MIT PH.D. Intellectual Gruber Gets Schooled and Paddled Into A Sniveling, Whiny Eight Year Old, By Rep Trey Gowdy

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EPIC – Trey Gowdy gets a standing ovation on House Floor – ‘

Wow!  Just WOW!  Can we PLEASE elect this man to the Presidency??!!??

Please Forget Gruber , for a moment .......................

GOP leaders are trying to push through a massive spending bill without letting Congress or the public read it.

What’s even worse is that on nearly every issue, Conservatives aren’t getting what they want.

- Dismantling the contraception mandate in Obamacare? Taken out.

- Stopping Obama’s illegal alien amnesty? Removed from the bill.

- Halting burdensome EPA regulations? Not included.

Let me tell you what is in it. Complete funding for Obamacare… funding for Obama’s illegal alien amnesty… and $1 BILLION to help resettle illegal aliens across the country. This isn’t a spending bill… this is an AMNESTY bill!

John Boehner released the budget late last night hoping no one would read it. But I did, and the legislation is nothing but a surrender to Obama’s illegal alien amnesty!

The legislation is 1,600 pages long. So long that no one could possibly read the bill before the vote tomorrow. There’s only one problem… I read it and this is what’s in it. The legislation includes complete funding for Obama’s amnesty, provides $19 million to protect Rhinos (the animals, not the fake conservatives), gives a kickback to Las Vegas casinos who donated to Harry Reid’s campaign, increases military aid to countries like Egypt…  the list goes on and on

We also must ignore all the racial BS being pushed down our throats - all simply to distract us from the very betrayal on-going as we all type here.  Everyone MUST call, e-mail YOUR reps each and every day!  People reply to me on the comment threads that it is useless and doesn't do any good.  I do NOT believe that!  I have called my House rep, Adrian Smith, each and every day for the last week - the ONLY call that was returned was in reply to my complaint that they were going back on their word in 2010 to post each and every bill for 3 days before voting on it!  But, you know what - I DON'T CARE!  I will continue to call his office each and every day and make it clear that I will do everything in my power to see him unseated in the next election if he continues to fail to represent his constituents!  PLEASE - everyone do the same!  We CAN make a difference!  God Bless!

Your right. They sure forget that they work for us. They don't think like that anymore, it's me, me, me, in their minds.



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