Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke lost his patience with CNN’s Don Lemon after the murder of three police officers in Baton Rouge, calling ‘Black Lives Matter’ a “hateful ideology” and demanding to know why the media has failed to focus on the epidemic of black-on-black violence.


Asked if he would parrot a “message of peace and coming together for the country,” Clarke refused to regurgitate the usual rhetoric.

“You don’t believe that for one moment, do you?” Clarke asked Lemon, before continuing, “Any protests over the deaths of these cops today in Baton Rouge? Any riots or protests over the police officers in Dallas, Texas?”

“What are you asking?” responded Lemon, to which Clarke shot back, “It’s a pretty simple question.”

Clarke then went for the jugular of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

“My message has been clear from two years ago – this anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called ‘Black Lives Matter’ has fueled this rage against the American police officer – I predicted this two years ago.”

Lemon then suggested that the murders in Baton Rouge had little to do with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but Clarke wasn’t having any of it.

“This anti-police rhetoric sweeping the country has turned out some hateful things inside of people that are now playing themselves out on the American police officer,” he asserted, before slamming BLM for ignoring black on black violence.

“When the tragedies happened in Louisiana and Minnesota, do you know that 21 black people were murdered across the United States – was there any reporting on it?”

Lemon then tried to shut down that line of conversation, before Clarke became more irate.

“I’m looking at three dead cops this week and I’m looking at five last week – you’re trying to tell me to keep it down?” he asked Lemon, who responded by demanding more “civility”.

“Don, I wish you had that message of civility toward this hateful ideology, these purveyors of hate,” said Clarke.

Lemon then kept speaking over Clarke before throwing to a commercial break.

It has since emerged that the prime suspect in the Baton Rouge shootings was obsessed with Black Lives Matter-related issues, was a member of the Nation of Islam, and railed against “crackers” on his YouTube channel.

The conversation continued with Lemon refusing to answer Clarke’s question if police in America were generally racist.

“This anti-police rhetoric is based on a lie – there is no data – and you know this – there is no research that proves any of that nonsense,” said Clarke, before accusing President Obama of lying when he claimed that black males are two times more likely to be shot by cops than white males.

Don Lemon then cited a Harvard study by a black economist in his attempt to argue that Obama was right, but as Clarke pointed out, the study concludes that there is no racial bias in officer-involved shootings.

Lemon immediately flip-flopped, saying that the study he just used to make his own point was “not credible”.

When Clarke asked Lemon to condemn the anti-cop rhetoric coming from Black Lives Matter, Lemon refused to do so.

“Let’s have a conversation about the black-on-black crime which kills more black males, which is a threat to more black males in the United States than a law enforcement officer,” said Clarke.

Lemon claimed, “That’s a different conversation than police brutality, and we’re not having that conversation right now,” which in other words means – ‘if we have that conversation, I will lose the debate, so we’re not having that conversation.’

Sheriff Clarke then brought up the fact that black people were over represented when it came to them committing violent crimes and that explains why they’re involved in more violent confrontations with cops.

Lemon had no answer and simply reverted back to saying, “That’s a different conversation.”

Funny enough, it’s a conversation they wouldn’t touch during the network’s publicity stunt “town hall” meeting on racial tensions last week.

Clarke is scheduled to speak during the opening night of the Republican National Convention.

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If one gets into the right with Sheriff Clarke, he better be armed with more than a powder puff................

I like this Sheriff.

Don Lemon is a feminized sissy that is the epidemy of the character and lack of testicular fortitude that has allowed America to devolve to where it now is. He is afraid of his own shadow, and is a slave to corporate media which is based on political correctness and cultural Marxism.
I would have been perfectly delighted to see that good sheriff pistol whip some sense into that sissy right on air.
And then Anderson Pooper can get some next.
Another lying sissy at the Communist News Network and a former CIA stooge.
All these people make me sick.
Hopefully Fox News will implode soon too.

I quiet watching cnn 8 years ago, when they backed obama !! I seen though obama, so i threw cnn out  !!

We need more Sheriff's like this man in America.

The liberal media lies about Obama and Hillary and the cover-up goes on,. the Pres. lies about everything and the cover-up goes on. Hillary lies about Benghazi and the cover-up goes on. The AG lies about the guilt of Hillary and the cover-up goes on. the FBI director lies about the guilt of Hillary's emails and the cover-up goes on......How long are we going to let ALL these people break the law ?????

Once planted, the roots of Tolerance and Apathy are almost impossible to remove.

So many are now dependant upon The State that they are unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them.

Jim... Socialisum has failed everywhere it has been tried. So to in America when the left is unable to keep providing their "Freebee's" those who are dependant upon them will turn on them like rabid dogs and bite the hand that feeds them. The minority and the disenfranchised are far worse off under this Democratic leadership than they were under Rebublican leadership. At the rate it is going its just a matter of time before the left wont be able to cash the checks they are writing and then they
Will be exposed for who they truly are.... Much of it is coming to light even as we speak. You want to see rebellion and riots?? Just wait till the free stuff is cut off.... And it will be because Socialisum is a failed form of government rule, it has never delivered what it has promised.

Hi Michael.

You make some great points, and one must only look at Venezuela to see their validity. 

 Untill we the people elect Donald Trump !! HE is the only one that CARES, & the only one that can & will save our country !!

A stupid journalist who has no brain to think with on his own.  All he does is twist the facts.  THAT is NOT what I call valid journalism, and it is so darn controlled today that it stinks worse than dog crap.  Black on black killings can't be discussed because that's an entirely different topic of decision?    Are you serious?  You just can't fix stupid!

If they could somehow package them, the mainstream media would make an excellent laxative!!



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