been corrupted.  We turned from God's natural, holistic medicine to "pharmaceuticals", something God warned us about. Drugs, legal and illegal are killing our people.

We must turn back to God's Word, laws....and clean this house of the U.S,. of traitors.  God told us to hold down the fort, in so many words, until he returns.

My Fellow Texans it is time to clean up our State Government and  rid us of all these Traitors who have sold Texas out to those that want us DEAD. This is total BS that men and women who are serving the people have the gaul to do this to a Christian Nation. How many more people are going to die in America at the hands of the Muslims and Illegal's. Don't those in Austin , have they forgotten9/11 and how many Americans died that day and how many that have died through out the World at the hand of the Muslims. They are all Liars and they have sold their souls out to the cockroaches that want to destroy our Country. Traitors all of them that let Muslims have any rights in America. Either they live by OUR Laws are get the Hell out of the Country I fought for as well as million others that have done the same to give us our Rights and Freedoms. WAKE UP TO REALITY my Fellow Texans and Americans.

Thumbs up, Dave.

I don't know if this link works, but if this article is true, who are the 40% o'commie's ass kissers? Hope Texans are working to get out the ones who got the enemies in. Can't give up on Texas or any other state. Yet anyway.

this is rafael's wife: i want to say that all of you on this site if you don't burn your reps phones up over this then you're a part of this!!! i am personally going to show up on every door step that i can over this... i will go to Austin over this & i will defend the saying "seperation between church & state" i am totally appauld over this...these people ( muslim ) hate me hate my country & hate my God...therefore they hate my children & my grandchildren...and if you are a Christian they hate you as well & bet your sweet lil booty they will try to implement sharia law in this state!!!! ABSOLUTELY ENRAGED!!!!




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