I am NOT a Doctor or a Veterinarian !!  So any advice I might suggest please Use your own judgement!

As we are prepping there are medical things to think about. They will be putting our medical records online for ease of access for the Doctor network.

You will need to stock medical equipment and as much medicine as possible. In case of for when there is a total collapse.

You will need to think of what you might need, what you can get while you can, and things as simple as soap can go a long way. Salt mixed with water is a great anti-bacterial ( it does not burn --if that is what you are thinking).... Hydrogen peroxide will kill some stuff but it will also kill good tissue!

1. Would you feel comfortable putting stitches in your sheep, dog, or son if necessary? Have you even thought about it?

2. Do you flip out at the sight of a little blood or can you stay calm in a high stress situation?

We will start with that. Let me know what you think.

Thank you, Micki

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Permalink Reply by BanG on Monday

In Virginia many of us have already moved on many of these topics starting 2yrs ago, to stockpile food, medical and many other essentials. Aside from prescribed medications you may take yourself which you should have at least a 90 day supply you can acquire much needed emergency only medications such as Antibiotics.

Amoxicilliin   =     http://www.fishmoxfishflex.com/index.php/fish-antibiotics/amoxicill...

Keflex  =  http://www.fishmoxfishflex.com/index.php/fish-antibiotics/cephalexi...

Penicillin =  http://www.fishmoxfishflex.com/index.php/fish-antibiotics/penicilli...

You get the point, these are the same Antibiotics we use as humans. IM NOT GIVING MEDICAL ADVICE.

Iodine is probably your safest bet for wound cleaning and disinfecting.

You should have a ready supply of things like Triple Antibiotic cream, Imodium AD, Antacids etc off the shelf products as well as gauze, dressings and wraps. You must consider in the event of an economic collapse normal diet foods will change and your system may not tolerate it for awhile so things like Diarrhea can become especially dangerous to elderly and children as this is a very quick way to de-hydrate. Pedialyte  is sold in pharmacy's for children it is great for replenishing electrolytes or fluids but depending on the severity may not be enough. In which case you would need an IV of Saline or "Sodium Chloride".

Micki this is a very very difficult subject as people need to know that in an economic breakdown or Emergency their are so many variables that are going to come into play, it is so important for people to work in groups as safety is in numbers I will give you two recent examples of what I mean.

Hurricane Katrina within 2 days there was rioting, looting and killings even law enforcement was caught on tape looting.

Hurricane SANDY, again no relief, fires, looting and people dying and were only 2 weeks into this one and still many are homeless looting rampant can you imagine 6mos to a year??? 48% of Americans receive a  Government check!!! If that stops or becomes worthless people must survive and they will do what ever they have to to feed their families.

This is a non-secure forum so I cannot go much further as to readiness, just know the basics and prepare for yourselves and your families, we are Americans and we can ride anything out because we have before.

undefinedPermalink Reply by Micki Burdin Parker on MondayDelete

              All the anitibiotic you suggested are wonderful!! I have use them for my animals from a long time. They are safe but you will need to be careful most come in 250 mg or 500 mg. You might need to adjust up or down for weight. Too much of them can hurt the bacterial in digestive track...a sterile gut can kill too! Acidophilus could help....they are also cheap and easy to get.

            You might want to see about adding to your list. These can be bought from the interenet or a good Veterinarian / Pet catalog.  Jeffers pet....Direct pet...Amazon...Many..many to list

               1. Terramycin eye ointment...eye infections.or injury..( This is hard to buy several time of the year!!!)

                    A. a good eye lubricating drops

               2. EMT Gel.(A little goes a long way). this contains collagen protein that works with the body to speed new cell growth. This is great for diabetics wounds to help heal. They use the human dose to help my father on a leg injury.

     In the baby department...You might not have thought about.

