Military Court Says It’s Okay That Marine Wore His Uniform in Gay Porn Shoot

My question is: Why did Simmons join the USMC? Was his reason to get in and put a stain on it like this?




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A military court ruled this week that it’s okay a Marine wore parts of his official uniform while shooting gay porn videos — because he never appeared on camera wearing the full thing.'


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According to the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals, Marine Corps Sgt. Matthew W. Simmons was an active-duty member of the Marine Corps band when he took leave to appear in several pornographic videos that “involved sodomy with numerous other men.”


In some of the clips, he was shown wearing his Marine dress blue coat, complete with decorations and rank insignia; others showed him wearing a Marine physical training jacket. At one point he mentioned on-camera that he was a Marine, and still shots from the videos were used for online advertising, McClatchy reported.


According to the Marine Corps Times, Simmons — who used the name “Christian Jade” on the military pornography site “Active Duty”– first came under investigation in 2010 when photos and videos surfaced of him having sex with other men.


He pleaded guilty to charges of misusing his uniform, but in its ruling the court set aside part of those convictions: Because Simmons never wore the complete uniform, there was no “visual evidence” for the general public of his government authority, and even though he identified himself as a Marine, he didn’t say they supported his behavior.


The court held:

“We are also not satisfied, on the basis of this record, that the appellant’s statements or wear of uniform items may create an inference of service endorsement of the activities depicted. The appellant never wore a complete ‘uniform,‘ so the general public could never receive ’visual evidence of the authority and responsibility vested in the individual by the United States Government.’ He did not voice any Marine support for what he was doing or any service views on the propriety or impropriety of his conduct.


Because Simmons‘ actions couldn’t be considered using the uniform for “commercial” purposes, there was no misuse involved. The court instead ordered he be resentenced under the charge of “general neglect or disorder.”


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Don’t Ask – Obama’s Latest Costly Crisis (Updated)



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I think I want to puke. Anyone want to join me?!?!

my question is:  would a computer search of records show if any straight guy/gal was courtmartialled for wearing any part of his/her uniform in a porn shoot?  OR, for being without clothing in a porn shoot? 


Probably a 'Double Standard' for gays. I believe that is what Wingy means.

Immorality has been rampant throughout our country for decades now.  It get worse every year with every new movie and television series Hollywood puts out!!  There are 4 steps needed for communism to take over a country.  Step 1 is DEMORALIZATION.....I would say that is pretty much complete with the exception of our Military, and now they must work to demoralize our military!  This video will show you the 4 steps to a communist takeover of a country.  This video was done back in 1985 by Yuri Bezmenov.  He was a KGB agent in Russia that escaped communism and came to the U.S. when he was 29.  He knows all about a communist takeover of a country!!  This is the short version, but there are many videos on youtube in longer form.

Simmons probably joined specifically to hit on other marines. He clearly has no ethics nor any morals. It was originally prohibited to even engage in this type of activity because our enemies do not give a second thought to use it as blackmail to obtain classified information. The questioning I had to endure to get my clearance when I worked on the B-2 Bomber would have curled anybody's hair. Even for working on a DOD classified project, no one was allowed to be homosexual, nor even of that orientation.
A lot of these judges were involved with such activities being placed in positions after service. These societies are from the top mainly army and yes it is the agenda of these Luciferians to destroy our military part of the NWO and demoralization of our countryaka Cloward & Pivens take down from within their reversal of DADT is all involved. This is more evidence that whistleblowers are telling the truth. They allow this and put others in prison for doing their job against terrorists like the Bohenia ? case him in Leavenworth. God please wake up men and know your service is the greatest gift and look at how they dishonor you! This has to be reversed, check out the skulls and bones and cap and gown that will make your stomach roll. Yes I agree it is about power and greed. We all have to get back to God and I mean really pray with conviction for they are taking that out  of the services and ceremonies to promote the homosexuality agenda of the reptiles./aka ancient info

If Chesty Puller was still running the Corps this liberal thinking modern day, "military court", and its sympathizers, would be squared away FAST!

Semper Fi,


It's the degradation of a nation and society. The gay agenda has been to desensitize each generation that follows a little more, so the gay life style is eventually accepted as normal. I spent nearly 6 years in the US Navy in the 70’s, but wouldn't spend one day there now. Our culture and way of life is being slowly destroyed one day at a time.

The boiling frog story is a widespread anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability of people to react to significant changes that occur gradually.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s there were several young women who were discharged from the USAF for posing in Playboy magazine (or so I've been told  <grin> ).


These girls were not performing overt sexual acts.  All they did was pose with a "Part" of a USAF uniform.  This was enough of a violation to have them discharged from the military. 


This is total BS.  This is the pussy-ifacation of a warrior class.


We are doomed.



Heard at service today that the pornography business is larger than Microsoft, Google, and a bunch others like them all put together.


Can I hear the word JUDGEMENT?

OH My HOW far we have come.  I am afraid this is just the beginning of the repeal of Don't ask, Don't tell.  If this wicked policy is not reversed I fear what God's punishment on our country will be. And NO I don't think we are so good that God would not punish us.  All of God's people, All those that call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ need to be on our knee's pleading with God for mercy for our country and our world (and yes I have 3 fingers pointing back at me)  I am already there, and I am astounded by the mercy He has already extended to us, I don't understand why He hasn't already destroyed us,  He is a longsuffering patient God not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

UPDATE to ARTICLE # 092811 – Don’t Ask – Obama’s Latest Costly Crisis

After release, it has come to my attention that the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010 included the following language – “TITLE 10- Upon the effective date established by subsection (b), chapter 37 of title 10, United States Code, is amended-- (A) by striking section 654; and (B) in the table of sections at the beginning of such chapter, by striking the item relating to section 654.”

Contrary to statements in my original column, the Act passed by the Senate does appear to alter UCMJ Code by striking section 654 entirely, which is the section that prohibited homosexual service in the US Military. The Repeal Act was rushed through both houses of Congress while Democrats controlled both houses in December 2010, via the Small Business and Science and Technology Committees, attached to small business and technology legislation, circumventing all Military oversight committees.

Although the UCMJ Code book itself had not been altered at the time of release, it does appear upon further review, that the Act slipped through the Democrat controlled congress will alter UCMJ Code on the matter by striking the entire 654 section of the Code. Any misstatement of fact in the original report was unintentional and has now been corrected with this update.

It is worth noting that only the following eight Senate Republicans supported the measure –

Sen. Scott Brown [R, MA]   Aye

Sen. Richard Burr [R, NC]   Aye

Sen. Susan Collins [R, ME]   Aye

Sen. John Ensign [R, NV]   Aye

Sen. Mark Kirk [R, IL]             Aye

Sen. Lisa Murkowski [R, AK]   Aye

Sen. Olympia Snowe [R, ME] Aye

George Voinovich [R, OH]   Aye

JB Williams



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