Constitutional Emergency

President Bush's visit to Al Asad Airbase to speak with leadership and the troops, September 3, 2007.

President Bush in Afghanistan
December 15, 2008
Commander in Chief George W. Bush speaks at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, December 15, 2008
To watch these videos go to and type in President Bush in Afghanistan.


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LOLOLOL! I look - or at least sounded - like the Marines at LeJuene were commanded to attend ~ where as those in Iraq were privilaged to attend...
love it!
Very tepid response!
WOW!!! That was could feel the energy in the room for Bush.
Obama's entrance looked almost Stalin..ish, so somber. I wonder if that's what you call "De-fi-ant Atten-hut!" He actually got more applause than a Kenny-G concert.

As ex military who served in Desert Storm, I have some concerns for his announcing an actual date when the combat troops would be recalled. I think the insurgents who actually oppose the government there can now just sit, wait, and plan.
I have been going out and telling people that something was wrong from the inception. I even have family members lambasting me because of my decision to look at the truth and make an intelligent decision about what is going on.
When your own mother is telling you that "You have to give him a chance" and you know in your heart this man is the epitome of Stalin, Hitler, Bush and the rest of the egomaniacs of this world, you gotta kinda wonder what the truth really is!!!?
I'm prepared to defend my country (homestead) from anyone( invaders) that doesn't abide by our constitution, and I will give my life for it...Are you ready to face the forces?
They can only control you by making you believe they control you.
Stand up for yourself now!!!!
CrazyRusty, I agree with your perspective & neither of us is crazy!
Thanks you for your comments. You are not alone.
Most often I, too, cannot express these truths to colleagues or other people I know locally. They are in love with a fantasy delivered to them by the media.

For me, BHO's anti-Semitism (life-long and well documented) looks like an urgent concern. - For the people of Israel and the Christians & Jews who care about Israel & for all good people. Once a scapegoat group is targeted, people may rally around this hatred (as they did in their over blown hatred for Geroge W. Bush and as Germans did during the WWII Holocaust). So, I see the Obama=Hitler analogy as the most cogent.
If you are wondering why so many Jewish Americans voted for B. Hussein Obama....yes that is really sad! & a complex issue. I pray for them and for the USA!.
I feel as though this Country has lost all common sense when it comes to this guy. He has done nothing buy lie to the American people and they just eat it up. I think they "hear" him, but do not "listen" to him.
Hey Deb,
I am an old USMC from back in the 70-80's.
I know the military has changed but so has everything else in this world.
Surely, we can't be in as much trouble with the interim of the attitude of the 'grunts' as the media exposes.

I would love to talk to you further about this.
Damn, I can almost tell from your picture you like horses, but I had to get my "super duper gov't approved spy glasses" just to see it.....hahahahah
hahahaha! that's a good one! cracked me up!
Keny G! ha!'ve been to a Genny G concert and KNOW what I am talking about?



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