              1. Original Boudreaux's butt paste..... This is wonderful for chapped skin, minor burns.

There is a lot that many people have not even thought about. You are a head of many people!! We had Ike here in Texas and where I am at our family did not have electricity for 45 days in the heat of a Texas summer. NO fun at all!!!

undefinedPermalink Reply by LT Peter Shearer on Monday

I would throw in a pack of Iodine pills in the event of radiation, like the cloud that might head my way someday from NYC.

undefinedPermalink Reply by Micki Burdin Parker on MondayDelete

Kelp is also a vitamin that is also very high in Iodine. You can buy it on line at health food stores for really cheap!! Where as Iodine can be hard to get and expensive. Vitamin C and B complex would be helpful! Radiation can come from many place. In texas we have power reactors, in a event they fail. This is a just in case... Kelp is also great for thyroid support ....for those of us with low thyroid!! LOL

Where do you get your EMT Gel.....It reads like the Santyl which requires a script from your MD


i have taken all 3 of the meds you have listed. In case some people don't know, Keflex is GREAT for kidney infections, its a "wonder drug" for me. Id advise people to load up on advil, OTC sleep meds and pain killers. I HAVE to take meds for BAD back pain and sciatic nerve pain. Right now, i'm going to a pain mgt. doc, but they will only give me 1 month of meds at a time. Any suggestions on what i can do about that? thanks


For Everyone with some pain concerns.

            I can only say as for pain meds ....so many people have over dosed on pain meds that All doctors are keeping a very tight control over them.

             My husband has metal in his neck...he is considered disabled....from an on the job accident. He has his good days and bad days...we can understand what you are concerned about.

           A few things that can help...

            1.Pure Australiain Medicinal Oil of Eucalyptus. Look for it on E-bay.

              The 16 oz. size is the best value. This not to be confused with the stuff at your local drug store!! This is the real strong stuff!!

                 This is great for several things....

                   A. Great for flea's and other bugs just mix some in with some tail and mane conditioner. Fleas do not like eucalyptus.

                   B. Great for sinus, asthmas,bronchitis, and colds. You know when you are stuffy and can not breath. You add a few drops in Hot water and breath in. Do NOT drink!! As you breath the vapers in, it will help open your sinus's so you can breath easier. Unlike Mucinex..when you stop breathing it...you can stettle down faster where as the other will be in your system a while 

                            1. Coffee...VERY STRONG BLACK coffee..has been said to open the bronchial passages of someone with asthma. Can add sugar or sweetener...but Not milk or cream.  

                  C. Arthritis...You can mix this with some oil, petroleum jelly, or even straight....As a liniment.

     These are just a few uses!

           2. Biofreeze...pain relieving gel. Please wear high quality gloves! It will go through a cheap pair of gloves. Apply to your sore muscles, joints, back pain.

          3. Hot salt water compresses...will never hurt and can leech out...some irritants.

          4. A Tens unit...electro shock portable unit. It help confuse the pain nerves so they do not send their signal. A pain management doctor should not have a problem writing you a Rx for this. Most ins. will cover this in their plans. Upside since this is NOT a drug, herb, or chemical it can be best for your liver!!

     At this time I am reading a couple of books about natural sources that might also help. They involve mustard packs as well and a couple of other natural sources. I am still reading!!! 

      As I have stated...I am NOT a Doctor! Please use your own Best judgement. As long as you can go to a doctor or need to go...Please go! Some things are Not worth the risk! Thank you,  


I had started this discussion in the Vet.s forum. I was asked to move it so others would be able to also benefit from it.  I copied and pasted...the medical...and responses. I hope the people who responded do not get mad. I did not want to take credit for thier wonderful responses.So if they do.. I am sorry.



I think your suggestions are spot on for a lay-person!

Your salt and water mixture is what we use in dressing changes for significant burn wounds and you are right about the burning too!

The H2O2 is also correct it will and does harm good tissue and can inhibit healing too

YES on the subject of sewing....a nice running hem stick will hold most shallow lacerations will hold just fine.

For a lay person...hope you are near me when all hell breaks loose!

See my Ready Kit post and the PS that follows for more easy stuff to gather

Blessings to you and our beloved country 




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