Merry Christmas - A Reminder of What Our Beloved Warriors Fight For Also For This Country and Liberty We Love

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Merry Christmas to all. I spent several Christmases & other special days away from loved ones when I was in my beloved Marine Corps, serving in Vietnam, '68-'69. For love of country & my Corps, I would do it all over again. Semper Fidelis.

I CURSE THOSE IN THE WHITE HOUSE  ( i don't think you will here the words MARRY CHRISTMAS coming from the white house ) i have never seen so much evil in this country ++++ it took about a hundred years & they have done it +++++ they took god out of the country .

Yes, a friendly and poignant reminder that these precious little ones, DESERVE, our protection.  Just as it is our duty to protect our Nation.  It need not be so much declared, that we defend and protect our families, and the generations to come.  Or what will become of our future generations?

As President Reagan said of abortion.....It appears to me that the very people voting "for" abortion.....have already been born.  The same goes for those who will not defend their Country and families...they have already been defended and protected by older generations.  Where, Pray Tell, has the disconnect occurred?  Indoctrination by government agencies is far reaching.  Consider government's educational Common Core, and look at the attacks on God and churches, and look no further.

Christus Vincit.

Thank You Jerel, It's  our  duty  to  say--it  like  you  did..!!

The Old Testament tells of many bad societies and warns the Israelites to stay clear of their evil ways. Abortion and infanticide were hated by God, and if Israel started to associate with any of them or turned a blind eye, after some time of warning, they were corrected.

Now, as a country and as individuals, or fighting or enabling or promoting abortion is watched by God. So, for me, even paying the $1 fee Sebelius imposed through Obamacare exchanges is seen by God as participating in the evil. That was actually Sebelius' point, like a test of whether you follow God fully or not.

Also, the fine for not participating is not a's a TAX. If you pay taxes to a gov., and they use that tax to pay for abortion, then you're part of the financing of abortion. So paying the first year $95 TAX is also not an option.

They'll have to put me in jail.

To my fellow patriots,

As a former soldier who spent 23 years in the active army- 17 of those overseas somewhere,

Like so many of my fellow patriots, I too spent many holidays away from my family.  The one that

caused the most noticeable loneliness of course was Christmas. 

Two years ago on Christmas Day something gripped me, and in a sudden and profound fit of utter

depression I was compelled to write this work.  This is my first and only attempt at writing a poem.

I hope it moves you as it moved me.

To all of you who have served- THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SACRIFICES-

and Merry Christmas to you all.

In His Name,

James M. Shofner

SFC, USA, Retired


The wind is bitter cold

The snow is sharp against his skin

The sergeant shivers in the Silent Night

Tears slide silent across his cheeks


Another Christmas Eve

All alone in a Silent Night

Visions of Christmas dancing in his head

Dreams of his children sleeping in their beds


Dreams of his soul mate

Dreams of his wife

Her warmth embracing

Her love everlasting


Another Christmas Eve

All alone in a Silent Night


For the Children

Daughters 14, 12, and 9

Another Christmas without daddy

Tears slide silent across their cheeks


Daddy is far away again

Daddy is in another foreign land

Living in danger

Living in fear


Other children far away

They need him today

Allaying their fears

Drying their tears


Another Christmas Eve

All alone in a Silent Night


Daughters 14, 12, and 9

Another prayer for daddy

Trying to be strong, Trying to be brave

Dreams of daddy as they lay down to sleep


Momma stands silently watching

Tears slide silent across her cheeks

Watching the sadness in their eyes

Mourning the tears on their cheeks


Daughters 14, 12, and 9

Being strong for momma

Being strong for daddy

Tears slide silent down their cheeks


The aroma of apple cider and pumpkin pie

Christmas Tree and gifts shining bright

Visions of no more hungry children

Dreams of a better world


For the Children

Daughters 14, 12, and 9

Another Christmas without daddy

Tears slide silent across their cheeks


Dreams of a world where daddy stays at home

Dreams of a world living in peace

No more need for fighting

No more need for war


Father, Mother and daughters 14, 12, and 9

Gazing sadly and silently at the stars above

Another Christmas Eve without daddy

Another Christmas Eve without his family


Another Christmas Eve

All alone in a Silent Night

Visions of Christmas dancing in his head

Dreams of his children sleeping in their beds


©James M. Shofner

SFC, USA, Retired

“Home of the Wizard”

25 December 2011

Thank you for the poem it was beautiful and wonderful it also moved me



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