MIT PH.D. Intellectual Gruber Gets Schooled and Paddled Into A Sniveling, Whiny Eight Year Old, By Rep Trey Gowdy

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Wouldn't you just love to see Gowdy turned loose One-on-one with Obama?  Obama would take drastic personal action before ever facing Rep Trey fact I suspect he would crap all over himself if it ever enters his mind.......that goes for just about anyone else that falls under Gowdy questioning.

Yes  Sir, Drop  the  Hammer..!!   BHO  can't  even  hold  a  nail  gun..  shoot  himself  in  the  foot..***


With NO time restraints so that BO cannot "run out the clock."  Absolutely!

Gowdy turned loose One-on-one with zero ? I am waiting , hoping , praying for that day to come ; zero will go away for ever from humiliation.

Gowdy rules

Turn  loose on this thing.

As stupid as we all are in his eyes we all are smart enough to see that he lied through his teeth in this meeting and we are all smart enough to know that he will not face punishment like all those before him that have lied under oath at similar meetings. Liberals with Obama as president have set our countries traditions back. Would we average citizens get away with that conduct ? No, but those that are supposed to serve us can. Anybody see anything right about that ? I know the answer.

If I am the president of the Bard of Regents at MIT, my head would be hung and wagging.  Tomorrow, STUPID Grupid would have a message to see me.  But, then again, MIT would never have me in that position.  If he says these things, it is because he is mocking what the great underarm odor emanatory, BO, says.  With him, there must be several college officials who hang and wag their heads.  And again, those colleges would not have me as their BOR President as I am not gay, a pedophile, communist, a liberal, a tree hugger, a little fish lover, a wind mill organizer, or a peace activist, nor do I socialize with such.  He calls us stupid? Now, just think what justifies either of them as intelligent.  Book smart is not intelligence; it is only a portion of intelligence.

Bingo... a degree does NOT = educated.  Education takes a lifetime; a degree takes a few years of persevering the BS... typically these over-educated derelicts are pantywaists who hate getting their hands dirty or breaking a sweat but are very adept at "kissing up"...  for the most part they become useless idiots, IMHO, who know little and produce nothing.

tes and want trey for president 2016

We need about 645 Trey Gowdy-like's in Washington.  Senate, House, Supreme Court and Oval Office

Run Ben Run Rep. Gowdy will be there for you   I remember what the "Left" did to Senator Joseph McCarthy and what the Soviets did to congressman Larry McDonald When they shot down the Airliner Larry was on.  And what was our president's action or speech when that happened.  Who was the president when that happened?  It may surprise you!

Oh, I forgot to mention MIT intellectual Gruber was, no doubt looked upon as one of the "elite." It took one who is a "real" elite to expose the wimpy-ness of this Prof. who, it appears, to be of the proletarian class.  But, he was dressed nice.



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