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New Hampshire Ballot Access Challenges Against Ted Cruz and Marco R...

New Hampshire Ballot Access Challenges Against Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Fail for Want of

                                                    By Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
                                                       November 25, 2015

Christopher Booth of Concord, New Hampshire, Cameron Elliott of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Robert Laity of Tonawanda, New York, filed ballot access challenges in New Hampshire against presidential contenders Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio, arguing that neither of them is an Article II natural born citizen.  The challengers are correct.

Still, the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission refused to rule on the question of whether the senators are natural born citizens because, chairman Brad Cook said, the issues were not under the panel’s purview.

“Our precedents say we don’t’ go there,” Cook said. “Personally, would I like the U.S. Supreme Court to decide these issues so we know what is, so it doesn’t keep coming up? Absolutely. Are we the vehicle to start that discussion? No, we’re not.”


The Commission refused to rule, basically saying that it does not have jurisdiction over the question of whether Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are Article II natural born citizens.  It also said that it would like the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the issue.

On the merits, neither Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio are natural born citizens.  Neither the original nor amended Constitution defines a natural born citizen.  The unanimous U.S. Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett (1875) informed that we have to look outside the Constitution for its meaning.  It explained that at common law the nomenclature with which the Framers were familiar when the Constitution was adopted, all children born in a country to parents who were its citizens were "natives, or natural-born citizens," and that under that same common law all the rest of the people were "aliens or foreigners," who could be naturalized if they met the requirements of naturalization Acts of Congress. Minor v. Happersett (1875).

Cruz was neither born in the country, nor was he born to two U.S. citizen parents.  He was born in Canada, presumably to a U.S. citizen mother and a non-U.S. citizen father.  Unlike Senator John McCain, who was born in Panama to two U.S. citizen parents who were there to serve the military interest of the United States, neither of Cruz's parents were in Canada for purposes of serving in the U.S. military.  He therefore does not meet the definition of a natural born citizen.  Cruz is a citizen of the United States at birth only by virtue of a naturalization Act of Congress.  He is therefore not a "natural born citizen" of the United States by virtue of the common law.  A “naturalized born” citizen of the United States is not and cannot be a “natural born” citizen of the United States.

Rubio was born in the country.  But he was not born to two U.S. citizen parents.  He was born in the United States, but to two non-U.S. citizen parents.  Hence, he also does not meet the definition of a natural born citizen.  He is a citizen of the United States at birth only by virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment and not by virtue of the common law that provides the only definition of the clause.  He needs the Fourteenth Amendment because, while born in the United States, he was not born to two U.S. citizen parents.  Rubio is a "born citizen" of the United States only by virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment.  He is therefore not a "natural born citizen" of the United States by virtue of the common law. Simply being a born citizen of the United States under the Fourteenth Amendment does not make one a natural born citizen of the United States under the common law.
So, neither Cruz nor Rubio are natural born citizens.  It is treason upon the Constitution and the rule of law to see our political institutions kick the can down the road under the guise of want of jurisdiction.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
November 25, 2015
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Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
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You are confusing a people called Israel, a people chosen by God for a purpose, with a nation named Israel that are on the Land God gave to those people for His purpose. John, if you knew the Bible as you claim, you would understand the difference and realize that God is presently regathering His people now and will soon place His people in His Land.

What PART of the Bible don't I know. The people called Israel started with Abraham's son Isaac. That is when GOD changed his name to Israel. GOD built a nation from Isaac and their sin caused them to be sent to captivity from several conquering kings. The nation of Israel is a people who are called the Jews.

Since 1948 they have started coming back to the land Israel. This has been happening for several decades.

No John, the people you call Jews are only one part of Israel. The term "Jew" comes from the name Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel, there were 12 great-grandsons of Abraham, Jacob was renamed Israel (not Isaac, see Genesis 35:9-12) had the following sons, Reuben, Simeon, Levi (of which Moses descended from), Judah (of which David descended from as well as Jesus), Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar,Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin. Joseph was given a double portion through his two sons born to him in Egypt, Mannaseh and Ephraim. So all of Israel is made up of 12 distinct tribes of which one is composed of the Jewish people. So the modern nation state known as Israel is not all of Israel at the present time (but it is coming, get used to it.) My apologies to all for being off topic here with this. May God bless you all.

Lee and John..............Old Rooster advised taking the conversation on Jews and Israel to another forum topic.  This thread is focused on presidential qualification.

Yes Harry, I apologize again. Maybe John could message me and we could discuss this through another method.

The chosen tribes left Israel & crossed the Caucus Mt. settling into Russia,European nations & eventually Canada & U.S. Because they crossed the Caucus Mt. they were called,"Caucasians."


If all you're going to do here is bash Israel then please take that hatred elsewhere.
Enough, no more.

Thank you Old Rooster, there are quite a number that post on here that are very anti-Semitic and that accomplishes nothing. The nation-state of Israel, best I can tell, is the only true ally we have in the Middle East and they have a right to defend themselves from Islamic terrorism; maybe we could learn something from them.

We have never been in a more critical and difficult time in our history!  I aree with what has been said here...but we cannot afford to be divided...or we will wind up with Hillary as president, and then only God can save this Nation.  If Cruz & Rubio are disqualified, then Obama must be also, resulting in the nullification of all acts as POTUS.  (I personally think that would be great!)

However, the left would start the biggest uprising, manufacture a major and violent race war, etc...etc...etc...we would witness many serious "false flags" to divert attention and maintain political control.  Therefore, the remaining republican candidates MUST be able to beat Hillary...whomever that may be.. (I like Cruz, but see the Constitutional Issue, that was ignored for Obama)...and I have been involved in enough political circles to realize that the left will do everything they can to divide us for their gain, including keeping beatable Republican candidates in the top slot(s) ensure a democratic win. 

I wish I had a good answer...We are in a real "pickle" to say the least, when our best possible "electable" candidates are not constitutionally qualified, and we cannot force the Obama qualification issue...because of sealed records, suppressed records and politically appointed hacks in power with orders to protect Obama at all costs...

Trump's openness with the issues has the interests of the people, but I am afraid the power mongers in the Republican party...sabotage him even further...and he will not beat Hillary...

Just my thoughts....the people who would challenge Cruz or Rubio's qualifications are well founded....BUT AT LEAST equal or greater money & energy needs to be be put into the legal challenge to Obama's legitimacy...and Hillary's behavior problems...

Ted Cruz’s Father Rafael Supported Fidel Castro (1 of 5) November 2, 2015 by Staff 61 Comments Like most young people Senator Cruz’s father, Rafael, was a passionate teenager and sought to overthrow those oppressing his countrymen.…

So why did the gop allow these two to even run? They know neither are eligible. I guess if Ovomit can ignore the Constitution, the traitors in the gop believe they should be able to do the same.

ask yourself who controls the political agendas here ?

i say all politicians have been corrupted by _______, and are traitors to this Republic...



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