Mission Creep: UAV’s Over America


Due to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the FAA finally had to release a list of who is flying drones over American airspace and where they are located.  Some of these drone flights are fairly benign, such as soldiers learning how to fly the Raven on military installations.  I don’t think most Americans have a problem with drones being used to patrol our borders to act as spotters for Border Patrol agents.  However, I can only speak for myself when I say that I’m frightened over how all of the intelligence gathering methods and techniques that we used in Iraq and Afghanistan against Al Qaeda are slowly creeping into American domestic life for use against American citizens.  For a long time now we’ve heard the line: there are no UAV’s over America.  This pretty much shoots that out of the water.

What do you think?  Where do you draw the line on domestic surveillance?  Is bio-metrics coming to a shopping mall, school house, and gun shop near you?

Exposed: Location of sites where licences have been granted for the use of drones within the U.S.
Read more at Daily Mail and scope out the drone sites on google maps.

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I don't trust Obama nor Big Sis.

General George Washington ordered that "{ONLY AMERICANS STAND GUARD}"!  

You know, this wouldn't worry me so much if they were being used to locate and destroy the terror training camps that are located within our borders, to be verified.

I agree with Johnny here.  It seems that we are monitored more and more every day and for what reasons?  If they were used for locating and destroying terror training camps - fine.  But they aren't used for this purpose or so it seems.

Remember the drone that was "shot down" over Iran?

Here's my take on that....I saw the video Iran released afterwards. I was in the Air Force, so I KNOW what a shot down aircraft looks like. That Predator looked REMARKABLY INTACT for having been shot down from 30,000+ feet! And what were CHINESE MILITARY PERSONNEL doing pouring over the things just hours later?!

I do not believe that Iran shot it down. I believe that China hacked the radio frequencies we use and BROUGHT it down: in IRAN! I also seem to remember Bill Clinton having a slip of the tounge and referencing that as well.


As I think about this, I'm VERY surprised this hasn't happened in other instances-or maybe it has?! I'm a Ham Radio operator and a recording engineer, so I know how relatively easy it would be to do something like this. I'm sure most people here know about the RC aircraft hobby so many Americans enjoy. What China did is the same thing, just on a larger scale.

I feel the government are looking at American citizens as targets.

Ask yourself, why did the government open up our gates to immigration from countries we have NOTHING in common?  They have used multiculturalism as a weapon. 

A nation is defined by a culture, heritage, language, and FAITH.  We were created/founded by white Europeans.  The U.S. is a white European Judeo/Christian nation.  The enemy within opened our gates....using the old strategy of divide and conquer.  Of course, the ethnic minority don't understand they're being used, they just want the benefits.  

I DO NOT see the government stopping illegal immigration at the border.  There are at least 50 million illegals in this country.  The government want the dependent vote base.  

God warned us!

Exod. 34:12-16; Deut. 7:2-4

Covenants with pagan or ungodly nations leads to idolatry and adoption of pagan ways.
Exod. 23:33; Josh. 23:12-13
You shall not allow foreigners that are pagans to emigrate into or dwell in your nation; for they shall be as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they shall trouble you in your land.

Wake up Americans!

In the Southwestern USA White European is not the normal. There is a large native American Indian population and there is a large Mexican-American population that are US citizens.

@ Debrajoe Beatty

What you said is an outright LIE!!! Almost of the the invaders are from the south of the border, and they are NOT American Citizens!! There may be a small amount that is American Indian, but they to have moved out of the L.A. area!! Going to Parts of Southern California is like driving thru Mexico!!!! It is disgusting that there are so many illegals here using our tax dollars for health, food, housing, and what ever else they can get from our state/country. They are a bunch of leeches, Yes I said it!!! Most of them come here for the freebies they can get on OUR dime!!! use the term "lie" without cause.  I don't see that Debrajoe said anything about invaders.  She appears to be making an observations about the make-up of American citizens in the SW USA. If I'm incorrect, then she can correct me.  An observation is not a lie.  You can disagree if you like but using the term "lie" doesn't fit

YEP; DEBBIE Does NOT Lie. But she sure does bust her butt everyday for Liberty and the American Way of Life by the Constitution.  St Onge;  you took that out of context.  - PEACE !

It's here in Tx as well. We have sanctuary cities as well I have good friends as well but it dosn't make it right when we are strugling as well to have to pay for people that are here illegally and choose to take what they can get without consiquences. Our state paid for the 3 babies and their food and they live in a 90thousand dollar home she won't merry the father because she couldn't get foodstamps the other day he held her down and made one of their small children hit her and what can she do she just has to take it. he belittles her every day and she is just his slave in all ways their is nothing fair about any of it but is she was in her own country she could. She wouldnt have so manythings to be afraid of getting cought being abused and really having no life no future but more of the same. A country that only picks an chooses what laws it inforces on a bell curve or sliding scale is China Russia,Cuba etc... It helps no one to not abide by the document that brought us to the party (Constitution) as I see the Gov is violating my rights as a United States of American citizen every day. Just a small rant




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