Constitutional Emergency

STOCKTON, CA – A retired military veteran who now works at a hospital in California was recently put on leave after telling his employers that he wanted to speak with legal counsel about their request to remove ‘God bless America’ from his email signature.

The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) reports that Boots Hawks was called into his supervisor’s office at Dameron Hospital earlier this month and asked to remove the phrase from his email. While he complied with the directive, Hawks also told his supervisor that he wanted to consult with an attorney about his rights.

Much to his surprise, Hawks was put on leave for “insubordination.” He returned to work this Wednesday to find that the combination on his lock had been changed and his computer password had been suspended.

PJI sent a letter to the hospital the day prior, demanding that it recant its actions. It noted that Hawks has been on staff for ten years and was once named “Employee of the Year.” He had served twenty years in the Army, earning the rank of Sergeant First Class.

“Rarely do we see something as shocking as supervisors placing a hard-working military veteran on leave right before Veterans’ Day for saying something patriotic,” stated PJI President Brad Dacus. “The hospital’s actions were outrageous and illegal. We expect a swift apology and full restoration of Mr. Hawks’ rights.”

The organization has yet to receive a response from the hospital.

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T & Fellow Patriots...


I am far beyond the point of frustration with this and previous administrations, and the progressive (destructive) patsies that laden every level of this nation's offices.  I am not bragging when I say this, but I have been involved in this movement for over 25 years and feel it is high time we do something about all of this.  We need to start at the top and go all the way down.  Anything un-Constitutional or un-American needs to be investigated and prosecuted.  It is time for those doing harm to this nation to fear We the People. 


They know their time is short, but how much damage are we going to allow them to do before this chaos stops?  How much repair are you willing to have to fix once this is over?  We are now close to the point where Patriots or anyone resembling one, will be jerked from their homes and persecuted for speaking the truth. 


Magazines should be locked and loaded at this point.  All personnel should be in touch and the torches should be lit.  When the government or any official feels the power to infringe upon our basic principles without fear of repercussion, we have hit rock bottom.  Our arms, ammunition, education, spirit, religions, speech, security in our own homes; all have been assaulted, and much more.  We can no longer allow this to continue. 


I don't want anyone to read this the wrong way though, for no matter what, there is always hope when one heart holds the flame.  So long as one Patriot to the Constitution still exists, there will always be a chance to retake this country from within.  We must be smart though... we must start placing personnel into positions that cut the head off from the people, until eventually we have taken all back.  We must also be prepared to defend with our lives, our families, friends, countrymen and nation. 



I hope he takes them to court and gets a billion dollars out of this.

At least something in the 7 figure range.  Why can't I get so lucky... lol... oh yeah, I forgot, because I work for a professional, American company.   

This has gone too far.

Insubordination--Hmmm SO is Dameron Hospital subject to the US Constitution and Laws of the United States of America? Are they aware that our fundamental Laws spring from the Laws dictated by God,Himself? TO cite Blackstone and Locke two of the top three most cited European thinkers of the Founding era. I could add James Wilson --and Thomas Jefferson to a list of Americans who said as much Is this Hospital aware that God Bless America is by Law recognized as the motto representing our United States Are they aware how anti-American they seem by their actions. First in insisting the  tag be removed-- then by claiming it was insubordination to request legal advice?. 

I would prefer to die in the street or have my family die rather than have them cared for by atheists or fools--for the foll has said in his heart there is no God. And I recall Jesus Christ teaching once that those who are ashamed of his name on Earth He will be ashamed of when He speaks with His Father..

November 15,       2013

Dear Ms. Beatty,

Thank you for contacting       me in response to reports of high-ranking military       officials being relieved of their duties. I appreciate       hearing from you on this issue.

As an active member of the       Army Reserve for more than 22 years, I share your strong support of our       nation's military and the men and women who proudly serve. As you know,       recent reports on independent news web sites indicate that as many as nine       military generals have been fired this year.

Like you, I believe that       United States must retain the brightest and most qualified military       leaders in order to ensure our role in the international       community. However, as a Colonel in the Army       Reserve, rumors of a "litmus" test questioning officers' willingness to       fire on American citizens are       untrue and unfounded. The circumstances       surrounding the firing of the individuals named in these independent news       articles are unique, and in fact, some of the individuals named have faced       serious allegations, including sexual       misconduct. While I understand your       concerns with these independent news reports of military officials being       relieved of their posts, ultimately, there is not strong evidence to       suggest the President is "purging" the military.

However, please be assured       that as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, and as       a Colonel in the Army       Reserve, providing for and protecting our       nation's military is extremely important. That said, please be assured       that I will remember your comments should I have the opportunity to       address this matter in committee or the full House of       Representatives.

Again, I appreciate your       thoughts and concerns and thank you for contacting me. It is an honor to       serve you in Congress. Your suggestions are always welcome, and if ever I       may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

                Sincerely,           DR.       JOE HECK           Member       of Congress

Stay Connected

Wow sound just like the GFY form letters I have received from time to time. The politician insists there is no evidence to support a Purge  in this case They promise what they have No intent upon performing.They insist your suggestions are always welcome ....But in reality the tone and purpose of th eletter is to make you just go away....

