Constitutional Emergency

Mansions........the sacrifice to enjoy July 4th...yet domestic evil is ripping our fabric apart.

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in the end times, many will come in my name, working wonders, but do not be deceived. I will come through the clouds, to collect those who have endured, Says the Lord, our God., Vengeance is mine.


To all who have served with honor!!!  Semper Fidelis brothers and sisters!!!

Thanks this is graet

Thanks for posting this Harry.  Very profound and very sad.

Very powerful. Thank you .

To Col. Riley and Patriot's

My Father passed away several years ago, at a Tulsa, Hospital.  He was a WW11 Vet.

He was a GOD fearing Man, that loved to play piano for Him, in Church, and everywhere.

He was a pilot, and flew until he was 80 years old.  The Doctor told us he will not last much longer, to do the hardest thing ever, to turn off his life support.  I protested, " NO", he is waiting for his last little lamb, my Sister, flying in from Calif.

When my Sister Rachel arrived, she lifted up both hands, and prophesied, about the dry

bones that will live, in Ezekiel.  We sang Amazing Grace at the top of our lungs at midnite, in ICU,

on July 4th. As Daddy was getting ready to go home, the fireworks outside, were beautiful.  

You could feel the presence of angels, to take him home.  Although Daddy could not move,

he raised up his right arm, over his heart.  Could hear His heart say, "ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIER'S",

and then went home, at 12:05 July 5th.  My Husband told me that was a military salute,  he is also a Vietnam Vet. 

We were in awe of GOD. 

This story is for you Sir,

Be strong and of good courage.  Joshua 1:6

JESUS said,  what is impossible with man, is possible with GOD.  Luke 18:27

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD, will raise up a standard, (flag, banner) against him.

Isaiah 59:19

Thank-you for your service, your labor is not in vain.

Harrel and Carol Brooner

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Thank you Carol for the occurred in the first sentence describing your Father..."He was a WW11 Vet" and continued throughout....  Our nation was shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm during WW11....the men went to war and the women were at war on the home front.....without their dedication, one can only imagine.

God is surely with the faithful but He won't do what we should be doing ourselves.........

God bless you and your family. 

Thank you Col., your selfless service in the past as well as the present. I thank God for all your hard work. I pray for you and all that supports your efforts. May God richly bless you. Also I your post greatly moved me, thank you for that. I pray it will inspire others to wake up and take a stand alone side of you. In God we trust, Amen.

At 65, lost use of legs 2 years ago from AOD. Now it's the Big Heart Valve being attacked. Only 1 Dr does the surgery I'd need at the Mayo Clinic, and even with that my cardiologist tells me it's still a very risky surgery, which could leave me with a major stroke, or saying goodbye under the knife. With so many other major physical malady's it would be foolish to undergo it. So I'll continue with my Theological Library I've managed to build, and stay in The Word daily. Amen

Praying for you Pastor Marc Bialeck, by His stripes  you  are healed.

God Bless you Sister Carol. Your Prayers are much appreciated. Our Father has Blessed me well, my past 10 years. He's gotten me through much, and Praise him for getting me to D.C. for the opening of OAS. I only wish I could have stayed for the long haul. I continue to post daily all the ills coming out of Washington D.C. and whatever I can do to Glorify our Father. As anyone can see from the news if America Continues on this path of self-destruction, under the rule of this Caliphate, Obama, the End Times are so much closer than anyone knows. I pray daily for Pastor Sylvester Bland, and Col Harry Riley,and Pastor Wiley Drake, that they may continue to endure as I couldn't anymore, and see OAS through to a successful and meaningful end. An End that will go down in the History books showing America at her Strongest. N'Christ Jesus, Amen  



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