Michael Savage - Can Anyone Tell Me How The Republicans Are Not Demanding Impeachment






Michael Savage - Can Anyone Tell Me How The Republicans Are Not Demanding Impeachment

Michael Savage-September 28, 2011 hour 1 all segments





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People often make the mistake of assuming that just because someon is Republican that they are also conservative.  Unfortunately, that is all too often NOT the case.  Therein lies our problem!

BECAUSE THEY TOO HAVE COMITTED TREASON, it is cutting one's own throat.
I Say It Every Day!

What we have is elected officials who KNOW they are guilty of TREASON because they swore an OATH they knowingly refuse to uphold. They have rolled the dice on a great gamble that nobody will stand up to them because we have become (sadly to say) a nation who has fallen away. Time for those of us who will not go away silently to join and stand everyone needs to bring more members in and remember you get more bees with honey than vinegar.

People have been brain washed for so long they are not sure where to turn for truth anymore. Most will not check the facts and others put there heads in the sand and hope it will pass. Every letter I write I plead for those I am writing to to look at the US Patriots Union.

Agree 100% Mike, I also believe the spineless Republican House don't support OUR Constitution, and the majority of them and ALL the Democrats KNOW obama is illegal and breaking the laws right and left...HOW COULD THEY NOT KNOW??   Now there is talk about NOT having a 2012 election....WHOAAAA  this is pure BS.  As far as Republican=military.  Oh NO, thats not true, the higher up military personel goes, they would eat their young to get promoted and ignoring the laws, both civil and military.  Look what they did to Liken and another soldier sitting in prison.  They didn't even allow him a defense!!!  So as NOT to embarrass obama, WTH!!!   This was an honorable soldier, NOT the traitor in Chief.   There is only ONE CANDIDATE that is a staunch supporter of our Constitution, doesn't waver from it's meaning.  Never voted for a tax increase, or an unbalanced budget, debt limit increase, votes against his own pay raises, returns unused office funds to the Treasury.  Doesn't flip/flop, believes in a MUCH smaller government, let states make their state laws without federal intrusions, opposes illegal immigration, pro life, military veteran, scholor of economics and history.  Dr. Ron Paul has my vote.  He has brought in more contributions from the military both active and retired than ALL the other candidates COMBINED!!  They volunteer their lives for our country AND BOTH YOU AND I....my money is on who THEY RESPECT to hold the positition of President...period  RON PAUL
Herman Cain is looking pretty good these days.  I'd vote for him!

535 + 1 have to go.  Period.

And at this point I don't care how it happens.

Think about that.

THANK GOD THAT OPEN-BORDERS LIBERAL CHRISTIE WILL DEFINATELY NOT RUN, THE LAST THING REPUBLICANS NEED IS ANOTHER MCAMNESTY/ROMNEY/PERRY/BUSH!  Whenever someone new annopunces they will run the Republiucans go hypnoticly chasing after them like a child chasing a shiny new toy.  Remember when the obsession of the week was the liberal Trump?  So many Republicans made fools of themselves going gaga over him.  Especially that Republican suck-up Hannity.  Good riddance Chris, fix up the sh!thole of a state you live in.  That would be a great service to the nation!



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