Military Court Says It’s Okay That Marine Wore His Uniform in Gay Porn Shoot

My question is: Why did Simmons join the USMC? Was his reason to get in and put a stain on it like this?




The Blaze


A military court ruled this week that it’s okay a Marine wore parts of his official uniform while shooting gay porn videos — because he never appeared on camera wearing the full thing.'


Image via Gawker


According to the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals, Marine Corps Sgt. Matthew W. Simmons was an active-duty member of the Marine Corps band when he took leave to appear in several pornographic videos that “involved sodomy with numerous other men.”


In some of the clips, he was shown wearing his Marine dress blue coat, complete with decorations and rank insignia; others showed him wearing a Marine physical training jacket. At one point he mentioned on-camera that he was a Marine, and still shots from the videos were used for online advertising, McClatchy reported.


According to the Marine Corps Times, Simmons — who used the name “Christian Jade” on the military pornography site “Active Duty”– first came under investigation in 2010 when photos and videos surfaced of him having sex with other men.


He pleaded guilty to charges of misusing his uniform, but in its ruling the court set aside part of those convictions: Because Simmons never wore the complete uniform, there was no “visual evidence” for the general public of his government authority, and even though he identified himself as a Marine, he didn’t say they supported his behavior.


The court held:

“We are also not satisfied, on the basis of this record, that the appellant’s statements or wear of uniform items may create an inference of service endorsement of the activities depicted. The appellant never wore a complete ‘uniform,‘ so the general public could never receive ’visual evidence of the authority and responsibility vested in the individual by the United States Government.’ He did not voice any Marine support for what he was doing or any service views on the propriety or impropriety of his conduct.


Because Simmons‘ actions couldn’t be considered using the uniform for “commercial” purposes, there was no misuse involved. The court instead ordered he be resentenced under the charge of “general neglect or disorder.”


(h/t Gawker)




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Then they are NOT true Republicans. They are RINOS!!
I think Ensign and Voinovich are gone but what about the others.  We need a movement against all the other RINOS, to remove them.  What about Maine.....they have a strong conservative governor and Maine still endorses Snowe and Collins......these two vote RINO everytime.....can't count on them for conservative principles....then Scott Brown.......and others......
Yeah we need to remove the RINOS for sure.
Mark Kirk of Illinois is another RINO for sure. During his candidacy he was under fire over questions on his sexual orientation... somehow it was swept under the carpet. His vote on the "Don't Ask" puts him back on the questionable list.

Maine has not been conservative for quite some time. Portland, ME has one of the largest amount of homosexual/lesbian groups of people in the USA. This does not surprise me.

Stingray:  I copy pasted from Title 10 Armed Forces on down in your entry into Senator John Cornyn's web form and requested he lead the way to turn this tide around. I indicated that his colleagues will receive the wrath of the veterans for the calamity they have provoked.
Corrupt civilian and military judges are aiding and abetting judges the destruction of our whole social fabric. Mike Mullens should be back peddling big time on buying into open perversion in the military.  Flogging would be to lenient a punishment for the disgrace this kid has brought to his service. And the court ordered NO Punitive Discharge!  Well, hell the JAAGs need to be tried and discharged.  The only thing that will set the military in order is what the french used in W.W.1 - Decimation:  But they need to line up the JAGS and some top ranking P.C. Brass first and count 10, 10 ,10, 10.....for that bunch.
OBSEQUIOUS, FAWNING, TOE LICKING LACKEYS. Better to have a Lady's Garden Club directing the military than these two.

Whether Gay or Straight, pornographic filming of ANY KIND would be covered by "Conduct Unbecoming of a Service Member" and punishable under the UCMJ.  That is because when military members appear in all or even part of a uniform, they represent the United States, and the Military Codes of Honor.  Sexual Orientation has nothing to do with ANY form of LEWD behavior

Dennis,  You are exactly right!!!  If a service member male or female black, white or purple (whatever their skin color) if they so much as participate in any lewd act and they have even a chevron in plain view they are violated the Codes of Honor.


If what Rick states is true (and it seems to ring a bell), then that would be grounds to overturn or fight the decision.  However, who in the military would take on that fight!  They have attachedand infiltrated every faction of our society, churches, schools, media, family, now the military, our last defense.




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