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STOCKTON, CA – A retired military veteran who now works at a hospital in California was recently put on leave after telling his employers that he wanted to speak with legal counsel about their request to remove ‘God bless America’ from his email signature.

The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) reports that Boots Hawks was called into his supervisor’s office at Dameron Hospital earlier this month and asked to remove the phrase from his email. While he complied with the directive, Hawks also told his supervisor that he wanted to consult with an attorney about his rights.

Much to his surprise, Hawks was put on leave for “insubordination.” He returned to work this Wednesday to find that the combination on his lock had been changed and his computer password had been suspended.

PJI sent a letter to the hospital the day prior, demanding that it recant its actions. It noted that Hawks has been on staff for ten years and was once named “Employee of the Year.” He had served twenty years in the Army, earning the rank of Sergeant First Class.

“Rarely do we see something as shocking as supervisors placing a hard-working military veteran on leave right before Veterans’ Day for saying something patriotic,” stated PJI President Brad Dacus. “The hospital’s actions were outrageous and illegal. We expect a swift apology and full restoration of Mr. Hawks’ rights.”

The organization has yet to receive a response from the hospital.

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Unfortunately, the Hospital has the legal right to say what can and what cannot be placed in a company email or an email originating on their electronic equipment no matter what slogan or motto another institution has. Saying that, I would continue by saying that the supervisor needs a lot of retraining and this action should be put in the supervisor's permanent file. While, even as a strong God fearing patriot, I must agree with the hospital's legal right, I can not condone the supervisor's action as stated in the article.

Several questions arise:

First, is this a Hospital rule?
If so, when is a rule a good (legal) rule?
First, when the rule is written.
Second, when a rule is communicated to everyone.
Third, when a rule is enforced.

Without those three items, a rule is worthless and useless.

While Hawks wanted an attorney, nothing the Hospital could do would prevent him from retaining an attorney. If this was a Hospital rule as outlined above, a competent attorney would advise him that he had no case. However, competent attorneys are far and few between because all attorneys know that the hospital will pay out $10K to $50K just to settle a lawsuit, no matter how frivolous because it will cost more than that to fight the case and the attorney receives from 25% to 45% of the settlement. (speaking from experience as a retired COO of a corporation)

Fred, your statement operates under the assumption we don't have "unalienable rights" as our Declaration of Independence and statement of reasonable cause clearly lays claim to.

     No one may adjudicate the open speech of any citizen in any venue except that it violate logical and reasonable tenets.  This violation has been established long ago on the premise of "no right to shout fire in an otherwise safe theater", precisely because such speech causes harm to others.

    The military, a hospital, an organization can all command the format of entry of formal letters, paper or electronic, establishing protocol for name, rank, position, such things that identify and have purpose.  Institutions may control formats of letters with regard to those which are part of the working system, and subject to their control.  They certainly may have rules regarding the use of email other than for official use, on official computers, on company time.

    They have no authority to place constrictions on the use of one's name, and personal statement of greeting, kept clear and succinct, whether it be the "Semper Fidelis" by which I close my letters with, or the simple statement of faith this Veteran used.

     No possible claim of violation of law, principle, slighting of others, offense may be claimed and the person claiming lay claim to patriotism.  Those who won't countenance a positive calling for benefit for our Nation cannot be considered patriots, and must be considered potential enemies of our principles.  Anyone who holds hatred for free and independent citizenship has no place being in this nation, they are subversives and violate our principles in being here.

    We are, or were established as a nation operating under fixed, unchanging principle.  These have been laid out clearly in our Declaration, which has become our National Creed, and we should challenge all who suggest our nation would be better served without freedom and liberty, because we must expect them to act on their beliefs no less than we act on our own.

    Any person who looks at our foundation as a Nation, and holds it wrong is living among a people he hates and would have changed, if he gets opportunity.  We must clearly delineate between those who love the principles, but find us falling short, and those who hate the principles, and actively work to remove them.

     There is lots of room for All Americans to look at our Nation, the form of our government, and find crime being committed wholesale, and be angry about it.  That is where the Tea Party Advocates are.  It is entirely different to look at our nation and suggest our real problem is individual citizens have too much freedom, are too much in control and should be constrained by massive influx of laws, as has been done each and every day since "Teddy", but at an exponential rate since obama.

     Until we choose to relinquish our endowed right to speak our mind freely, without reservation, no person, no institution, no business, no one has the right to constrain our free speech, we are citizens even while we voluntarily work for business or government.

    It matters not what courts say, the constitution is written in plain English, written in the plain meaning of the words, and we, "The Sovereign Citizens of these United States" are the authority determining constitutionality over all aspects of government, in particular, the system of courts where our laws are applied.

    We have long allowed government to criminally usurp our authority in hundreds of small ways, but the single most important has been allowing government to suggest we, The People, aren't capable of reading the constitution, studying it, and the history surrounding it, and concluding for ourselves exactly what our forefathers intended.

    By the constitution, the sole authority of the court system lays in the "application of the law" when it has been broken.  Only practice and precedent, and the ignoring of the words of the president who actually wrote down the words of the constitution have allowed the courts to assume powers over not only themselves, but every other arm of government, now including the true "first estate", "The People". As the source of all government authority by our deliberate and specific consent, logically nothing which is "under the authority of Our consent" can ever have any authority over us, not logically, not within any boundary of reason.

     We have allowed attorneys to assume the rule of our nation by considering them above ourselves with regard to the rule of law, and the courts.  When we re-assume the fullness of Citizen Sovereignty, we will have stepped past that error, and only then put things in their proper order.  No matter what else is true, the government is our construct, we built it to do what we saw as good purpose, and we alone, "The Sovereign Citizens" have all rights to consider it as it is, how it could be, and suggest change, for those we hired to do the work to tell us how they are going to do it is the antithesis of "Sovereign/Subject" status, with the citizen being sovereign, and every aspect of government subordinate to that Sovereignty.

    If we would be Americans, we have to start acting as such, assuming our full rights, refusing to allow any trampling, and dropping the hat, when someone does attempt, not waiting for another to drop it to fight back retaining our full rights.  It is exactly those who publicly deny God as being over our Nation who violate first principle, our common core of principles, and our actual founding as a Nation Under God.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

It must be their reputation as being prejudiced. According to their website, they are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Boy that EOE clause gets longer everyday. 


Dameron Hospital Association and Chief Operation Officer Served with Civil Rights Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit by Signature Law Group, LLP. via @PRWeb

Dang--every time I see the title EEOC I know somebody is discriminated against. That group encourages discrimination and enriches attorneys. That being acknowledged it seems this Vet. has indeed been discriminated against for his Patriotism.perhaps he needs to file  legal action as well.

God bless Sgt Hawks! Glory be to JESUS! I pray Almighty God blesses Sgt Hawks with a much better job than the one that was taken from him! Hallelujah! Praise be to Almighty God!

WND  suggests the hospital has offered a compromise. they now say he was not insubordinate and offer him his job back but insist he must not  use the tag In God we Trust. The attempt to extract themselves affirms the original error and as we were taught long ago Compromise is the first step taken by a defeated foe.

The training for this started long ago, the witch removed prayer from school as a one person issue.  This will always happen when you don't remember who wrote the Constitution and who had this country as the best that there was.  The messengers of God, and The Almighty's hand held that this country was the refuge for those who believed.





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