Debrajoe and Robert, I too have received such "form" letters when I contact politicians.  All it is, is BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!  ALL politicians KNOW what o'satan is doing!!!  Just because they are drinking the kool aid, doesn't mean intelligent Americans are drinking it too.  Stupid politicians haven't figured that out yet!  They are too busy talking crap, fueled by the suggar buzz from the kool aid. 

"Investigated and prosecuted..."            Fine. But who will investigate and who will prosecute under Holder's rule?

As a two decade Marine veteran, I am outraged.  What I or anyone else writes as closing to their mail, email or snail, is free speech.  I marched in the sixties for equal rights, for voting rights for Blacks in Chicago, I spent most of my life working hard for equal rights, as a Boy Scout for ten years before the Corps, and my own experience is largely the same as most "career Military", we lived and worked for "America", as it could be, specifically, not just letting our country drag along and find its own way.

      I used to be a man of patience, willing to wait for "the wheels of justice" to do their slow turn.  That occurred regularly, continuously, until a couple decades ago, and "justice" because something bought, or "owed", something any minority could do the most outrageous thing to suggest they were not receiving it, but let any hard working person who earned their way through life challenge the system, and it has become one which is immediately turned against us.

     For the world to treat those who won't work, those who won't do, equal to those who are the backbone of economics, "the heartland", of any and all nations, those who are productive have to be reduced down to the level of the "slackers, the useless, those who wouldn't go to school, learn life, and become someone".

     The reason for this is it is a practical, a physical impossibility to raise such up above the level they keep themselves at, so to make them equal, those who drive and fulfill the needs that make a nation must be reduced. It is beyond such damned fools to ever turn and look at those whining, puling, suggesting the world is against them, and simply call them lazy, useless, name them for their acts, call them on what they have chosen, their feelings might be hurt.

     In this world, where God is denied, where those who believe are ridiculed, where work is vilified, not having worked one's whole life is raised up as "testament to prejudice and hate, keeping him out of work", when there isn't a single damned thing that person is capable of doing "professionally", not even to pick his own nose, that would be mean-spirited, hate-filled, prejudiced, unless the individual happens to be white.

     I will not tolerate such abuse, when corporate America abuses me, the Marine Veteran, I make no threats, I do my best to fight through the system and the law, but I vow to myself, no matter what else, if I am not vindicated, the corporation made to pay, I will make them pay, I will ensure it costs them what they steal from me.

     I hope and pray this American Hero gets his due back, but I suspect it to be highly unlikely, and hard as it is to say, at least part of why it is "highly unlikely" is because the same un-American actors who have made such actions normal and continuous, have bankrupted the nation, and they've bankrupted the people's republic of Kalifornia to a degree even if they wanted to do right, they can't.

     I have no doubt they fully intended the weakness of bankruptcy to be the security of their intended refusal to ever give proper respect for the far more than equal demands of those who have always been "the ones who did build that, who have made the other, come to fruition", despite obama's constant denial of the actual work we have done to build our nation.

    I never considered government service of any sort after my time in the Corps.  I loved my life, I love my Corps, and I love my Country, however there has been no time in my life when I could respect my government, and the older I get, the greater criminal behavior becomes its normative state.

    There is no excuse for this, even absent the red carpet being laid out for any muslim everywhere, for every situation, my words are my own, and absent statements of criminal intent, I have every right to use my words to open the eyes of others, and to spread my own ideas, whether they be religious, technical, humorous, the content is sacrosanct, or I don't have that right.

    I won't speak for my peer, the retired Sergeant First Class, but I would not allow what has been done to him be done to me without tearing down that hospital if that was necessary to get right principle and constitutionally recognized Endowed Rights' trampled and disrespected, corrected, public apologies with full staffing, ensuring every worker knows the fullness of their rights.

    War has been declared on our Christian Nation, America, and both the islamists, who intend to rule over us, and the secular humanists, who find it convenient to aid a hate-filled self-declared enemy in attacking their own countrymen, in order to throw down the Christian based order of government based on truth, honor, the rule of law, because they are offended by the mere faith others hold and display in minor ways.

    This man's email closing statement can only be hateful to those who are truly our self-declared enemy.  Atheists have no right to be offended, they don't believe in God, so the statement is a fable and fiction to them, exactly.  To say "God Bless America" either is a powerful statement, calling The Living God to bear with our shortfalls and weaknesses, and bless our Country for our faith and best intents, and therefore is a powerful thrust of faith in the face of the enemies of Christian based America, or it is a foolish and wasted appeal to a fictional character, with no power and no influence over anything of value, in which case it should be easily ignored.

