Constitutional Emergency

Member of Biden's Gun Control Task Force Has A Son Convicted of Planning School Mass Murder !!!!

Joseph Nee aka Thomas Nee's Son

" President of the National Assocation of Police Officers and Boston Police Officer Thomas Nee is a member of Vice President Joe Biden's gun control task force, which was created by President Obama in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Nee's son, Joseph Nee, was convicted in 2008 for planning to commit mass murder of students and teachers at Marshfield High School in Massachusetts, similar to that of Columbine in 1999. After spending nine months in prison, Nee's conviction was upheld by the Supreme Judicial Court.

Nee told police the plan involved taking ammunition and explosive devices into the school, securing the school's exit doors with bicycle locks, and shooting students and staff.

As the blog SipseyStreetIrregulars first pointed out, Nee may have planned to carry out murders of his classmates with his father's service gun. "

Note that Hollywood celebrities will be invited to the Gun Control Taks Force.
by Sard @therightplanet

No wonder Obama included $450 million worth of tax breaks for Hollywood in the recent fiscal cliff bill. Screw the middle and lower class! Who needs ‘em!

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Tony,  Very  well  done,  Barry  has  issues  coming  in  at  all  sides..!!

Isn't it always the pot calling the kettle black? How about we outlaw pencils cuz they make mistakes????

Its always been about CONTROL and nothing else.

Are there any honest people serving in this adminstration?

The answer is NO, there are no honest politicians - or at least very few.  As for this administration, they should all be jailed, starting with the charge of treason. 

Arming the masses is the only cure for mass killings. Removing the guns and keeping the sick of mind only makes matters worse.

Liberals are dangerous people.

If we don't take up arms now and prepare for our own protection, there won't be anyone to blame but ourselves. The piece of shit in charge is trying like hell to disarm us and its all running down the liberal on to even the local municipalities to try and INFRINGE UPON OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS... I would just love to see BO be impeached and brought up on criminal charges of Identity fraud and criminal interference of a government function... He and all of his little cronies.

Well this kid is the best man for the job of GUNGRABBING. His experience and no feelings of humanity. It's what Islamobama/BiteMe are all about. Nasty, mean, dangerous and vicious bunch of thugs are running our govt., our lives, our kids' and grandkids' lives. They want a fight. That's why it's best, I suppose, not to start any. I think this regime is wondering why we bigots, haters, racists haven't started something already. Tea Party was racist, violent, according to the aflcio, media and Islamobama regime. Marxine Waters said the tea party can go straight to hell. I don't know. I wish we could tell people to stop going to movies to finance these hypocrits. Our taxes go up, Hollywood gets $m's in tax credits. Where's my tax credit?     Here is another group I just joined online. They have been working hard on this website. They now have a brochure that can be printed. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT - join up - LESSONS ON CONSTITUTION and it may be our LAST BEST DEFENSE

PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! Maybe if we can get all the groups joined together - it's just an idea, but I think you will be impressed with what they have done.



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