Senior Chief Ross from the Save America Foundation officially joins support of Operation American Spring!  Please share!

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Quick question, as the main information post is extremely lengthy to siphon through.

I do not doubt that Col. Riley initiated this march. However, there have been so many other people speaking up in support of it, but a great many, as an example, the site Senior Chief Ross' article is on, is sending people to other pages and sites.

Are all of these people working together with Col. Riley, or are there a great many organizations all doing their own thing and using Col. Riley's topic of "OAS"?

If it's one organizing group, what/where is the main hub for everyone to get the actual information? I joined PFA thinking this was the place (that and the FB event page is overwhelmed with trolls).


Kyouri Kai, To my knowledge, PFA is the only official hub.  That being said, I see many organizations signing on.  I believe that it doesn't really matter if they are all reporting to Colonel Riley or not, as long as they are using the same date and details. The message is simple...Bring your Constitution, plan to stay for awhile, and don't bring your guns to town.

And don't forget your Bible, and to protect yourself with prayer, this is a spiritual battle.

Hi Kyouri Kai,

I did not see any other links on Senior Chief Ross' article, but perhaps the link has been updated since I posted it orginally.  I agree with Kevin McClellan though.  As long as its the same date and mission that Col Riley has initiated then its still pushing people towards unity.


What I've been doing is telling everyone about this page and after I get a discussion going I then also post the link to SC Ross' letter to show that other major organizations are supporting OAS. I always circle back to this main site though and remind people to register here for the most up to date info.


Hope this helps!

Thank you, both! I've been posting this link on FB and Twitter (even made a Twitter background with the date and url to this page) and will continue to do so.

March on!

I thought General Paul Vallely came up with this idea first ? General Valley was the first person that I saw talking about it.

You must have missed Gen. Riley's YouTube video from 2007. He's been rallying for America for a long time now.

don't waste time mincing OAS mission statement / rules of engagement.

militia organizational chart ?? locations / contacts...approved by col. riley ?



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