     I stand on the principle of "actions speak louder than all the disclaimers ever shouted", and for secularists, for bureaucrats, for people among the general population to find this simple prayer by a man's signature to be offensive, and meaning enough to see him abused in his right to work suggests those "atheists who don't believe but are offended" actually find cause outside of their belief that raises true offense in their hearts and minds, and I suggest this is evidence in and of its self of the power of God's Word, its ability to draw lines even when every suggestion is the line is between faith in God, and a firm, well studied conviction there is no God, and any reference to such is useless, spurious and to be ridiculed.  The atheists fear God, even while they deny Him.  I believe this demonstrates clearly, "there are no atheists when God is called upon", even the unbelievers find cause to believe and to fear.

      Friends, Patriots, Godly believers, it is time for war.  We have been set upon and we must either take our stand and hold to our principles, even with the enemy domestic, the central not federal government which has assumed our authority and denied all limits of Law over it.  They must fire the first shot, no different than at Lexington or at Concord, but we must be armed, ready, and willing to make this a war to keep the republic and to deny the communists even a pyric victory, because even if the secular humanists were to achieve their goals, they have made no provision to face down the world-wide Islamic movement.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

WND suggests the Hospital has offered a "compromise" they now say the Veteran may not have been insubordinate " merely disruptive,and disrespectful--they do however insist the tag God Bless America must go. I recall hearing that Compromise is the first step of a defeated foe.Their attempt to extract themselves seems proof that they made serious error to begin with.I would suggest going full guns  for their actions are clearly un American.

Unlike you John, my friend, I served only ten years in the Corps, pursued my education with the intent of returning.  I was offered instead a position as an Auditor for the Comptroller General of the United States, the premier Federal Audit Agency (a branch of Congress, reporting only to Congress and the People). I accepted that position at the urging of my beloved wife who had had enough of constant moving and for whatever reason no longer supported my thoughts and desires to remain or return to being a full time Marine.  Still that was where my heart lay and I always had that in mind from the day I left to pursue that education. 

Sadly, as a young Marine, and matriculating from a small town, I was not as familiar with the seedier side of life and only came to know more about it and about conspiracies, atheism, communism, and all the other isms as I grew in stature in the Corps and after.  Yes I came to know that the Government of my day was changing and rapidly at that.  It became especially evident as the Viet Nam War progressed, after Kennedy was assasinated and Johnson, a consummate progressive (about whom there was much background that most knew nothing) and his appointees micro-managed that war. 

During the course of my conduct and management of audits of Federal Agency programs, and particularly the Department of Defense largely at the request of Congress (both Senatorial and House staffs initiated), I began to learn the depth of the hatred by those people for our Military as well as for anything that guaranteed our safety and freedom as a nation.  To me it began during the "New Deal of the Roosevelt Administration of the '30s and '40s and after WWII and Korea, really escalated after Kennedy was removed from Office. While I was no fan of Kennedy, I do believe he was one of the better Presidents and had not bought into the so-called Progressive socialism we see so abundantly ( I prefer to call it communism) today.

Upon my retirement which I was well ready for when the day I became eligible, I gladly left Civil Service knowing that I would never ever again recommend to my children or relatives that they seek employment within the government at any level.  The corruptness, I came to believe begins in the smoke filled back rooms of local political parties at the grass roots levels and culminates in the halls of Congress today.  I can truly say that I no longer consider our Congress one of the greatest most deliberative bodies ever, and likely will never believe that again in my lifetime unless we do as you suggest.

Indeed my friend and fellow Marine, it is time for war.  They have long since set upon us and the enemy most likely to come at us is not outside our borders (although they stream in more rapidly each day as a result of our enemies that are among us) but sitting beside us each Sunday in church, walk among us in our daily pursuits and indeed includes many who are neither Christians nor have any faith in God whatsoever. Even those who embrace or say they embrace God through their own Muslim faith (I refuse to recognize that as a true faith).

I do consider that Atheists and those that follow the dictates of the Politically Correct bent are one and the same. That is to say both fear God at every turn and both are so stupid do not deserve to be allowed a voice in anything We the People believe in and follow. These people and those of that stripe are the real enemy for their ignorance and stupidity ensures that they neither see, hear, nor speak with any degree of knowledge or understanding of the laws of God or our own Constitution.  Sadly of late that includes virtually every single representative we have elected both locally and nationally to govern our every day lives.

Indeed it is time for War.  We must indeed be armed, and ready as well as willing to provide for the ever growing menace of the world-wide Islamic movement.  One finds, even after the empiric  and voluminous evidence every day that grows exponentially even with the virtual blackout of events by our so-called but totally impotent fourth estate, surprising that acceptance of what is happening to our lives has not caused our entire citizenry to rise up in arms before this.  But then as someone said as recently as yesterday, when Nixon allowed listening devices to be put in the Democrats Headquarters offices, he would have been impeached. Today Obama is listening to the world and no one thinks anything of one except those of us that understand what terrible consequences are looming over our heads as a result of the actions of this current administration and lack of action on the part of our legislators, our representatives elected to do for us what we otherwise would not have time nor means to do. 

Thanks John for your post.  As usual, you are right on and as far as I am concerned, we must find the time and means to take back our country from the unwashed and cowardly Communists, atheists and PC know nothings.

Semper Fidelis, Richard E. Nygaard SSgt, USMC 1953-1963.



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