President Bush's visit to Al Asad Airbase to speak with leadership and the troops, September 3, 2007.

President Bush in Afghanistan
December 15, 2008
Commander in Chief George W. Bush speaks at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, December 15, 2008
To watch these videos go to and type in President Bush in Afghanistan.


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I agree, he never earned the right to wear that T-shirt. I had to go to bootcamp and graduate to earn my right to be called a Marine.
Well Nora, It's terribly easy to spout off some rather haughty claims, but as us ole Southern hicks like to point out "the proof is in the pudding". I love to see such BOARING items that I've heard; I think it's called evidence. If any of what you say is anything but the wild ravings of a lonely little girl then it should be no problem to quote your sources (they can still talk even in their straight jackets) and produce some real sort of evidence that you are for real. I saw not a footnote nor even the mention of one single source of your all to proud accusations. I find this at the least distressing and at the most distressing. I am no great George W fan, though I'm no idiot so I did vote for him twice, in my moment of desperation I even forced myself to vote for John McCain, the "New York Times favorite Republican". At least I can sleep at nights knowing that at least I'm not guilty of destroying the most sacred (sorry , 2nd. most) document in the land "THE U.S. Constitution" nor did I vote to pile the most burdensome debt the world has ever seen on MY Children and all nine grandchildren and their future children. But then liberals prefer to kill off babies before they even have the slightest chance of taking their very first breath unconfined by the womb, where they were placed By God as a integral part of His holy plan. Perhaps you could tell me if your "death tax" is applicable to Infanticide. Please let me in on your documentation so I will no longer "be in the dark". If you leave a note I will furnish you my personal email address for the purpose of furthering my simple education.
Peace through Superior Firepower,
TERRY ( = my business address)
Apparently Nora, you have never had the privledge to wear a uniform of any branch of service. What basics are you talking about that was not provided to the troops. Are the items you are refering to anti- IED/ mine vehicles that everyone was talking about. Apparently you do not know anything about explosive ordance. It is meant to blow things up. WWII all the way up to the present vehicles are packed with sandbags. Sandbags are cheap and very resource to protect to certain degree. A 155mm artillery shell of HE or High Explosive round has a kill radius of 50 meters and a casualty radius of 100 meters, so inform me how can a metal truck defend against that when it is linked to a homemade detonating device. The new body armor is worthless and it is not because it does not stop rounds, it is because it limits the movement of the wearer. Have you ever put on a 80 pound pack with a weapon, ammo, flak vest, kevlar helmet and all 782 gear. until you have hump 20 something miles in that kind of gear do not go spouting about basic needs. A tootsie roll in a MRE pack is heaven when you have very little to begin with. What are expecting for all the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen to have a butler and a maid waiting on them hand and foot. What weapons are you talking about? A M4 chambered in a 6.8 or in the standard 5.56 mm with a 77 grain bullet. The Army and Marines are equiped with the newest light weight Howitzer 155 mm that weighs 4 tons lighter than the M198 Medium towed Howitzer which weighs in about 8 tons. How about a Benelli M4 shotgun that is capable of holding 8 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition. I could go on on with stats and nomenclatures but I will not. Since when did God bestow upon you the benevolent power to judge the hearts of others and call them evil. These days we need men like Chesty Puller, McArthur, Patton, Reagan, and Basilone to stand up to the liberal garbage that spews from their mouths.
I work on LeJeune and live in the area. I have been to see Bush speak here on Camp LeJeune when I was active duty. It was a great response from my fellow Marines spoke. You could tell he cares about the troops and not just blowing out a lot of hot air. I have spoken to several Marines that had to go to this shin-dig, which usually is protocol, but besides that it was abig difference. I also noticed that it was held in doors versus being held out doors when Bush was here some years ago. I can only guess it was for security reason that they held it at Goettege Field house near the parade grounds. This one is for nora, obama really means, One Big A$$ Mistake America. Over 80% of the Military voted for McCain not this dipstick the big ear clown.
I stopped the trolls before it went further..........
As a retired Marine having served for 22 years and in two wars, I was incensed. Having been a senior Staff NCO, I am very aware of the politics that the officers have to play. Knowing Marines the way that I have always known them, the majority of them did not want to e there in the first place. What upset me probably the most was the illegal ones definition of SEMPER FI. He was wrong. SEMPER FI. is always faithful to GOD, COUNTRY and CORPS in that order ! The illegal one did not even mention God. If you listen close, you will hear the start of all applause came from the front of the audience, where the officers were.
that is just too funny!!!!
Good Comments,All.
I take it by the backlash and timelines,that some troll came in here and started in.
Where DO they come from,anyway,codepinko spies,no doubt!!
The comentator called it initially a tepid response by the Marines, just another lie. It was not tepid, but Icy.
It is a shame that Obama's consistant tactic worked on Marines... he got the best response when he bribed them with bigger pay.
Not that they do not deserve it. We can never pay what we owe.
All I can tell ya is everyone I know and trust is stockpilin' everything. Let's keep these "Boston Tea Parties" goin'....! Keep in mind that this could be end times. Stay sharp...!
ok after viewing the video again, it is not just Marines there, there are the other branches of service there. Just look at the uniforms, Marine Digi cams versus the Army ACU's. Yet the response is greater with Bush, Semper Fi Sir, thank you.
Obama has just helped the enemy - but he doesn't call them enemies nor will he acknowledge the war on terror.

There was a stark difference in the troops reaction - there is a stark difference between commander and cheifs! We are in more danger today than before.



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